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O-Care Auto Switches People To Costlier Plans

From the Daily Caller:

Some people get switched automatically to more expensive insurance plans under Obamacare

By Patrick Howley | December 3, 2013

Some people getting switched to new expensive health insurance plans under Obamacare might not even be aware of it — until it’s too late.

If you have an insurance plan that isn’t compatible with the Affordable Care Act, your insurance company might be automatically rolling you into the plan “most similar” to your own.

In other words, instead of cancelling people who are on old supposedly ‘substandard’ plans, some insurers are just rolling over customers to plans that are acceptable under Obama-Care. And it’s then up to the customer to cancel their policy if they don’t like the changes.

But if this is true, you would think more people would have noticed this happening by now. Though maybe not, since dealing with insurance has become so damn complicated lately, thanks to Obama-Care.

For one Washington state resident interviewed by The Daily Caller, his new “Bronze” plan is 80 percent more expensive for him and his wife. His wife is paying $220 more and he’s paying $150 more with higher deductibles.

Be sure to check all the mail you’re getting from your insurance company. They have to notify you 90 days in advance if they’re going to automatically switch you, according to federal law.

At least one insurance company carrying out this policy said that it has few options available to prevent lapses in coverage for their customers under Obamacare.

“The letters went out in September. People had the three [SIC] options: to do nothing and get rolled over Jan. 1, and the other option was to either talk to Regence and get another plan,” Rachelle Cunningham, strategic communications manager for RegenceBlueShield in Washington state told TheDC.

“We asked them to let us know by Nov. 6 in the letter. … Even if they’re rolled over effective Jan. 1, they still have until the 31st to cancel.”

“It’s a confusing thing for people. Most of the plans didn’t contain all the provisions that were under the law. We had no choice,” Cunningham said. “We’re trying to make it clear for them.”

If this is being done, it’s pretty outrageous. But no longer all that surprising.

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