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O-Care Enrollees Will Have To Switch Plans Or Pay More

From the Daily Caller:

Report: Many Obamacare Customers Will Have To Switch Plans Or Face Skyrocketing Costs

By Sarah Hurtubise | June 26, 2014

Most Obamacare customers will face serious premium hikes next year unless they change their health insurance again, according to a Thursday study from Avalere Health.

Most Obamacare customers are receiving some level of taxpayer subsidies to take the edge off high premium rates, but the plans that determine the amount of subsidies available will be changing significantly, according to Avalere…

That is putting it mildly. At least 87% of Obama-Care enrollees are getting a taxpayer subsidy. And their subsidies average 76%. (Which just happens to be the same as Congress’s.)

“The lowest cost plans in 2014 may no longer be low cost in 2015,” said Avalere Health’s Elizabeth Carpenter. With many insurers upping their premium payments, the most inexpensive plans are changing and customers may have to go through the process of switching plans all over again in order to keep receiving the best subsidy benefits.

“Those receiving federal premium subsidies may need to switch plans in 2015 to avoid paying more than the limits established by the ACA, and the impact will be more profound for lower-income consumers,” said Caroline Pearson, Avalere vice president.

That’s okay. The federal government and the state have set up some wonderful website to make buying an insurance plan as easy as shopping on Amazon.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday that they will offer automatic re-enrollment for Obamacare customers that want to stay with their same health coverage — but customers should be wary of changing subsidy levels and premium prices…

HealthCare.gov will need to be able to withstand not only large amounts of traffic from new Obamacare customers, but also handle 2014′s customer base going through plan selection all over again.

The Obama administration has not yet finished building the back end portions of the federal Obamacare website. Officials hope to have the back end and updates to the consumer-facing portions of HealthCare.gov finished before the next open enrollment period, but some senior officials have doubts.

Isn’t that unreal? The back end is where you actually buy a plan. Which is the whole reason for having the exchanges in the first place.

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2 Responses to “O-Care Enrollees Will Have To Switch Plans Or Pay More”

  1. yadayada says:

    with now defunct technology the golden gate bridge was built in less time than the o’care website.
    as for building things in less time – during 3 1/2 years of WW 2 the U.S built;
    97k bombers
    99k fighter planes
    100K tanks/armored vehicles
    that’s just scratching the surface. = guns, jeeps, uniforms, etc.
    plus mining and refining how many tons of steel? coal? oil? cotton, etc.?

    “building” a website is literally a desk job.
    (in actuality that’s all anyone in ohole’s administration is capable of: desk job)
    only conclusion? designed failure

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Get out while you can
    Go frontier, as if there is no system to help you
    Have nothing to do with the medical world
    It is the now the lifeblood of Satan

    I mean that

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