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O-Care Site Posts Other People’s Eligibility Letters

From the Heritage Foundation:

Exclusive: HealthCare.gov Users Warn of Security Risk, Breach of Privacy

By Kelsey Harris and Rob Bluey | November 2, 2013

Justin Hadley logged on to HealthCare.gov to evaluate his insurance options after his health plan was canceled. What he discovered was an apparent security flaw that disclosed eligibility letters addressed to individuals from another state…

Hadley, a North Carolina father, buys his insurance on the individual market. His insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, directed him to HealthCare.gov in a cancellation letter he received in September. After multiple attempts to access the problem-plagued website, Hadley finally made it past the registration page Thursday. That’s when he was greeted with downloadable letters about eligibility — for two people in South Carolina.

The letters, dated October 8, acknowledge receipt of an application to the Health Insurance Marketplace and the eligibility of family members to purchase health coverage. One of the letters was addressed to Thomas Dougall, a lawyer from Elgin, SC. Hadley shared a screenshot and copy of the letter with redacted personal information.

(There are screenshots of the letter at the link.)

Hadley wrote to Heritage on Thursday night and also contacted the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which administers HealthCare.gov, as well as elected officials in his state. He has yet to hear back from HHS, even though HealthCare.gov still displays the personal information of the South Carolina residents on his account.

Hadley reached out to Dougall on Friday to notify him of the breach. Dougall, who spoke to Heritage this evening, said he was evaluating health care options in early October. Dougall said he was able to register on HealthCare.gov, but decided not to sign up for insurance.

“The plans they offered were grossly expensive and didn’t provide the level of care I have now,” he said. Dougall said he never saw the October 8 letter until Hadley sent it to him Friday.

After learning of the privacy breach, Dougall spent Friday evening trying to contact representatives from HealthCare.gov to no avail; he spent an hour waiting on the telephone and an online chat session was unhelpful. He also wrote to Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Tim Scott (R-SC), along with Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC).  “I want my personal information off of that website,” Dougall said…

We hope he sues someone.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina informed Hadley that his current plan is no longer available and offered to auto-enroll him in a new health insurance plan. But that option would increase his monthly premiums by 92 percent and double his deductible.

That was kind of them, wasn’t it?

Hadley said he doesn’t qualify for any subsidies and won’t continue the process on HealthCare.gov because of the privacy breach. “If I have their information, then who else has my information now?” Hadley worried…

What a paranoid.

Speaking of privacy concerns, we have this development via Twitchy:

‘How did they know?’ Jim Angle shares disturbing experience with Obamacare 800 number

November 2, 2013

… Fox News correspondent Jim Angle described what happened when he reached out to the Obamacare call center:

Jim Angle [tweeted]: "I call the http://healthcare.gov  800 #, give my name & address, then put on hold. The guy comes back & says you appear to be in the media."

Jim Angle: "I was calling from an unlisted number & gave personal cell as my phone. How did they know? I have no idea but he wouldn’t answer questions."
Jim Angle: "He told me a "an advanced resolution specialist" would call me in 2-5 business days. That will be interesting." …

So how did they know who Mr. Angle is? Are they keeping a list of journalists? And what difference does it make, anyway? Aren’t Fox News journalists going to be allowed to sign up for Obama-Care?

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