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O-Care ‘Success Story’: You Screwed Me Over

First this from CNN:

Bad news for woman cited as Obamacare success story

Jim Acosta | November 20, 2013

(CNN) – Jessica Sanford, the Washington State woman cited by President Barack Obama as an Obamacare success story, received more bad news Tuesday. Officials with the state’s health exchange checked on her case and said she will not qualify for assistance in buying insurance.

Sanford had written the White House last month after purchasing what she thought was affordable health care coverage on the Washington state insurance exchange. Part of her message was read by the President at a Rose Garden event at the a White House on October 21.

But in the days that followed that presidential shout-out, Sanford received letters from Washington state’s insurance exchange, notifying her she did not qualify for a tax credit she was originally told she would be getting…

"The Exchange would like to sincerely apologize to Jessica Sanford and all those affected in Washington State by this error," Washington Health Benefit Exchange CEO Richard Onizuka said in a statement provided to CNN. "Unfortunately, Jessica Sanford is one of the individuals who is affected by this tax credit miscalculation," he added.

Their apology and $5 will get her a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

A 48 year old self-employed court reporter and single mother of a teenage son with ADHD, Sanford said it’s now unlikely she will be able to afford to buy insurance.

Naturally, being a liberal, her son has ADHD. (Which should net her some government money, anyway.)

"I’m not getting insurance unless I pay more money than I’m willing to pay," Sanford said. "I’ve always been in this middle place. I make too much but I don’t make enough."

Sanford said after her story appeared on CNN she was contacted by a person who identified herself as a spokeswoman in the White House press office. Sanford said the White House official offered to help "in any way."

Except any way that might help.

Asked about Sanford’s story White House press secretary Jay Carney said the administration regrets the mix-up. "We are certainly sorry as we can be that Jessica is one of the folks that has been affected by this," Carney said.

Meaning, they are sorry they got caught.

Sanford, an Obama and health care reform supporter, said "yes, I do" when asked if changes need to be made to the Affordable Care Act to help people like her.

How about repealing it? And getting government completely out of healthcare?

Meanwhile, Ms. Sanford posted this on her Facebook page:

Wow. You guys really screwed me over….

Jessica Sanford | November 15, 2013

Wow. You guys really screwed me over. First it was the error that gave me too much tax credit. You said you’d call me and the 7,999 other people, but I still haven’t heard from you. I got over that and did find a plan that was halfway reasonable with a smaller tax credit and that I was determined to work into my already tight budget. Then you send me another letter telling me I don’t get any tax credit at all. Now I have been priced out and will not be able to afford the plans you offer. But, I get to pay $95 and up for not having health insurance. I am so incredibly disappointed and saddened. You majorly screwed up."

Actually, Ms. Sanford is still confused. Given her income of $50,000 a year, her Obama-Care penalty will be $500, not $95 dollars. And the year after that, it will be a thousand dollars.]

Anyway, as we noted yesterday, even after being ‘screwed over,’ Ms. Sanford is still a fan of Obama-Care and Obama. Sigh.

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