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O-Care Will Make Teachers Premiums Increase

From the doing their best to not report this Associated Press:

Health insurance for Alabama educators has big gap

By Phillip Rawls | December 3, 2013

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama’s health insurance program for education employees is looking at a $220 million shortfall in funding for the next fiscal year, which may have to be made up by requiring many participants to pay more.

What a terrible thought. Luckily, we’re told later in the piece that they hope to get the legislature (that is, the taxpayers) to pay for any cost increases.

The staff of the Public Education Employees Health Insurance Plan outlined the financial challenges for the program’s board Monday. The board took some steps to address costs, which included dropping its highest-cost pharmacy, Walgreens, from the program in 90 days if it doesn’t reduce its rates. But most of the hard decisions, including rate increases, will wait until May when the program will know how much it will get from the Legislature.

The program’s staff said the funding gap will grow by $370 million in the following fiscal year if changes aren’t made…

Chief Financial Officer Diane Scott said the funding gap is due to several factors, including level funding for seven years, implementation of the federal health care law, and the number of retirees and dependents growing while the number of active employees remains flat…

You would never know from the headline or lead that this is due to Obama-Care. In fact, that minor detail is buried in the  fourth paragraph. And it is never mentioned again. Which is what the AP always does with info they don’t want their readers to know.

But, lest we forget, these teachers are members of the NEA and other teachers’ unions. They are not only Obama’s most loyal footsoldiers, they are his chief indoctrinators. What will happen if they turn on him?

Currently, active educators pay $15 per month for individual coverage and $162 for family coverage... Scott said no one will pay less with the change, but members covering a spouse will likely pay more.

Notice that we’re never told how much more. But this is outrageous. No under paid school teacher should have to more than $15 a month for their health insurance.  Even when they are getting free birth control pills.

She also outlined several options for closing the funding gap, including getting more money from the Legislature…

Naturally. Why should teachers have to pay for their insurance? The taxpayers will be glad to pay.

"We need to wait to see what the Legislature is going to do before we make sweeping changes," insurance board Chairwoman Sarah Swindle [sic] said.

What an apt name.

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