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OAS Admits Cuba, Kicks Out Honduras

From an approving Reuters:

June 29: Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, right, raises the arm of Honduras’ President Manuel Zelaya, center, who embraces Cuba’s Raul Castro.

OAS set to suspend Honduras as it renounces charter

By Patrick Markey Patrick Markey – Sat Jul 4

TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) – The Organization of American States prepared to suspend Honduras on Saturday after a caretaker government refused to restore ousted President Manuel Zelaya and defiantly renounced the OAS charter in an apparent preemptive move.

The measure by Honduras to distance itself from the hemispheric group came after its rulers rejected an OAS demand to restore Zelaya, who was ousted by troops in Central America’s worst political crisis since the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989.

Honduras, an impoverished coffee and textile exporter, would be only the second country suspended by the Western Hemisphere’s top diplomatic body after Cuba, which was barred in 1962 as Fidel Castro took the island toward communism.

After he gave Honduras a 72-hour deadline, OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza said the interim government showed no willingness to reinstate Zelaya, who antagonized opponents with an attempt to lift presidential term limits and by allying himself to Venezuela’s left-wing President Hugo Chavez…

Somehow this article fails to note that Venezuela is an honored member of the Organization Of American states.

Worse yet, our media masters at Reuters seem to be unaware that the workers paradise of Cuba has recently been made a member of good standing in the OAS.

Perhaps their ignorance is understandable, since the joyous news was not heavily reported.

Indeed, we found only this report, which was quietly buried noted on the CBS News ‘blog’:

OAS Lifts Ban On Cuba After 47 Years

by Portia Siegelbaum

June 3, 2009

Despite decades of harshly criticizing the Organization of American States as a puppet of Washington, Cuban TV welcomed today’s scrapping by OAS Foreign Ministers of the 1962 resolution excluding the island from active membership.

For 47 years, the Cuban flag has been displayed along with those of the other member countries but its seat has remained empty, barred as an "undemocratic" state

Cuban Government journalists particularly stressed the declaration of Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya, host of the assembly, who said that "Today the Cold War is ended." Referring to former President Fidel Castro’s famous 1953 saying "history will absolve me," Zelaya said, "today he is absolved." The remarks are sure to raise hackles among hard-line anti-Castro exile circles…

[Cuban] TV anchor Randy Alonso read a statement by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez welcoming the decision

So now Cuba and Venezuela are deemed to be “democratic” states, but Honduras is not?

Yes, the OAS has tremendous moral authority here.

By the way, do note how Mr. Zelaya welcomed the news of Cuba’s reinstatement.

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7 Responses to “OAS Admits Cuba, Kicks Out Honduras”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Every time I watch a communist-marxist-socialist debacle in the making, I get the giddy feeling of idiots marching merrily toward a cliff.

    Except here in the United States. Our Useful Idiots seem able to hang on and on and no matter how many of them gargle the Kool Aid, mess on themselves in public and loot the Treausry, there’s just more of them … and more Americans willing to celebrate them.

    Must be REALLY big cliff up ahead for us.

    Oh … and as to OAS? I do a bodily function on them from a great height.

    • cjokry says:

      The cliff for our lemmings is endless because we have a large productive class who keep creating capital for them to squander. We make and make, and they take and take. It will catch up to them someday, but they will take us all over the edge with them.

      The people of Honduras know that their cliff’s edge is much closer, so they are throwing the lemmings out after only a few quick steps in the cliff’s direction. We should be so lucky as to have that kind of government oversight.

  2. And yet another mess for the next administration to clean up.. sigh

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    Skunks may try to hide their stripes; but the odor just simply will not go away!

  4. tranquil.night says:

    They call North Korea a democratic republic, too. What’s in a name? It’s clear who’s in control of the OAS. Chavez strikes me as the type of teddy-bear dictator that doesn’t seem content just ruling his small Venezuelan kingdom either, as the Wall Street Journal notes, he’s clearly had his tentacles in the region for a while. And we all know that communist/socialist systems don’t survive long without vast resources – natural and human – to exploit and feed upon. Bye bye brave Hondurans, you fought the good fight.

  5. Chinnubie says:

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I feel like I’m living in a dream that I’m going to wake up from. Nope it’s real and this has the makings of what it must have felt like when Hitler began taking over the World.

    People would say, “Oh that’s crazy, the leader of a country wouldn’t do that.” Like send 6 million people to concentration camps. You guys realize that’s where we are all headed, right? Maybe not the exact same thing, but something as diabolical, I’m sure. You know under the auspice of, well they aren’t thinking the right way, so let’s see if we can fix them!!

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