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Obama Accuses GOP Of ‘Fear Mongering’

From a dead panned Agence France-Presse:

Obama accuses Republicans of fear mongering

by Stephen Collinson Wed Oct 13, 2010

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US President Barack Obama has warned that Republicans hoped to ride fear all the way to next month’s mid-term polls, ahead of a nine-state, 11 day tour designed to stem expected Democratic losses.

If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle half black, we don’t know what is. Does anyone remember the 2008 campaign – or the one way back to 2006?

Does anyone remember how the Democrats have run against incumbent Republicans in every election since the 1930s by claiming that the ‘economy is the worst since Herbert Hoover.’ Now that this claim is literally true, it’s called ‘fear mongering.’

(By the way, the AFP included the photo at the right with this article. It is a caricature of the very scary fear-monger John McCain, carved into a Halloween pumpkin.)

Obama also called on the Supreme Court to review a decision that unleashed a torrent of anonymous campaign funds boosting the conservative assault on his presidency, charging that the cash was "hijacking" US democracy

As Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito noted when Mr. Obama made this claim at his first State Of The Union Address, this is simply untrue. Mr. Obama is a liar. And he is knowingly repeating a lie to whip up fears, all the while accusing the Republicans of ‘fear mongering.’

And speaking of ‘fear mongering,’ everyone knows that Mr. Obama and the Democrats only want to disclose the donors behind the Republican campaign ads so that they can send their union goons around to where they live.

"The question, once again, is going to be whether hope overcomes fear," Obama said at a webcast event meant to buck up young supporters who helped him to victory two years ago, but who are less enthused by mid-term polls…

What "hope" do we have with Mr. Obama? (Hint: none.)

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5 Responses to “Obama Accuses GOP Of ‘Fear Mongering’”

  1. misanthropicus says:

    “Obama accuses Republicans of fear mongering” –

    I’m shocked, shocked – below is an excellent take on this from Glenn Reynolds/ Instapundit:

    […] Is it possible to be post-American and xenophobic at the same time?
    “Obama has become a master at the art of self-diminishment. He’s working his way down the food chain of targets for shrill attacks. He started at George W. Bush (who is out of office but at least a former president), descended to John Boehner (the House minority leader people have barely heard of), and finally alighted on Karl Rove (who is a political operative and pundit). . . .

    It should be taken as an axiom of political life that if your argument is about the other side’s advertisements, you’re losing.
    If your argument is about who’s funding the other side’s advertisements, you’re losing badly.
    And if your argument is about how foreigners might — lack of evidence notwithstanding — be secretly funneling cash into the other side’s advertisements, you’re losing in a historic landslide.” […]

    Glenn Reynolds/ Instapundit –

  2. untrainable says:

    The GOP doesn’t have to monger my fear. My fear is sufficiently mongered by watching what’s going on in Washington. Every time Oblamer, or anyone else in this faux-regime opens their pie hole, my fear and anger are ratcheted up yet another notch. Our man-boy-king is truly in for a suprise next month. Whether the GOP is riding the wave of fear, or the wave of anger, they’re riding the wave all the way to congress. My biggest fear is that the lame duck session will give all the losers a push to go along with our wingnut president in the deathknell of the socialist progressive grab for power, and damage the country beyond our ability to fix for more than a generation. Personally my fear and anger will not be sated until Obie is either rousted from office for treason, or the 2012 elections toss him out on his a$$.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    He does eat veggies from the Clinton cesspool at the WH.
    That’s good enough for me!

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Obama also called on the Supreme Court to review a decision that unleashed a torrent of anonymous campaign funds boosting the conservative assault on his presidency, charging that the cash was “hijacking” US democracy…

    S’cuse me…..what?

    He’s crying “foul”? Or is it the whiny kid running to teacher? “Johnny pushed me! *snif*”

    My god, he constantly reveals himself and yet….and YET the msm STILL cannot bring itself to highlight his behavior. This is running the cover of all covers, for all time.

    “Wahhhhh, they’re getting more money….waahhhhhhh” Does widdle bawwy want a wowwipop?

    This guy is patently unreal. If it wasn’t actually happening, I would never believe it.

  5. Mithrandir says:


    As I said earlier, the reason donors don’t want to be known, is because Obama, and his band of thugs terrorize donors and people who oppose their point of view. Is this America? Is this what we have come to? I thought we were on the same team…..

    *Remember Joe the Plummer?
    *Remember the gay ballot issue in California, and the gays found out which churches were donors, then went and harassed them?
    *Christine O’Donnell mysteriously got an IRS audit after running for office in the last election cycle.
    *Hillary Clinton got secret FBI documents on her political enemies when her and Bill were in the W.H.

    Today’s News:
    Chamber of Commerce: The White House Wants Our Donor Lists So Its Allies Can Intimidate Our Donors

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