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Obama, ACORN/Project Vote And SEIU

From the Service Employees International Union Local 100’s own website:

Notice the New Orleans address: 1024 Elysian Fields.

It should be quite familiar to regular readers.

As we have noted oft before, that is also the address that ACORN and their alternate front Project Use on their Forms 990 filings with the IRS.


Project Vote (aka ACORN):

(Click images to enlarge)

And the magic residence itself:

And, lest we forget, Mr. Obama worked for Project Vote:

Barack Obama and the History of Project Vote

But of course none of this means the Obama was beholden to the SEIU for helping ACORN/Project Vote steal the elections get him elected.

Even if the SEIU may feel that way.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, December 10th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “Obama, ACORN/Project Vote And SEIU”

  1. Kilmeny says:

    The place doesn’t look big enough to hold all the board members, much less the whole organisation. You’ll never see this on the MSM news, though.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Of course this house ain’t big enough……RATS live underground, hence the term”SEWER RATS!”

  3. proreason says:

    What makes you think the address is anything but a mail drop?

    The criminals in ACORN don’t want there real where-abouts known to the public.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    “The criminals in ACORN don’t want their real where-abouts known to the public.”
    First place I’d try is at the Public Assistance. Then it would be any corner liquor store or crack house owned by Rezko & Cohorts. That is if you were MSM and needed a few ???? answered.

  5. Gila Monster says:

    I’m not sure if someone has brought this up before on S & L but here it goes. After a bit of research, I found that the property at 1024 Elysian Fields is owned by Elysian Fields Corp Inc.


    You’ll have to enter the address at the search site but it will come up.
    Elysian Fields Corp is listed as a non-profit corporation at the LA Sec of State site.


    EFC Inc lists its officers as Wade Rathke, President, Donna Pharr as Treasurer and Mildred Edmond as Agent, all showing that property as their contact address.

    A bit more searching at the LA SofS site reveals that Wade Rathke and his brother Dale ( remember him? ), are listed as officers of 45 separate corporations / entities in Louisiana.


    Not all of them are listed as currently active but they have been within the last three years. It shows a tangled mix of supposed non-profit corporations and businesses that the Rathke brothers have their hands on.

    Call me cynical but come on now, 45 separate corporations, all non-profits with definite or implied ties to ACORN and unions??
    Sounds more like money laundering to me.

  6. Steve says:

    That is some great work, Gila Monster! Kudos!

  7. Steve says:

    Lest we forget who Mr. Wade Rathke is, here is his entry from Discover The Networks:


    * Founder and Chief Organizer of the radical cult ACORN, a nationwide activist network engaged in “community organizing” and in voter mobilization drives for George Soros’ Shadow Party
    * Former draft-resistance activist for the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
    * Former activist in the National Welfare Reform Organization (NWRO) and protegé of its founder George A. Wiley
    * Co-founder of the Tides Foundation, along with Drummond Pike. Currently serves as Board Chairman of the Tides Center and member of the Tides Foundation Board of Directors
    * Founded Local 100 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in New Orleans and heads it to this day. Rathke is president and co-founder of SEIU’s Southern Conference and a member of SEIU’s national executive board. He also helped launch the United Labor Union (ULU), which organizes low-skill service workers.
    * Rathke chairs the AFL-CIO’s Organizers Forum and formerly served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO.

    Wade Rathke founded the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), for which he served as Chief Organizer from 1970 to 2008. He is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Tides Center; a Board member of the Tides Foundation; an Executive Board member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU); and Chairman of the AFL-CIO’s Organizers Forum. Rathke describes himself as someone who is dedicated to “winning social justice, workers’ rights, and a democracy where ‘the people shall rule'”; i.e., socialism.

    Rathke hails from a family of prosperous orange ranchers in Orange County, California. During the late 1960s he attended Williams College in Massachusetts but dropped out before graduating. He thereafter became a draft-resistance organizer for the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and an organizer for George Wiley’s National Welfare Reform Organization (NWRO). (For details on NWRO, see the separate entries for George Wiley and the “Cloward-Piven Strategy.”)

    In 1970, Wiley sent Rathke to Little Rock, Arkansas to begin organizing NWRO chapters in the South. By that time, Wiley — who was African American — was coming under attack by black militants who opposed his policy of placing whites such as Rathke in NWRO leadership positions.

    Rathke, perhaps sensing that he might soon be demoted or released entirely, in 1970 formed a new organization called Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). He enlisted civil rights workers and trained them in a program (at Syracuse University) patterned after Saul Alinsky’s activist tactics.

    The group’s name was later changed to Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, but the acronym ACORN remained the same. In keeping with George Wiley’s original vision, Rathke gave ACORN a wider mission than that of NWRO. Instead of focusing solely on welfare recipients, ACORN would address issues touching all low-income people — most notably “living wage” ordinances, “affordable” (i.e., taxpayer-funded) housing, mortgage lending, and voter-registration drives. Under Rathke’s leadership, ACORN grew rapidly. Today it claims more than 400,000 dues-paying member families, and more than 1,200 chapters in 110 U.S. cities. (The organization is also active in Canada and Mexico).

    The Florida recount crisis in the 2000 presidential election served to inject Rathke and his fellow ACORN activists with a heightened sense of urgency to advance their political agendas. Initially, Miami-Dade County’s all-Democrat canvassing board moved the recount into a room too small to accomodate reporters or Republican observers. At the same time, the board announced that since its members lacked time to hand-count all the ballots, they would only count some ballots — presumably, Republicans feared, selecting a disproportionate number of those that had been cast for Al Gore. The ensuing uproar, which featured Republicans pounding on the counting-room door and an angry crowd of Cuban-Americans gathered outside the building demanding entry, persuaded the nervous canvassing board to back down from its illegal plan — and perhaps prevented the Democrats from stealing the election.

    “[W]e allowed conservatives to steal pages from our playbook and do actions on us in Dade County,” Rathke later lamented in his magazine Social Policy. “We need an edge, some harder steel on the rim.”

    With new resolve, Rathke and ACORN thereafter pushed into high gear their efforts to help Democrat candidates win political elections at any cost. Toward that end, ACORN’s mass campaigns of voter-registration fraud would reach unprecedented heights in subsequent election cycles. ACORN’s paid workers, tasked with registering as many pro-Democrat voters as possible, submitted many tens of thousands of fraudulent voter-registration cards in key voting districts around the United States. By 2008, federal authorities were investigating voter fraud by ACORN in 12 separate states.

    On June 2, 2008, Rathke stepped down from his role as ACORN’s President. A month after his departure, the organization publicly acknowledged that Dale Rathke — Wade’s brother — had embezzled nearly $1 million from ACORN and its affiliated groups in 1999 and 2000. ACORN further admitted that for eight years its executives had known about Dale’s activity but had kept it secret from almost all of their board members and from law-enforcement authorities.

    According to journalist Stephanie Strom, Wade Rathke “said the decision to keep the matter secret was not made to protect his brother but because word of the embezzlement would have put a ‘weapon’ into the hands of enemies of ACORN, a liberal group that is a frequent target of conservatives who object to its often strident advocacy on behalf of low- and moderate-income families and workers.”

    Today Rathke disseminates his political views by means of a blog he administers on his website, WadeRathke.net. In a July 25, 2008 blog post titled “Herr Obama,” Rathke celebrated the excitement that had attended Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama’s recent tour of Europe:

    “Can you remember the last time an American who didn’t have a microphone in one hand and a guitar in another drew 200,000 people anywhere in Europe? And, that would have been as part of a festival where they were serving beer at the least. For 200,000 people to come out and hear a candidate for President is an amazing phenomenon. It makes me think that there is an excitement — and hope — around the world that America as the world’s leader, might actually be a leader and have a leader that the world is willing to respect and hear differently.”


  8. proreason says:

    “Can you remember the last time an American who didn’t have a microphone in one hand and a guitar in another drew 200,000 people anywhere in Europe? And, that would have been as part of a festival where they were serving beer at the least. ”

    Just a reminder, nobody thought the stock market could take a Depression-like dive in the 21st century. Nobody thought dozens of icons of global business could fall like dominoes. Nobody thought a person half-Muslim could survive alliances with U.S. and foreign-born terrorists, hate-spewing preachers, and Louis Farrenkahm to become the president-elect of the greatest country ever. Nobody thought a hard hard leftist could change every postion to centrist in 3 months after the primaries and get away with it. Nobody thought a person who had never won a contested election, had never held a job, had never run a business, had never managed an employee, had never served in the military, had never wrote a scholarly article, had never tried a legal case and had never made an executive decision of any consequence could win the Presidency.

    Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao….none of them presented themselves as power-mad megalomaniacs. They all presented themselves as champions of the people.

  9. Gila Monster says:

    Thanks SG, like others have said here before, S & L does make you smarter, and likely makes you go the extra mile to find some interesting tidbit to contribute to the discussion. ;o)

    Bobby Jindal could go a long way in cleaning up corruption in LA by simply turning his AG loose with some subpoenas at Elysian Fields. The mind staggers at the hordes of illicit funds that are likely swirling about that “address of corruption”.

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