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Obama Allows Illegal Policies Past 2016 Elections

From feigning obliviousness Associated Press:

2-Year Extension Offered for Canceled Health Plans


WASHINGTON (AP) – Warding off the specter of election-year health insurance cancellations, the Obama administration Wednesday announced a two-year extension for individual policies that don’t meet requirements of the new health care law.

The AP never once mentions why the administration did this delay. Which was done to push the date back far enough that the 90 day cancellation notices wouldn’t come out right before the elections. So anyone who doesn’t read The Hill would not know any of this.

Also, lest we forget, when The Hill reported this back on Monday the White House and HHS flatly denied it. From The Hill: "The White House and the Department of Health and Human Services on Monday both said they had no updates to announce."

Which once again shows that they will lie about anything.

The decision helps defuse a political problem for Democrats in tough re-election battles this fall, especially for senators who in 2010 stood with President Barack Obama and voted to pass his health overhaul.

Again, the AP neglects the crass political calculation behind his second delay.

The extension was part of a major package of regulations that sets ground rules for 2015, the second year of government-subsidized health insurance markets under Obama’s law — and the first year that larger employers will face a requirement to provide coverage.

Hundreds of pages of provisions affecting insurers, employers and consumers were issued by the Treasury Department and the Department of Health and Human Services. It will likely take days for lawyers and consultants to fully assess the implications…

So Allah knows how many more changes and waivers Obama has done via his ‘phone and his pen.’

The latest extension would be valid for policies issued up to Oct. 1, 2016. It builds on an earlier reprieve issued by the White House…

This is the epitome of journalistic malpractice. That sentence is intended to make the AP’s low information readers think this new deadline will hit before the November 2016 elections. But, in reality, insurance policies last a year. So this deadline makes sure there will be no cancellations, and no 90 day cancellation notices, before then.

Separately, the House on Wednesday voted to delay for one year the penalty faced by individuals under the law if they fail to sign up for health insurance. It was the 50th time Republicans have forced a vote to repeal, gut or change Obama’s health overhaul.

Imagine those crazy legislators thinking they can change the ‘Law Of The Land.’ Who do they think they are?

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