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Obama Forgets Hillary At Unity Fundraiser

From the New York City ABC affiliate WABC, and the Los Angeles Times:

Clinton and Obama do joint fundraiser but he forgets the fund part

Andrew Malcolm

… Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama once presidential candidates opponents now raise money together when he doesn’t forget to ask for it

But what happened Wednesday night was a little embarrassing.

After the two Democrats voted differently on the Senate’s FISA retroactive surveillance O.K. bill, Obama flew Clinton from Washington to New York City on his plane for two fundraisers where they’d both appear together and she’d graciously introduce him and there’d be that cheek peck…

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" blasted out of the sound system and Obama bounced off the stage to work the rope line and shake hands, not looking nearly as weary as The Times story says he is.

But about two minutes later Obama bounces back onto the stage. Waves his hands. Had he forgotten to mention about the jobs program?

The music stopped…

"Hold on a second," he shouted. "I got one more thing." Oops! It seems Obama had forgotten to mention the part about giving money to Hillary Clinton in the spirit of unity, the whole reason they were gathered there in the first place.

"Sen. Clinton still has some debt. And I could have had some debt — if I hadn’t won — so I know the drill. There are many supporters of mine here who have not yet given something to help her retire that debt. I would be very grateful if you looked under your chair. I think there should be an envelope or a pledge sheet or something.

"If people would take the time not only to pick it up but put something in it and mail it back…that is part of the process of making sure that we’re unified…All right, turn on the music again. Let’s keep on partying." …

Some party.

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