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Obama Announces Re-Election Campaign

From a rolling up its sleeves Associated Press:

Obama announces re-election bid in web video

April 4, 2011

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama formally launched his re-election campaign Monday, urging grass-roots supporters central to his first campaign to mobilize again to protect the change he’s brought in his first term.

"Grass-roots supporters" such as the SEIU, the AFL-CIO, the Teamsters, AFSME, ACORN and La Raza. And headed by David Axelrod. The man who practically invented and perfected "astroturfing."

The official start of his second White House bid comes 20 months before the November 2012 election.

For the record, when did Mr. Obama’s campaigning ever officially stop? We can’t think of a moment when he hasn’t been campaigning. Unless you count his basketball, golfing and vacationing.

"We’re doing this now because the politics we believe in does not start with expensive TV ads or extravaganzas, but with you — with people organizing block-by-block, talking to neighbors, co-workers, and friends. And that kind of campaign takes time to build," Obama said in an e-mail to supporters.

We suppose old habits die young, but have you ever known anyone who organized? Union thugs ‘organize.’ Race baiters and freeloaders ‘organize.’ – Regular run of the mill Americans don’t organize. Of course, maybe that’s the problem.

He told them he was filing the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, and directed them to his new campaign website where a launch video featured snippets from supporters testifying about their continued backing of the Democrat.

The step was widely expected and planned to coincide with the second fundraising quarter of the year. Filing paperwork will allow the president to begin raising money in earnest for what advisers hope will be a record-breaking haul of more than $1 billion.

Notice that Mr. Obama plans to raise over a billion dollars for his campaign, even though he will not even face a primary opponent. Note too, how this article just assumes that once again Mr. Obama is going to ignore all of his earlier promises, and not use public financing.

If he were a Republican, such items would figure in the headline and lead paragraph.

By the way, this AP article also ignores Mr. Obama’s brilliant new campaign slogan, which was unveiled in the video and text messages: ‘It begins with us.’ – Of course the word ‘useless’ also begins with ‘us.’

Still, doesn’t this sound like it’s going to be a ‘us against them’ kind of campaign? We thought he promised he was going to be the President of all of the country?

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9 Responses to “Obama Announces Re-Election Campaign”

  1. canary says:

    I hope they account for the billion dollars. Show exactly the dates and who gave to show that is all he did as president. Now another few million dollars a day he can spend on his re-election campaign, but of course AF1 he lives in isn’t going to charge him. So, I guess several millions dollars a day will go to commercials and to all his organizers. Paying churchs and businesses money under the table to promote him. Donating some of the money for favors. It may backfire.

    • David says:

      Don’t forget teacher union payouts for video of kiddos singing about our dear leader.

  2. Right of the People says:

    “It begins with us” WTF?
    Unless he’s talking about the destruction of our country, he hasn’t begun anything.

    This evil must be defeated!


    If only we could get a look at where all the money is going to go and where it’s coming from too. To me, where he’s going to get a billion dollars from is much more relevant than who he’ll end up bribing/buy favors from. He’s already got the thugs at the UAW, SEIU, AFL-CIO, La Raza,Teamsters, AFS(ca)ME, ACORN,NEA in his pocket.

    I repeat, this evil must be defeated at all costs!

  3. Astravogel says:

    He is President for himself. That’s it.

  4. JohnMG says:

    …..”and directed them to his new campaign website where a launch video featured snippets from supporters testifying about their continued backing of the Democrat……..”

    That has got to be one…..short…..video.

  5. Crapgame13 says:

    ‘It begins with us.’…far better than “Mourning in America”

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    “It begins with us”
    I hoist a beer and say that ‘hope and change’ ends with ya’ll too!
    We done been bamboozled once and it will last generations.
    America can’t afford this (D)onkey / jackass pretending to be an American
    any longer.
    NO MORE!!

  7. BigOil says:

    After over 2 years of transformation, the best they can do is the completely ambiguous “it begins with us”.

    Of course, they are smart enough to know roughly two-thirds of the country opposes every specific policy Barry has jammed down our throats.

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