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Obama To Give State Dinner For Mexico

From a context-free Associated Press:

White House announces May state dinner for Mexico

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will hold a state dinner for Mexican President Felipe Calderon on May 19.

It will be the second such affair for the Obama administration. The Obamas’ first state dinner, held in November for India’s prime minister, was marred by at least three people who attended despite not having received formal invitations.

First lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to visit her Mexican counterpart, Margarita Zavala, next month.

The president has met twice with Calderon in Mexico.

This is yet another sop to buy the votes of the members of the House Hispanic Conference, who to a man voted against ‘healthcare reform’ in November.

And, of course, it is just another sign to them and La Raza that amnesty is still a top priority for Mr. Obama.

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7 Responses to “Obama To Give State Dinner For Mexico”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Ask the mexican prez to enter through the El Paso Port of Entry.
    (if he dares)

    • Right of the People says:

      His papers probably would stand up to detailed scrutiny.

      Remember how the AP screamed when Bush had Vicente Fox over for dinner? My how things have changed.

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    Hey is there such a thing as a presidential exchange program? I’d take Calderon over Obama in a minute. Maybe then we’d get the borders sealed.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”I’d take Calderon over Obama”…….

      And one Barry Bonds get-out-of-jail-free card and a player to be named later.

  3. BigOil says:

    Based on Barry’s demonstrated diplomatic prowess, the state dinner will probably consist of take-out from Taco Bell.

  4. xdannyh says:

    May I suggest that to coincide with the former prestigious gift giving by the “savior and his minions” that Sienfeld’s “urban sombrero” be the offering from the “people” of the U.S., or maybe better yet a signed copy of “The Audacity of Oblah blah” or whatever the title of “His” book was. Paperback, of course, enjoy senor!

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