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Obama Was Asked About His Clinton Picks

From the Iowa debate on December 13, 2008:

Moderator: Senator Obama, you have Bill Clinton’s former national security advisor, state department policy director, and navy secretary, among others, advising you. With relatively little foreign policy experience of your own, how will you rely on so many Clinton advisors and still deliver the kind of break from the past that you are promising voters?”

Mrs. Clinton: (Laughing) I want to hear that.

Mr. Obama: Well, Hillary, I’m looking forward to having you as an advisor as well. I want to gather up talent from everywhere.

This is a good reminder of just how long Mr. Obama has been a footpad to the Clinton team, if not the Clintons themselves.

But it is certainly understandable.

He doesn’t know anything or anyone on his own.

You can only put in so many fellow community organizers and Harold Washington staffers before people begin to laugh.

(Thanks to OneAmericanCitizen for the heads up.)

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7 Responses to “Obama Was Asked About His Clinton Picks”

  1. proreason says:

    “He doesn’t know anything or anyone on his own. ”

    Obamy has no friends that aren’t political flunkies (many of whom have been thrown under the bus already).

    Has any other person elected president appeared alone on the podium for his acceptance speech?

    Everybody has friends, don’t they?

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    It is better to be thrown under the Obama bus than to be a “FRIEND” of the Clintons. Just ask the many friends of Hillary and Bill resting at BOOT HILL.

  3. proreason says:

    LD: lol, but

    “It is better to be thrown under the Obama bus than to be a “FRIEND” of the Clintons”…..so far, and so far as we know

  4. BatK says:

    so apparently Hillary will be getting that 3 AM phone call after all…

  5. DEZ says:

    Basically, we have the Clinton administration all over again.
    Led by a half wit….. Ooooops, I mean half white president.

  6. Morning in America says:

    Shouldn’t that date be December 13, 2007?

  7. brad says:

    The only thing Obama could ever say was, “I didn’t support the war!” No kidding, NO ONE supports war dumb dumb! However, other candidates allowed him to beat them over the head with this. He didn’t talk about what he has done, but CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE, and lots of promises of what he WILL DO.

    It sends the wrong message at the wrong time to our enemies that we would vote for an inexperienced community organizer named HUSSEIN to lead us.

    It is a stick in the eye of our country, by liberals who want to prove how much they hate America by voting for this incredible fool. I can’t say I really love America anymore….we are a socialist police-state, and it’s time to find another place to live where our gov’t won’t abuse us anymore.

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