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Obama Asks Ex-Bain Employee To Fix ACA Website

From a tip lipped Associated Press:

Obama Calls Trusted Fixer to Help Health Care Site

By DARLENE SUPERVILLE | October 23, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) – When a federal program that promised cash rebates to people who traded in their clunkers for more fuel-efficient vehicles was overrun by demand, President Barack Obama assigned Jeffrey Zients, his deputy budget director, to help eliminate the backlog…

This is the infamous and hilariously wasteful and environmentally toxic ‘Cash For Clunkers’ program. Which was ‘fixed’ by being abruptly killed.

Now, as Obama’s health care website continues to be plagued by a rash of technical problems that have turned it into an administration embarrassment and a source of frustration for uninsured people trying to sign up for coverage that the law now requires many of them to have, who has Obama called for help? Zients, his Mr. Fix-it.

For some odd reason the AP fails to note that Mr. Zients Zients worked with Bain & Company from August 1988 to June 1990. (For the record, Mitt Romney worked at Bain & Company, first from 1977-1984, and then again from 1991 and 1992, when he was the Bain & Company chief executive officer. Romney and Zients missed each other by six months.)

While working at Bain, Zients reported to South African, Mary Menell. They later were married in South Africa with Menell’s parents’ friend Nelson Mandela in attendance.

Lest we forget, David Axelrod criticized Romney for having a “Bain mentality.” So wouldn’t that dangerous "mentality" extend to Zients and his wife as well?

Faced with mounting questions about the website and its hiccups, the Obama administration announced Tuesday that the longtime management consultant will help fix the problems and turn the site into the breezy, one-stop shopping portal Obama promised it would be.

Zients came out of a temporary retirement from the federal government and quietly dived into his new assignment on Monday. He left the administration earlier this year after the budget director’s job went to someone else. Last month, Obama announced that Zients would take over next year as director of the National Economic Council, becoming the president’s chief economic adviser…

Again, this is a man with a "Bain mentality."

Zients has led some of the country’s top management firms, advising companies worldwide…

Before Zients joined the administration, he was chief executive officer and chairman of the Advisory Board Co., and chairman of the Corporate Executive Board. Zients also founded Portfolio Logic, an investment firm that focused on business and health care service companies…

But the AP still cannot bring itself to mention that Mr. Zients worked at Bain. Why is that?

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One Response to “Obama Asks Ex-Bain Employee To Fix ACA Website”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Not the … BAIN!!!???

    (in my mind, I’m thinking Roger Rabbit screaming about The Dip)

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