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Obama Back From Hawaii Facing Sea Of Troubles

From the Agence France Press:

Obama back from Pacific break to face sea of troubles

By Tangi Quemener [sic] | January 5, 2014

Washington (AFP) – US President Barack Obama ended his vacation in sunny Hawaii and boarded Air Force One for a flight back home to chilly Washington.

What a man. What a leader. Still, aren’t we told that the burdens of the office never leave the shoulder of the President?

Obama left Honolulu’s Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam just before 9:00 pm with his daughters, who likely have school on Monday, but not Michelle.

"As part of her birthday gift from the president, the First Lady will remain in Hawaii to spend time with friends ahead of her upcoming 50th birthday," a brief White House statement said. Michelle Obama’s birthday is on January 30.

For such a happy couple, they sure spend a lot of time not vacationing together.

With his approval rating languishing at near record lows and locked in a Cold War with a surly Congress, Obama needs quick victories in the run-up to his State of the Union address at the end of the month.

After 16 days of rest in his home state, Obama must oversee the final implementation of his troubled health care reform and find a way to help thousands of long-term unemployed stripped of their benefits.

His National Security Agency is still under legal and political scrutiny after contractor Edward Snowden leaked details of a surveillance program which one federal judge dubbed "almost Orwellian."

And, after a year in which he struggled to get Congress to support almost any of his plans, he must now go back to lawmakers to try to push through comprehensive immigration reform.

Obama looked tired when he set off for the island of Oahu before Christmas, but put on a brave face, joking: "I am sure that I will have even better ideas after a couple days of sleep and sun."

Those ideas, whatever they may be, had better bear fruit by November, when mid-term elections will decide whether he has a more cooperative Congress for the final two years of his presidency.

Few observers expect Obama’s Democrats to win back the House of Representatives, so he is likely to see out his second term with the same Republican majority seeking to thwart his every initiative…

The saga continues. And what a saga. This idealistic and courageous man versus the evil House Republicans, who seek to thwart his noble efforts to help the country at every turn.

Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “Obama Back From Hawaii Facing Sea Of Troubles”

  1. canary says:

    I recall when she took baby and went to the white Grandma’s in Hawaii.

    Will Michelle and her mother move out of the rented mansion $$$?

    I’ll be looking to see if she grew younger and less wrinkles for her birthday and if paid by Obama Care bronze plan.

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