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Obama Email: Don’t Call Us Socialists!

The latest email from Mr. Obama’s paid army of astroturfers:

Xxxxx —

This week, a confidential fundraising memo from the Republican National Committee leaked to the press, detailing a new, desperate effort to manipulate voters and crush health reform.

The plan calls for "an aggressive campaign capitalizing on ‘fear’ of President Barack Obama and a promise to ’save the country from trending toward socialism.’" What’s worse, the presentation included offensive caricatures of Democratic leaders, including President Obama as the Joker from Batman.

So while President Obama was organizing a bipartisan meeting to discuss real solutions, and incorporating the best ideas into his proposal, right-wing political operatives and their special interest allies were preparing a campaign of fear and falsehoods to personally attack the President and deny Americans the care we need.

Enough. We cannot let the lowest form of politics derail the progress we’ve made for the American people. To counter their attacks, we’ll need to take our message to the air and to doorsteps across the country — and with a final vote on health reform expected in a matter of weeks, there’s no time to lose.

Please donate $5 or more today to help us defeat the attacks and pass reform.

There’s still hope that some independent-minded Republican members of Congress will embrace the President’s bipartisan proposal. But there’s no doubt that reform will face politically-motivated attacks and flat-out lies from those who put politics above an honest debate and the well-being of the American people.

In fact, next week, the lobbyist arm of the insurance industry is setting up headquarters at the Ritz-Carlton in D.C. to direct their own desperate blitz on Congress to block reform.

The final march for reform will be a pitched battle between entrenched special interests who profit from the status quo, and Americans — of all parties — who want control over their own health care.

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment, and everything we’ve fought for is on the line. Please give what you can to help us beat back the lies and deliver reform:


Thank you,
Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee — 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Mind you, this is from the same people who tell us they just barely pulled the economy back from the brink of another Great Depression.

These are the same people who tell us that ‘global warming’ will destroy the world and everything on it in a few short years, unless we pass the largest tax increase in history and redistribute US taxpayer money to the rest of the world.

These are the same people who say people are dying in the streets by the thousands each day because we haven’t passed Obama-care.

But heaven knows, they aren’t fear-mongers. — Or pathological liars.

Still, what a laugh it is to see them howl like stuck pigs for being called socialists.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, March 7th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

21 Responses to “Obama Email: Don’t Call Us Socialists!”

  1. proreason says:

    “trending toward socialism”?

    Yeh, kind of like Ted Kennedy is trending toward being deceased.

  2. GL0120 says:

    These clowns never pass up a fund raising opportunity.
    I can’t help but wonder though, considering that they have the TARP money and the stimulus money to play with, what do they need with donations?

  3. GetBackJack says:

    “There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.” 
John Maynard Keynes – The Economic Consequences of the Peace (1919)

    “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul this unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today.”
    President Theodore Roosevelt, 1906

    I whole heartedly agree with Pro. “Trending”???? You gotta be kidding me. We’re way past listing to port.

    • proreason says:

      You could be right about the destruction of the currency.

      It is much easier to wreck than the overall economy, which is remarkably resilient. And if they were lucky enough to destroy the economy it would happen over a long period which would lead to an insurrection because the anger would mount (as it is doing today), and people would have the opportunity to organize (as they are today). But the currency can appear to be sound as it approches the point of no return. Then it can “skyrocket” in a matter of weeks. People will be helpless and the devastation will be so massive that there won’t be time to organize an insurrection that will have much chance for success.

      I would bet everything I have that there are people in Obamy’s cabal whose full-time job it to plan those scenarios.

    • Petronius says:

      GBJ and Pro: thought-provoking posts.

      So now hardened Revolutionaries of the Saul Alinsky school take umbrage with the pantywaists at the RNC for saying that the country is “trending toward socialism”?

      How laughable, indeed.

      Thank goodness John McCain didn’t call Nerobama a “Liberal” during the campaign or they might have had a real hissyfit. Then where would we be?

      Camouflage, deception, lies, miscommunication, infiltration, vote fraud, and the fifth-column –– all are weapons in their arsenal. They love to make-believe. They love to pretend to be Liberals and moderates and do-gooders. They call themselves “progressives” or “reformers” or “civil rights activists” or “community organizers.” They try so hard to be moderate in appearance. But they are always radical in action.

      Unfortunately, Republicans ordinarily go along with this deception. Calling this Evil “liberals” or “Democrats” is about as far as they will go.

      Conservatives embrace working within the system. Conservatives embrace the Constitution, free elections, running positive campaigns, openness, bipartisan compromise, reaching-across-the-aisle, tolerance, checks and balances, fairness, pluralism, due process of law. This is our great weakness, our Achilles’ heel. I’m afraid we will never defeat Evil with good intentions, high principles, and hail-fellow-well-met.

      To call them socialists would be an understatement.

      Even to call this bunch Marxists or Communists would be too kind.

      Suggested terms (Bill O’Reilly, pay heed) :

      – criminal robber gangs and totalitarians
      – Bolshevik thugs
      – Nihilists
      – Radicals
      – Revolutionaries
      – Leftist scum and traitors

  4. countrysquire says:

    Well, if it walks like a duck and quacks…

  5. mjwooten says:

    How in the heck do we know, for sure, this really came from the RNC? I’ll bet the DNC has just a twisted and wierd power point of their own…we just haven’t seen yet!

  6. jobeth says:

    “The final march for reform will be a pitched battle between entrenched special interests who profit from the status quo, and Americans — of all parties — who want control over their own health care.”

    Well, this is kinda, sorta, correct. Let me just make a correction or two for clarity…

    “The final march for reform will be a pitched battle between entrenched special interests (progressives) who profit from the status quo, and Americans — of all parties — who want control over their own health care. “(the rest of us…the conservatives)

    There…its fixed!

  7. Tater Salad says:

    Can we call you “Progressives” then? Screw all of you liberal morons. You are willing to give this country away without a shot being fired to socialism/communism because you don’t want to work, you always have your hands out for something free, paid for by “someone else” and you want big government to make your decisions for you in everyday life. What a buch of “whooses” you liberals are!

    “Declaration of Tea Party Independence”

    The tea party movement is not run from any central point. There is no national, controlling apparatus, no top down structure, no board of directors, no president, no head person of any kind in charge of the tea party movement. In spite of what the untrustworthy mainstream press or the corrupt political class has attempted to portray, the tea party movement is a grass roots movement which has grown up nearly spontaneously across the United States in response to the overwhelming corruption of a cynical, elitist, and criminal ruling class which has long since abandoned the principles associated with the founding of this nation in favor of a self serving and shameful aggrandisement of themselves and their political associates. This ruling class has driven the people of this country into a state of justifiable rebellion and we the people have risen in response to state publicly that we have borne the burden of an out of control government for as long as we can reasonably be expected to do so. The founding fathers of this nation set forth the principles under which we the people would consent to be governed and the manner and means by which we could regulate, and control our destiny and that of our nation. This nation belongs to the people, not to any group of pretenders in any capital anywhere in the land, and as it is our country, we have the right to make whatever changes are necessary should it become apparent that government has become destructive of our rights and interests. The original Declaration Of Independence, the founding document of our country, laid out for all the world to see, the principles upon which this nation would forever cast its lot. In that document, it clearly states,

    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends (the God given, Natural rights of man), it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it”.

    We the people have never relinquished that right, and in spite of the efforts of what has become largely a criminal class of thieves, usurpers, and arrogant elitists, to prevent us from exercising our rights as free Americans, we are coming forward on this day to present this Declaration Of Tea Party Independence in which we declare ourselves independent of the corrupt practices and policies of the major political parties of this nation, to include but not be limited to the Democrat and Republican parties and their corrupt apparatus and apparatchiks. It is our intent to live as free Americans, as much as possible, until such time as we can recapture our nation from the thieves and despots whose long train of usurious acts and usurpations have exacted an onerous and unseemly toll upon the honest citizens of these United States of America, so help us God.


    • jobeth says:

      Obama and his minions ARE progressives. Yes we can and SHOULD call them that.

      Progressive is a code word for communists. Look at their agendas. You can’t tell one from the other because they are one in the same.

      Communism has a negative connotation to nearly all who hear that word.

      Progressive on the other hand…to the uninformed…the young…the so called elite (uninformed as well)it has a “nice” ring to it.

      Who wouldn’t want to be called progressive they ask? The word progressive sounds like it would mean…moving forward. Being modern. Shedding old fashioned, stodgy methods.

      In reality it means communism.

      Glen Beck gave us history lessons that explained this word progressive and all that it encompassed.

      But to the educationally light headed youth it “sounds” so nice.

      Much the same way I was drawn in to the word ‘Liberal’ when I was in my early 20s. I was so sure I wanted to seem “modern’ and “understand’ other people’s views. Of course, I did get a bit smarter in my old age….Thank you Lord.

      People have figured out what liberal means now, so its time to bring out the word ‘progressives’ again. But in the end its all the same thing.

      I say lets drop ALL the code words for communism and call them what they are. Of course we would be written off as nutters. So for the time being ‘progressive’ it is

      We need to educate all who are within ear shot to what they really are. ESPECIALLY the young people. They are being filled with lies and pipe dreams and being used. We have to show them what is really happening.

  8. BigOil says:

    “I am not a socialist” and “this is not a bolshevik plot”.

    I think thou dost protest to much.

  9. TwilightZoned says:

    “To counter their attacks, we’ll need to take our message to the air and to doorsteps across the country”

    Bring it on! Every time Barry “gets the message out” the people are increasingly against it. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. While I don’t think Barry is stupid, I do think his over-inflated, narcissistic ego is getting in his way. A good thing, at that.

    Personally, I’d love for someone to give me the message at my doorstep. I wonder how fast they could sprint back down the long driveway after I deliver MY message?

  10. joeblough says:

    Leftists believe in the superior moral status of victims.

    Thus, leftist claims of victimization are best understood as a form of boasting.

    They are are normally, as with much boasting, false.


    It doesn’t generally look like boasting to normal people. Normal people generally view victims with, well … pity.

    But in the inverted/perverted world view of the left, it is a claim of superiority.

    • AcornsRNuts says:

      Well put Joe. I have long noted this. It is becoming evident in so many facets of our culture too. Look at those allstate commercials with the guy ranting on about how awesome it is that we have no money so we can celebrate our families and enjoy the simple life. Or the State Farm commercials where the people brag about having no money, not eating steak anymore or selling a car to become a “one car family” and even an obviously working age kid bragging that he lives with his parents. When the disturbing trends of our society become the stuff of advertising, you know that it is a epidemic of dagnerously out of whack priorities in the consumer, IE the general citizenry. The paradigm shift away from that mentality is going to be one of the most significant steps in undoing this damage.

    • proreason says:

      Interesting and probably true.

      There are two sides to your suggestion.

      The victim himself who finds being a victim useful to prey upon others. This isn’t just confined to welfare cheats and ghetto criminals. The world is full of relatively normal people who excuse themselves from just about every sin by remembering what a bad hand life has dealt them. And if they take some products from work once in a while, well, they deserve something in compensation for that bad hand, don’t they?

      The other side is the moral superiority of the intellectual liberal….so proud of taking care of the downtrodden with other people’s money, and so glad that they are superior to both the disadvantaged and to the morally corrupt conservatives who refuse to be so generous.

  11. Liberals Demise says:

    Putting Americans back to work by giving the Chicoms billions of dollars (Stimulus Money) for ‘Green’ work.

    Can we call ya’ll “R”tards because you’ve earned the title?

    Focused like a lazer ………… uh huh!!

  12. mathews says:

    in Saul Alinsky style tell the lie, a big lie to suit your any means to your ends

  13. wardmama4 says:

    Does anyone catch the insanity of asking the very people these liars ‘claim’ are too poor, unemployed, undocumented or what-ever to afford their own health insurance to donate simply because they are being called ‘trending toward socialism’ – Which government run healthcare is?

    This would be such a joke – with the Acme insurance story, the gaffes and pathetic people lined up to tell their pathetic healthcare story, the props of Doctors in white coats, fake summits and accusing all sorts of malfeason on the ‘other’ without proof – if it weren’t about the future of America. While lie after lie after bribe after cheat after offered gov job – prove that they are willing to do anything to get this agenda passed – and the real question is why when they hold the majority in the House & Senate – we are a year into this and such corrupt means need to be instituted – to get it to a stalled standstill?

    Because We The People do not want this Government takeover of Healthcare abomination of a socialistic bill passed when 5 little things could solve the problem – without tax hikes, without 2000+ pages of vague open ended worded sections and without granting some DC politico power over every single Americans life and health:
    1) Portability – remove from job benefits and allow purchase across state lines.
    2) Remove State/Federal Mandates on what ‘must’ be in policies
    3) Tort Reform
    4) Go after Fraud & Waste in Medicare/Medicaid
    5) No Illegal aliens get any kind of healthcare except as a paygo – cash only.

    See I did it in a few seconds, with just a few words – I do not want DC appointees telling me, my doctor or my hospital what I can and can not get, I do not want the IRS tracking my tax records to see if paid for insurance or can qualify for subsidies and I certainly do not want my health records in cyber space for the entire World to be able to hack into them at their whim and leisure. All of which are socialistic/communistic approaches to citizen control.

    And apparently neither do the majority of American citizens.

  14. andrewsvan says:

    Throw a rock into pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one that was hit.

  15. Clownzaround says:

    He called himself one I have the same articles you do and probably more but the fact is Obama is more maexist or Communist if I had to look at moa or Hitler I would go with Hitler since George Soros is his puppet master

  16. canary says:

    At least Maxine Waters is honest about her being a socialist and would own private companies & banks. Except she lied about not knowing her husbands bank got stimulus money.

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