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Obama Buys Hillary For $10 Million Dollars

First, the pay-off, as reported by a delighted and relieved Associated Press:

Obama shares fundraisers with Clinton


WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic nominee-in-waiting Barack Obama is sharing one his most valuable assets — his top fundraisers — with former rival Hillary Rodham Clinton to help her pay off her debt, the latest effort to heal the wounds of a bruising primary campaign.

Obama on Tuesday asked his finance team to help Clinton pay back at least $10 million from her failed presidential campaign, setting the stage for joint appearances by the two former rivals later in the week.

In a teleconference with his top fundraisers, Obama asked them to do what they could to help Clinton, according to two Democrats familiar with the call. A campaign spokesman confirmed that Obama had asked them to help the former first lady.

"Some of our donors have asked and Barack said if they have the ability to raise or give money to help on debt, we encourage them to do so," spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Obama’s green light to his money bundlers came two days before he and Clinton were scheduled to meet in Washington with some of her top fundraisers in a show of unity after their bruising contest for the Democratic presidential nomination. On Friday, the two planned to campaign together in New Hampshire

And what $10 million dollars now buys:

Hillary Clinton to renew call for unity

By Edward Luce in Washington

June 25 2008

In her concession speech less than three weeks ago, Hillary Clinton urged supporters to transfer their loyalties to her rival: “Today I am standing with Barack Obama to say ‘Yes we can’,” she said. “We will make history together as we write the next chapter in America’s story.”

On Thursday evening, at Mrs Clinton’s first joint meeting with Mr Obama since the campaign began, the former First Lady will renew her call for the party to unify behind Mr Obama – a theme that will be echoed on Friday when they appear for a rally in the town of Unity in New Hampshire

Though it might be more accurate to say that he is just renting her.

By the way, in all too typical fashion the Financial Times goes on to report:

But a highly vocal minority of Mrs Clinton’s supporters have chosen to ignore her plea altogether. Under the umbrella group, Just Say No Deal, diehard Clintonites have set up more than 100 anti-Obama websites in the last 20 days, most of them boiling with indignation…

Many of the sites are run by women who believe that Mrs Clinton was the victim of a sexist alliance between the mainstream media and Mr Obama’s campaign. Yet much of the language they deploy could easily be mistaken for what comes out of right-wing talk radio.

Voting for Obama is like going to bed with your rapist,” said one supporter in an e-mail that was circulated to a Clinton support group. “Hillary has raised money for these people, campaigned for them and they betrayed her. Now you all want her to be a “nice girl” and hand her political base over to Obama. You must be daft.” …

Even the FT has to get in a dig at "right-wing talk radio."

One supposed they have to prove their loyalty to their Democrat masters like everyone else.

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