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Dems Buy Off Unions With Exemption

From the Wall Street Journal:

Unions Cut Special Deal on Health Taxes

Negotiators Agree to Delay Levies on Workers’ High-End Policies Until 2018 Amid Push to Finalize Legislation by the Weekend


JANUARY 15, 2010

Democratic negotiators acceded to union demands for a scaled-back tax on high-end health-insurance plans, exempting union contracts from the tax until 2018, five years beyond the start date for other workers.

And, in 2018, there will quietly arrange another exemption. (That is, if private health insurance plans still exist.)

The deal helped Democrats clear a key hurdle, but the break for organized labor added to the pressure to find new revenue to pay for their health bill, which is designed to give coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans. Negotiators were considering increasing the financial hit on drug makers, nursing homes and medical-device makers, according to people familiar with the discussions.

That’s social justice.

Exempt the ‘Cadillac insurance plans’ of UAW workers who are averaging $175,000 a year (in salary and benefits), and put the tax burden on the backs of nursing homes.

(Also, given the government’s owner ship of GM and Chrysler and the extent of government unions, this mean as well that a heck of a lot of government workers will also be getting this tax exemption.)

Obviously, nursing homes don’t contribute enough to the DNC, nor do their denizens make very good goons.

Republicans seized on the delay for unionized workers to say the deal was unfair to workers not in unions, who would be forced to pay the tax five years earlier, starting in 2013.

"The White House and congressional Democrats are picking one group of workers over another," said Antonia Ferrier, spokeswoman for House Minority Leader John Boehner. "If this sounds discriminatory, well it is."

J.P. Fielder, a spokesman for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said that like the unions, the business community didn’t like the tax and supported scaling it back. But he said it seemed unfair for unionized workers to be exempted for five years when others were not.

To be fair, it’s no more discriminatory than deciding to tax tanning beds (John Boehner) instead of Botox (Nancy Pelosi).

In addition to softening the tax on high-end plans, Democrats plan to increase subsidies for lower earners to buy health insurance. To pay for such changes, Democrats are considering levying an additional $10 billion in fees on medical-device makers, for a total of $30 billion over 10 years

Sure, tax the very people whose research and innovations are one of the few ways health costs will ever be lowered. Yes, slow down the development of medical devices which can truly improve our lives.

This is yet another way in which ‘healthcare reform’ is improving the medical system for all of us.

Union leaders pressed their case for the changes on the high-end insurance tax at two White House meetings this week, including a two-hour session with Mr. Obama.

The dispute threatened to drive a wedge between the White House and unions, which strongly backed Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign. The president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, this week suggested that without changes to this provision, unions might be less likely to help Democrats on the ballot this fall and Republicans could take back the House. Another union threatened to pull support for the health bill, Mr. Obama’s top legislative priority.

After Thursday’s agreement, labor leaders had warmer words for the president and said they would promote the deal among Democrats

This pay-off makes the Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu deals look like ‘open and honest government.’

It is ‘pay to play’ Chicago machine politics at its most naked and disgusting.

No wonder they didn’t want us watching it on C-SPAN.

By the way, this ‘exemption’ is going to be a far bigger break for unions than ‘Card Check’ ever be.

People are going to be joining unions like mad to avoid the 40% tax on their healthcare insurance. We are going to see unionizing like never before.

What a coincidence!

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27 Responses to “Dems Buy Off Unions With Exemption”

  1. BillK says:

    Did anyone actually expect anything different?

    Wasting time worrying about this is like being excited about the election in Mass.

    Even if Brown wins, absentee votes will be “found” in however many recounts it takes for tens of thousands of “uncounted” votes to be found.

    Unless it’s an absolute landslide, no Republican can win an election now in a Democratic district – count on it.

  2. jobeth says:

    And to think, all this began in order to provide “equal” medical to all. Right…humph.

    These bottom feeders would do any thing so long as it gets the camel’s nose under the tent. The main thing is that they get their socialist/fascist plans underway. The minute details and adjustments come later.

    And if it comes on the backs of old, non productive (in their eyes) grannies…well that’s ok too. Because once these plans get underway…grannie isn’t going to be here long enough to complain anyway…unlike the unions…who can/will help further the cause with their money and goons.

    Ya just gotta see who’s valuable and who’s not. Priorities, thats what’s important.

    BTW I always have loved that photo…what a dichotomy!
    That sign above those people…umm, umm, umm. Stunning.

    What a great place for God to use his lighting bolt tool!

    • 2old2givea says:

      LOL!!! You know, I’ve become so accustomed to trying NOT to look at that bunch, I didn’t look at the picture. It should be in the dictionary under “propaganda.”

  3. proreason says:

    The real threat is martial law.

    All of this other crap will only fuel the anger and turn the impending landslide into a tsunami of epic proportions.

    They will trigger a Terrorist attack and attempt to impose martial law.

    Don’t put it past them

    • jobeth says:

      You’re giving me nightmares again…! Mainly because I agree with you.

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      I don’t think you will get many service members to go along with martial law. But I’m sure there would be plenty of targets, I mean, Union goons to step up to the plate.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Similar to my prediction Pro – With the dollar free falling, unemployment rising, only a war will make things right – and guarantee the guy in the ozone office gets reelected

    • sheehanjihad says:

      They are waiting for conservatives to “take to the streets”…and some will. That will be obama’s excuse to declare martial law…blame it on the right, yank all rights from citizens to “protect” them, and shut America down.

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:


    As I’ve said on other blogs, I’m not so sure about martial law. See, the vast majority of the members of the armed forces took an oath to the Constitution of the US. Not to Pappa-oo-mao-mao. And though I see how some in the military might THINK they should just do whatever the president says, more than enough will balk and flat out disobey.

    What the moron does not realize is that within the confines of the military itself, there is the ongoing entity of PME. That is, Professional Military Education where the lowest ranks to the highest attend required classes whereby the whole military system is taught, including management courses, political science, human factors, etc. In my attendance, I thought mostly they were well-taught and not too biased or unbalanced.

    But also in these courses, the rank-and-file are taught what are lawful orders and what aren’t. When an officer orders you to go to your car and go get him a coke, that is an unlawful order and the military member should have no compunction in disobeying it. There will be those who would obey it out of fear, but in the long run, that officer will be disciplined.

    Now, of course, I speak in a somewhat idealistic fashion as I watch how GovCo is planning on destroying the careers of 8 to 10 officers who promoted Hasan, the Ft Hood murderer. Perhaps that’s as it should be but on the other side of the coin, had they NOT promoted him, they would face similar retribution and probably be passed over for promotion themselves.

    So it’s a two-edged sword. But I tend to think that largely, the officers in the military, who, although will “go along” with martial law for the purpose of lawkeeping, will flat out disobey when it comes to harming civilians and/or arresting people, invading their homes, etc. So we’re far from stormtroopers and our own “krystalnacht”.

    This is something barry the omniscient is only vaguely aware of. He thinks that by being C in C, that “they have to do what I say”…as if it was just like it’s portrayed in the movies. It’s not, and that’s what separates OUR fine US military from EVERY other military force in the world. Ours has scruples.

    But, he may fear this very thing as well, which is why he so loves the idea of a “separate national security force” like he spoke about in 2008 that is “equally funded and just as powerful as the military and the police but isn’t either one of them”. And, they would have taken an oath to HIM….the almighty…not some scrap of paper that nobody reads anymore and is something that tells the government what it CAN’T do to people, not what it CAN.

    He wants stormtroopers, no doubt. Miss highfalutin lady hugeass is probably already drawing up their very sharp uniforms. Probably black with a bright red armband….just to be different. She vaguely remembers maybe seeing something like that in a book somewhere and thought it looks great.

    So, I don’t think it’ll be the US military that will be posted outside our doors. It’ll be thugs under the false pretense of legitimacy by imperial decree from the light-skinned negro himself.

    • proreason says:

      Rusty, Jobeth, and Banned.

      I wasn’t predicting success with martial law, but I am suggesting they might try it. Keep in mind that these “intellectual” revolutionaries have the utmost contempt for the military, veterans and police. They don’t even begin to understand how people of honor think, or how deeply many people in this country respect its principles. They think “muscle” is their union thugs. Well, as we know, they ain’t seen muscle yet.

      Also, I’m not saying it’s a lock. I’m saying they will try it if they think they can get away with it.

      Your points are well taken, and are the exact reasons that it would be a huge risk for them to try it.

      God bless our veterans and service men and women.

      God bless the Constitution.

      God bless the Second Amendment.

      Lock and load.

    • Right of the People says:

      Wait until they try that crap in a red state like Montana or Idaho, even here in leftist Vermont, once you get out of Burlington the majority of the state is conservative. You’ll find at least one gun and usually more in every household with an ample supply of ammo to go along with it. Other agencies like the Border Patrol won’t go along with it either, our guys are 99% conservative.

      Bring it on Barry.

    • jobeth says:

      Rusty– “oo-mao-mao.” I LIKE that! Perfect!

      If anything like that ever happens…I’m a gal…but I know how to ‘lock and load’ and usually hit what I aim at…so I’m in the trenches with ya! :-D

      Right of the People…There are a lot of states B.O. (who smells lol) won’t want to mess with.

      Wouldn’t you love to see his face if he calls for martial law and our soldiers refuse? And I’m sure there would be a bunch who would.

      To the rest of you…I thank God for you all! You are what is great about the American. All my known ancestry have been here from the 1600/1700s so I’m as American as it gets. I’m proud of what most of us stand for and proud of being a part of this special people.

    • jobeth says:

      “Probably black with a bright red armband….just to be different”

      Or to match her very “lovely” frock. You rememember, the one she wore the night of his election. And oh yes, I think she might even add a lovely single red star…

  5. MinnesotaRush says:

    There can be no more favor to the “summer soldier or the sunshine patriot”.

    We all need to stay informed and engaged!

    Our Founders must be spinning in their graves!

  6. Petronius says:

    Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.

    When a country slips into the final downward chute, it seems to lose the ability to look at its predicament objectively in direct ratio to the seriousness of the predicament. If that is true, then the predicament must be very serious indeed, because all objectivity has fled. At the very time when everyone should say, “Stop! No more!”, everyone says just the opposite. Especially the newspaper reports, editorials and features that keep asking for more. They can’t get enough. “Tax nursing homes! Yes! Brilliant!” They want it all. Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower, they do.

    But I have to ask: How low can this country go? How much outrage and degradation will the huddled masses –– the American idiocracy –– continue to tolerate? Who knows? They seem to have absorbed the Liberal Death Wish, and not much else.

    We are in the hands of criminals. Worse than criminals –– Bolshevik thugs, with the morality of bloodsucking vampires and hungry cannibals.

    The arrogance of this evil is truly astonishing. Their anything-goes attitude. The confiscations. The redistributions. The open theft of elections –– Minnesota, ACORN, New Black Panthers, et al. The obvious lies and propaganda –– lies made boldly, in public, without fear of contradiction. (Except by Joe Wilson, who was forced to apologize.) The threats –– threats made boldly, in public, without fear of consequences. The thuggery. The no-opposition-will-be-tolerated and in-your-face conqueror attitude. The unconstitutional takings. The unconstitutional interference with and punishment of free speech. The deals. The corruption. The endless stream of pork-loaded stimulus spending, each new stimulus as wasteful as the last –– successful, however, in terms of confiscation, redistribution, and back-breaking debt and bankruptcy. This craving to control the world, to control the American idiocracy, to control every particular aspect of each individual idiot’s pathetic existence . . . all of it must be seen as something unique in the American experience.

    Yes, make no mistake. They are waging a war on capitalism. Waging war on entire industries. On economic growth. On employers, on businesses, on jobs, on investors, on wealth, on private property. Waging war on freedom and prosperity. Waging a war on banks. (Such audacity! First refusing to allow banks to repay TARP loans –– and then proposing punitive taxes because they failed to repay their TARP loans! “Yes! Brilliant!”) Making war on the auto industry. On GM bondholders. On Chrysler bondholders and dealerships. On AIG executives. On Fox News. On talk-show hosts. On credit card executives. On veterans, pro-lifers, and Ron Paul supporters. On Americans with foreign bank accounts. On Humana. On PricewaterhouseCoopers. On the Chamber of Commerce. On hedge fund managers. On carbon dioxide. On health insurance companies. On doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, on every facet of the medical industry. On 401ks. On senior citizens. And now on the nursing home industry. On the nursing home industry, with all of their exorbitant, shameless profits. Yes –– nursing homes! Convalescent and rehabilitation centers –– exploiters of the proles!

    Bring it on.

    Yes, the enslavement of the medical industry is not enough. Not enough to tax health insurance policies in the name of expanding health insurance. Now they propose to tax nursing homes and wheelchairs, to tax the elderly, the sick, and the disabled –– all for the aggrandizement of their power and the benefit of their allies, their union goons, their immigrants, their moochers, looters, layabouts and ne’er-do-wells.

    And the American idiocracy rolls over for it. Laps it up with their furry tongues.

    And all the while he stands there laughing at all of us, rubbing his middle finger up and down the side of his face, up and down those sagging, creased jowls, wearing his shopworn sneer as his answer to the universe, superbly pursed little anus of a mouth barely moving, speaking of destruction as the path to salvation for “middle class working families” –– such arrogance: as if he ever cared a jot about them! –– preaching his obsolete Marxist rubbish, this bastard spawn of a sleazy, drunken, African, communist lecher and a self-hating, white-renegade, communist slag, this master of threats and extortions, this plunderer, this high priest of death and destruction.

    Yes, let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out. That’s my motto.

    It’s been the motto of everything American for over 12 months now. So bring it on! Let it all fall apart.

    • proreason says:

      Best post of 2010.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      I always enjoy your contributions, Petronius .. this one moves to top spot.

      God bless ya’, friend.

    • 2old2givea says:

      I stand humbled in the presence of this post.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I have sent that to 20 other people I know. Brilliant!

    • jobeth says:

      Rusty, I agree…this needs to go viral. As I was reading I was thinking of who I would send a copy to.

      Thanks Petronius. great stuff.

      The only thing I will add. post quotes. at the end is that it doesn’t have to happen. WE can stop it, IF only we have the will.

      (BTW…credits to both Petronius and S&L with link will be given)

  7. Warmonger Infidel says:

    The fact that unions have now written a major portion of ‘health care’ reform should surprise no one since unions are the base that got Obama elected. He knows, and his democrat minions know, that he won’t get re-elected without them. Losing their support would guarantee a republican in the WH in 2012, and probably, no matter the republican nominee.

    That being said, the following post by Mr. Shackleford is absolutely wrong:

    See, the vast majority of the members of the armed forces took an oath to the Constitution of the US. Not to Pappa-oo-mao-mao.

    It’s not the “vast” majority if members of the armed forces (including National Guard) that take that oath, it’s all of them, officer and enlisted. The oath that I took seven times is as follows:

    I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United Statesand the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

    However, as much as I most strongly disagree with Obama’s policy in every area of his administration, martial law is the least of my concerns.

    • proreason says:

      I’m scratching my head to understand why anybody would be sanguine about the threat of an attempt to implement martial law.

      I’ve just re-read Petronius’ brilliant post in this thread and he does a magnificent job of enumerating A FEW of the never-before-attempted violations of freedom, tradition, and the law in this country.

      What Constitutional Right have they NOT violated, either in fact or by plan?

      They have set the table for martial law, or some equivalent illegal coup to permanently consolidate their death grip on our lives:
      – Has not the HSA declared that the true enemies of the country are people like us, not the terrorists?
      – The Moron drapes himself in Lincoln and FDR. The first suspended Habeas Corpus. The second imprisoned Japanese citizens and summarily executed German infiltrators. Do you think those precedents have escaped the attention of their criminal minds?
      – What are the wall-to-wall attacks on free speech about?
      – What are the ill-disguised efforts to create private armies loyal only to the fascists all about, including the payoffs of the union thugs?
      – The Moron has expressed contempt for the Constitution. It is flawed. It needs to be corrected. Who really thinks he feels a need to observe its restrictions?
      – Why the placid response to the two worst terrorist attacks in this country since 9/11? Wouldn’t any leader who loves this country stir himself to do something other than read the villains their Miranda rights? It appears to me that his actions ENCOURAGE more attacks, not the opposite. Why?
      – Why have Communists and America haters been appointed throughout the government? Not just Van Jones. More specifically and dangerously, the Justice Department is now filled with people who have dedicated the last decade of their lives to defending terrorists.
      – Why are so many key posts left unfilled, or rather, filled in practice by un-vetted czars who answer only to Obama?
      – Why is there no reaction whatsoever to the will of the people, who are now opposed by 65% (and climbing) to the Health Scare legislation? Do they think we don’t observe the criminal payoffs and other actions that Petronius so elegantly articulated? Now Harry Reid declares that Crap and Tax is next. He has time!!!
      – Are they not disciples of Saul Alinsky, the self-declared admirer of Satan himself?
      – and on and on.

      The volume and speed of these activities is numbing, but every person in the country is aware of them. Yet they proceed with impunity. And you think they wouldn’t be willing to try a military coup?

      It won’t succeed, but it is certain that they have a group of people who have planned it to the last detail.

      Now let’s review where they stand:
      – Their agenda is now fully exposed.
      – Despite 2/3 of the country literally rising up against them, they proceed to implement Marxism at full throttle.
      – But they are about to lose the super-majority they won by lying about every single thing they planned to do. This will make their efforts more difficult.
      – In November, given free elections, they will lose their majority in the House, perhaps even the Senate. It will be a stunning reversal. They know it absolutely. Their words to the contrary are pure propaganda.
      – We hear of their plans to legalize immigrants, erase decades-old voting registration tradition. We see their willingness to steal elections. But do they think that is enough?
      – In a nutshell, they have 10 months to complete their consolidation of power, and their assets are slipping away from them.
      – Does anybody honestly think they are willing to give up the power they have plotted and schemed since the mid-60’s to acquire?
      – Does anybody honestly think they are willing to go back to the drawing board for another 15 to 20 years and resume their underground subversion of the country?

      I think they are getting desperate, and the Scott Brown victory is only going to escalate their plans.

      To reiterate, lock and load.

    • Petronius says:

      A footnote regarding departures from tradition and law in this country.

      WSJ (above): “Union leaders pressed their case for the changes on the high-end insurance tax at two White House meetings this week, including a two-hour session with Mr. Obama.”

      Most Americans seem to suffer from short-term memory loss. Fortunately this does not often happen to the busy bees here on S&L. And it never happens to Proreason.

      Thus you will recall the outrage that greeted Vice Pres. Dick Cheney when, in 2001, his Energy Task Force held meetings with executives from Big Oil –– whereas environmental groups complained that they were excluded from the discussions.

      Perhaps our busy bees may also remember that, in response, GAO (an arm of Congress) and various private groups brought law suits against the Vice President, seeking disclosure of records of the Task Force’s meetings. This spilled over into a major confrontation between the Bush White House and Congress over executive privilege. As a result, if memory serves, Congress changed the law to curtail policy-making meetings between the executive branch and members of the private sector, except with public notice given and open opportunity to attend.

      Notwithstanding this history and law, the Obama White House has held many policy-making meetings with privileged organizations and individuals from the private sector, such as the recent Cadillac insurance meetings with Big Labor as described in the WSJ article above. Some of these meetings have also been conducted in secret and behind closed doors. In fact, this has become a hallmark of the new Administration.

      Additional examples of such policy-making meetings with select private-sector groups include :

      the jobs summit –– meeting included representatives of Big Labor, left-wing economists and academics, and a few cherry-picked representatives from the business world such as Apple, whereas the US Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Independent Business (small businesses), National Association of Manufacturers, free market economists, and other capitalists were deliberately excluded.

      the immigration summit –– included the open borders lobby, and excluded opponents of open borders.

      the bankers meeting –– bankers were summoned to the White House and were threatened by the President, all behind closed doors.

      the credit card executives meeting –– ditto.

      meeting with Big Pharma –– industry representatives were summoned and concessions were extorted amounting to tens of billions in taxes, all behind closed doors.

      meeting with medical devices industry –– ditto.

      the health care summit –– although not exclusively left-wing, it was very heavily stacked in favor of left-wing organizations / individuals supporting government-run medicine.

      60 secret policy-making meetings between Nerobama and SEIU representatives Andy Stern and Anna Burger.


      All of these White House policy meetings have been held in flagrant violation of American law and custom.

      And Pro –– thanks for the kind words.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Warmonger Infidel,

      I , too took the oath, though in group re-enlistments, while I have heard myself saying the words, the guy next to me uttered not a sound. That’s why I said, “vast majority”. Either the guy next to me didn’t understand English, or was being evasive.

      I took it as an enlisted man and as an officer and I am acutely aware of the part about obeying the orders of the president. But the way I saw it, being that the Constitution came first, I would obey that first, and then wrestle with what is a lawful order and that which is not. For example, If I was still on active duty and the president ordered me to occupy someone’s home without good reason, I would not.

      It’s that simple. And, of course, would probably have cost me my commission. But, I would argue that it was an unlawful order.

      My original POINT being that our military has scruples. Sure, many do not and I’ve met them but largely, they know when to obey and when not to. Although….in the political jungle some try to navigate, it’s not that easy.

      So I know that I omitted that part and thought about it and thanks for bringing it up. However, if I was still in the military, I’m afraid I would have to resign based solely on the idiot dictator in the white house. Indeed, many of my peers, when Clinton took office, asked , and were allowed to, get out.

      I make this statement freely, without reservation or purpose of evasion.

      I still say that those in the military with a conscience would disobey the implementation of martial law in this nation. It would indeed come down to the individual. The human mind is capable of many an ugly thing and our dark side is never far away, I know. But if stormtroopers tried to enter my home, they would die. Sure, I might end up dead too, but not without one hell of a fight.

      At the very core of our existence is the right to be free. The right to not be unlawfully searched or seized. And that’s really what we’re talking about, isn’t it? You’re right of course. And a good point, for sure. But I still don’t see a completely lay-down complicit military willing to do barry’s bidding on just his whims.

      We both agree, I’m sure that he’s a prick and the active duty military generally despises him. He is naturally working that angle by awarding them a large pay-raise. But that only goes so far. As I said, he does not understand the concept of duty, honor and country. And like Nathan Jessup said in the movie, I think he uses those words as a punchline rather than as a lifetime spent defending something.

      But I hear your point and am duly corrected.

      Much obliged

  8. Tater Salad says:

    My purpose in sending this message is to help you discover how corrupt our voting procedures have become.


    Easily Hacked Voting Systems to be Used in MA Special Election for the U.S. Senate

  9. proreason says:

    October 30, 2010.

    Fellow Americans. I’ll be brief. I know that many of you are engaged full time in the jobs saved or created by the latest Recovery Act passed only last month by Congress.

    But before starting, I’d like to give a shout-out to. Union Stewart Delonte Jackson. Hey bro, enjoy that Medal of Service I awarded you this morning. Well done last week Bro!

    And now to business.

    Fellow Americans, I am saddened to have to report to you that I have been forced to indefinitely postpone the elections previously scheduled for Nov 2. I only do so after long and serious reflection about the voluminous information gathered and presented to me by Attorney General Holder over the last several months. This information, which because of secrecy clauses in the Constitution, I cannot reveal to you in detail, indicates that numerous extremist groups in the United States have been systematically undermining our election processes beginning as early as 2009. These groups, variously knows as the Teabaggers, Veterans, anit-Obamites and Conservative have been actively engaged in coercive voter persuasion that have violated the civil rights of honest hard-working Americans. After deep reflection, and with a heavy heart, I have come to the conclusion that these activities pose a threat to our republic which simply cannot be tolerated.

    I have consulted with Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer and Attorney General Holder on this matter and they assure me that the actions I am taking are not only constitutional, but necessary to preserve our Union in the face of this insidious threat. I should also remind you that prior to my election as your Leader, I was one of the premier constitutional authorities to ever live in the United States, and have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for my efforts in this regard.

    Moreover, the anti American forces that have instigated these seditious actions have recently turned violent, having injured two SEIU observers at a Teabagger Voter Suppression Rally in Cleveland Oct 28. One observer sustained multiple shin bruises, and the second, the aforementioned Delonte Jackson sustained severe scratches to the face and hands. I join with you in thanking these brave Americans for their service.

    The suspension of voting, of course, is temporary. I am awaiting a ruling by Justices Sotomeyer and Napolitano as to the constitutionally acceptable duration of the suspension, even though I already know the answer.

    Upon hearing about the suspension, Speaker of the House Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid offered me their immediate resignations as the Czars of Congress, but I have rejected both resignations and have persuaded these fine Americans to continue in their indispensable roles as stewards of the New, Fair, Just, Distributed America, as spelled out in the legislation passed this summer to regulate shelter, food, transportation, communications, leisure activities, breeding, children and pets in this country. As you will recall, that legislation passed by overwhelming majorities of 59 in the Senate and 219 in the House.

    On a final note, I can also now report that I have completed shutting down the Fox News Organization and transferring the assets and remaining staff to the organizations that have signed the Revised Patriot Act of 2010.

    Thank you, fellow Americans for your time. May Allah bless you for your continued support of my regime.

    Barack Obama

    —–instant reaction for major news organizations—-
    “we are so lucky to have a constitutional authority to shepherd the country in these dangerous times” Katie Couric, CBS

    “this was an act of unusual courage by a man so beleaguered by obstructionist forces in this country that it’s a miracle he can still function, no matter challenge Abraham Lincoln for acknowledgement as the greatest leader in the history of all time.” Wolf Blitzer, CNN

    —-in other news—-

    (AP) Dick Cheney is still in serious condition resulting from the massive stroke he suffered Oct 27 while preparing his family’s Halloween turkey. The butcher knife that lodged in his back as he tumbled to the ground after the stroke is also said to be delaying his recovery.

    (Reuters) Reports continue to trickle in of the outbreak of injuries in Cleveland beginning on or about Oct 28. More than 2,000 people are in hospitals in the Cleveland area, most suffering from aneurisms, severely twisted arms, and broken hips. To date, no cause for the mysterious outbreak has been determined.

    (CBS) Former president George W. Bush remains in Haiti and has sent a written message of good cheer to the United States for Halloween. Telecommunications with Haiti have been impossible since July when satellites servicing the area lost power and the oceanic cables were severed in a whaling accident.

    (NBC) The trial of Rush Limbaugh resumed yesterday, under the total news blackout instituted by Justice Napolitano. Mr. Limbaugh stands accused of hate speech, per legislation passed in June, 2010. Friends of Mr. Limbaugh report that he underwent a personality transformation after his ratings mysteriously fell by 98% in the first two weeks of September.

    • tranquil.night says:

      (Yahoo! Finance) Stocks soared for another day on news that GovCo would be apportioning the South to the People’s Republic of China as debt reconciliation. Also included in the deal are $1T in funds seized from the personal pension plans and retirment accounts of extremists and other corporate criminals.

      (Sorry to jockride PR but you’re on a roll today. I love it)

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