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Obama Bypasses Fawning WH Press Corp

From an irony-proof Politico:

[Reuters photo and caption:] U.S. President Barack Obama is seen in Washington, in this March 23, 2009 file photo.

Obama seeks filter-free news

Jonathan Martin – Tue Mar 24

At a time when his Washington honeymoon is turning into a hazing, President Barack Obama and his team are launched on a strategy to sail above the traditional White House press corps by reaching out to liberal commentators, local reporters and ethnic media.

The highest-profile moments in the new approach have been well-noted, such as the president giving an interview to progressive radio host Ed Schultz and Obama calling on a reporter from the liberal-leaning Huffington Post at his first news conference.

But those moves are only part of a much larger strategy aimed at communicating directly with audiences the White House believes are more sympathetic to the president’s agenda — and one in which much of the work is being done by Obama’s top advisers.

On the day Obama released his ambitious spending plan, the administration put White House budget director Peter Orszag on a conference call with liberal-leaning writers. Senior administration aides have followed up by promoting the budget to local radio talk shows during morning drive time.

Jared Bernstein, Vice President Joe Biden’s economic adviser and a favorite of the labor-liberal wing of the Democratic Party, also held a conference call with friendly reporters.

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has done conference calls with black and Hispanic media outlets.

Obama himself plans to meet soon with liberal bloggers, according to an administration official. With little fanfare, he’s already sat for interviews with Black Enterprise magazine, Telemundo and Los Angeles-based Hispanic radio host Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo

At his first news conference, for instance, his aides seated Schultz in the front row and called on reporter Sam Stein from The Huffington Post

The around-the-filter strategy began under Nixon, notes Martha Joynt Kumar, a Towson University political science professor and expert on presidential communications…

The idea then, as now, was to reach certain groups directly and without the interpretation of an at times cynical Washington press corps.

The difference is that 40 years after Nixon, there are far more avenues to avoid the capital’s often insular media.

But Kumar, who has been attending White House events since 1975 for her research, said presidents still can’t avoid the reporters who cover him day in and day out…

“It was the Washington press corps that nailed [Clinton] on Lewinsky,” noted Kumar.

How absolutely laughable that the Politico or anyone would imagine that Mr. Obama has to go around our establishment media to get a fair shake.

(Of course it is only laughable if you are finally at the point of being able to laugh at such boldfaced lies.)

Speaking of which:

“It was the Washington press corps that nailed him on Lewinsky,” noted Kumar.

God help Professor Kumar’s students. For she is either a political hack or a hopeless ignoramus.

The Washington Press Corps did not “nail” Clinton over Ms. Lewinsky. On the contrary, our watchdog media did all it could to cover up that scoop.

For, lest we forget, Newsweek spiked Michael Isikoff’s story. And it was only because of the upstart Matt Drudge that the Lewinsky story ever saw the light of day.

And of course this is a pattern that our one party media has repeated endlessly under Democrat regimes before and since.

So why this pretense that Mr. Obama has to go around the mainstream media to get favorable coverage?

What planet is the Politico on?

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9 Responses to “Obama Bypasses Fawning WH Press Corp”

  1. Odie44 says:

    You can only tap your existing base so much. Being its one of little wealth – there is a reason why recent fundraisers and Feb DNC v RNC numbers look the way they do.

    Now add in the doners themselves must be accountable now that Bambi is in the WH – there goes the growth of fraud, foreign contributors and welfare funded donations.

    And I love the “it started with Nixon to reach out to…” – actually NIxon knew there were lying scumbags throughout and didnt trust them, whether “paranoia” or not. Yet, they still received info and had normal access, some would argue too much access to certain FBI agents…They are attempting to “validate” shutting out WHPC, by using Nixon as an example.. brilliant. (Note – huge fan of Nixon, comments regarding the left and massess of asses who just know “Watergate”)

    Even when these morons and their Brown Shirt tactics try to justify the tactics – they can’t help but screw up.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “….by reaching out to liberal commentators, local reporters and ethnic media.”

    Yes, that will certainly give the people an unbiased, unfiltered, clear, concise rendering of the facts.

    And pigs’ll fly outta my butt.

  3. Confucius says:

    Every pimp slaps their whore now and then.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    I called it…
    March 21, 2009
    WH Bars Press from Press Award Event

    I said that only black mags like Jet and Ebony and HipHop would get a nod from the Massa!!
    Hey MSM… nothing like being biatch slapped by the ONE you loved most, huh?

  5. TwilightZoned says:

    One can only hope the media will feel scorned enough to finally do their job. This presidency is just getting more and more twisted each day.

  6. Colonel1961 says:

    And yet another ‘Halo Photo’. Hagiography in profile. Ugh…

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