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Obama Campaign Attacked Hillary’s Character

From the UK’s Telegraph:

Barack Obama attacked Hillary Clinton in negative campaign leaked memos show

By Amy Willis, Los Angeles
23 Jan 2012

"Change We Can Believe In", a key Obama campaign slogan, was meant as a slur against Mrs Clinton’s personality, intended to highlight how she "couldn’t be trusted or believed in when it comes to change", according to a memo seen by America’s New Yorker magazine.

The New Yorker buried this scoop in their rambling, nearly impenetrable twelve page article. .

"She’s driven by political calculation not conviction, regularly backing away and shifting positions … She embodies trench warfare vs Republicans, and is consumed with beating them rather than unifying the country and building consensus to get things done. She prides herself on working the system, not changing it," the October 2007 memo added.

Once again, we see how Obama could give Kodak lessons in the art of projection. After all, what has Obama done but engage "trench warfare vs the Republicans"?

Obama has never built a consensus on anything, except maybe the consensus against him.

The memo was written by David Axelrod, a political adviser, as Obama’s nomination campaign stalled against Hillary Clinton during the height of the 2008 Democratic nomination process.

Rather than fight out their differences in policy, Mr Axelrod told Obama that the only way to secure a defeat was to attack Mrs Clinton’s character. The goal was to paint Obama as the "authentic ‘remedy’ to what ails Washington and stands in the way of progress" and to discredit his main rival in the process.

That sure sounds like the good old ‘politics of personal destruction’ to us.

"It may not be her fault, but Americans have deeply divided feelings about Hillary Clinton, threatening a Democratic victory in 2008 and insuring another four years of the bitter political battles that have plagued Washington for the last two decades and stymied progress," the memo added.

Thankfully, we have escaped such bitter political divisiveness by electing Mr. Obama.

The tactic, not uncommon in the electioneering arena, contradicted Obama’s previous efforts to style himself as a political reformist who deplored negative assaults on his opponents.

In his previous efforts Obama preferred to be polite and just to go after his opponents’ divorce records.

"It was a character attack," Neera Tanden, who acted as policy director during Clinton’s race for the presidential nomination, said. "I went over to Obama, I’m a big supporter of the President, but their campaign was entirely a character attack on Hillary as a liar and untrustworthy. It wasn’t an ‘issue contrast,’ it was entirely personal."

Ms Tanden now works for Obama as director of domestic policy.

Of course, in the general election, we saw a similar assault on Sarah Palin from the Obama campaign and its surrogates in the news media. (Which is to say, the news media.)

And something tells us that Obama will return to these tactics again in this campaign. Not that he has ever dropped them for a moment.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, January 23rd, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Obama Campaign Attacked Hillary’s Character”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    The Obama camp wouldn’t do such a thing to a nice guy like Romney.

  2. Astravogel says:

    At least fewer people seem to be dying around
    Ali Obama and the Forty Thieves than they did
    around Bill and Hill. At least domestically, that

    • proreason says:

      I think they are better at hiding the bodies.

      You are aware the two gay men in Rev Wright’s parish committed “suicide” in the year before obamy was annointed president, aren’t you?

  3. Mithrandir says:

    MSNBC. Ohio debate/Obama, Hillary on health care
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhYQ-GQyEB0

    No wonder she has nothing but contempt for this guy. He slams her plan, “forced to buy health care” and then he does the exact same thing as president.

    Listen to JIMMY CARTER debate Reagan. The democrats have been planning this health care disaster since 1979, and I suppose they have been dreaming it since FDR. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wi9y5-Vo61w

  4. artboyusa says:

    Her character? I can remeber attacking both their characters, as in this dusty relic from the 2008 Artboy Archives…AMERICAN PERFECTIONN, the Hillary Clinton Story, takes a romantic detour with “Jungle Fever”!

    “Senator? Call for you on Line One – its Senator Obama!”

    “Really? Thanks, Pammy. Hello? Hillary Clinton speaking”.

    “Hello, Senator. It’s Barack Obama here”.


    “Huh? Um, yes…well. How are you, Senator?”

    “On track for victory, which is more than can be said for you”.

    “You think so, huh?”

    “I know so”.


    “Yeah. You wanna make something of it? C’mon, tough guy – just try me. I’ll snap your bleeping little weasel spine like a bleeping dry twig. Just bleeping try me, bitch”.

    “Senator, Senator – please. What are we – Republicans? Let’s not squabble. I’m calling because I was hoping we could get together; just the two of us, and talk things over. See if we can find some common ground, some mutual interest, some shared benefit…”

    “Get together? Just the two of us?”

    Images of Barack flashed through Hillary’s mind: his lean, well-muscled torso, his fiery eyes, his deep compelling voice, his message of audacious hope and hopeless audacity. She felt her scales warming with a vague thrill of something dark, exotic…forbidden. Idly, she twirled a lock of hair. Hmmmm…

    “Well, I suppose I could get away…for a couple of hours” she said.

    “Great. I’ll pick you up at eight, okay?”


    “Bye now”.


    Obama sighed and hung up.

    What to wear? Hillary flung open the wardrobes and examined her extensive collection of nylon pantsuits. The lime green? The purple? The orange? The canary yellow?The mauve? The pink? The tan? The beige? The desert sand? The harvest gold? The apricot?

    They were all so lovely it was hard to choose but she finally selected a favourite beige number; it’s almost the same color as he is, she thought. We’ll coordinate.

    Hillary began each day by giving orders to the cooks and the maids and she’d watched all those Tarzan movies when she was little – that’s where she learned to speak Negrolese – and she’d seen “Super Fly” when she was in college so she knew all about African-American culture; that’s why she was surprised and a little disappointed when Barack arrived to collect her.

    Where was the pink Cadillac convertible and the purple ankle-length coat lined with chinchilla fur and the white fedora with a turkey feather in it? Oh, and the platform shoes with live goldfish in the heels? And the big gold rings on each finger and the big sunglasses and the gold belt buckle that said “Mr Love”? Obama was wearing a dark suit and tie and driving a Chevy Blazer, like an ordinary person.

    “Hi Hillary” he said. “Hop in”.

    “Ungawa” she greeted him, in her friendliest voice.

    Barack winced. “Yes… well. I thought we’d go to a little place I know downtown. Have a meal, couple of drinks, talk things over”.

    “What’s the name of this place?”

    “Jimmy’s Juke Joint JuJu Room”.

    “Oh. That sounds so… racial. I mean ‘racial’ in a good way. Racially good. Hehehe… celebrate diversity, that’s what I say. Did you ever read ‘Mandingo’? That was a good book. Did you know I met Morgan Freeman once? Do you like Stevie Wonder?”

    Why can’t I stop talking, wondered Hillary? What’s the matter with me?

    I wish she’d stop talking, thought Obama. What’s wrong with her?

    Later, at the JuJu Room, Hillary found it difficult to concentrate. The place was so crowded and so smoky and noisy and everyone there was so, so…not white.

    “Hillary? Everything okay?” asked Barack, leaning over so that she got a whiff of his aftershave. Old Spice. That was her brand too.

    “Huh? Oh, sure. Fine, fine” she stammered, smiling weakly.

    “You haven’t touched your Bar-B-Q or even your barbeque. Don’t you like it?”

    “Um…its fine” said Hillary, pushing the pile of pig curiosities and strange vegetables around on her plate. “Just fine”.

    “You don’t seem too comfortable here. Maybe we should go someplace else?”

    “Um…you see, Barack, its just that, well, except for the maids and the, um, butler, and, um, the cook and, er, the groundskeepers and the, uh, gardeners, I never spent much time around colored people, um, people of color…er, you know, black, um, African-Americans, um, negroes – you know who I mean”.

    “Uh huh” said Obama flatly.

    “I mean, I feel so white bread sometimes. Bill wouldn’t have any, you know, colored…people of color, in his Cabinet and my Dad, well…once I was going out with this boy, J. Waspington Whitewood IV was his name, and my Dad found out his grandmother was one eighth Italian and he said I couldn’t see poor Waspy anymore because that was ‘race mixing’”.

    “I see”.

    “I mean, I sympathize with you people, goodness knows. I mean, it must be so awful for you; having to live in those teeming ghettos and get up and chop cotton all day in the blazing sun while the overseer whips you and cuts off your feet and calls you ’Toby’ and the Master sells your family down the river and you can’t even vote or own anything except Cadillacs and big stereo systems and the only job you can get is ‘pimp’ or ‘gunshot victim’ and you’ve got nothing to eat except Government cheese and crack – it must be terrible!”

    “It’s not exactly like that, Hillary”.

    “Huh? It’s not? According to the Democratic Party it is. I know! I’ve been briefed!”

    “Well…listen: let’s forget about work and politics for tonight. You wanna dance?”

    “Um…okay” stammered Hillary. “Except I’m not too, you know, coordinated”.

    “Don’t worry; you’ll do great” smiled the junior Senator.

    “Okay” whispered Hillary. Dance? With, you know, one of them? Wow. If this was wrong, she didn’t want to be right. “Okay”.

    And so it was that, on this magical night, bewitched by Obama’s smooth moves and snakey hips, her mind reeling from malt liquor and barbecue, her senses overcome with the sheer weirdness of it all, Hillary got… Jungle Fever.

    She got it again later, in the back of Obama’s Chevy Blazer.

    “Ungawa” purred a flushed and satisfied Hillary after an exhilarating ride on Obama’s Kenyan Love Wand. “Un-freaking-gawa”.

    “I wish you wouldn’t say that” muttered Obama. “I really do”.


  5. proreason says:

    So bam did once have a date with a woman other than the desperate fatty Rev Wright dredged up for him.

    Who knew?

  6. artboyusa says:

    I daresay he had lots of dates with lots of women but for some reason we never hear anything abouit his romantic past from our media…for some reason. As far as we’re allowed to know he was a virgin when he married Michelle…which would be rather sweet if it was true but it isn’t.

    • proreason says:

      Oh I believe he had a lot of dates. I think he still has lots of dates. It’s the women part I find difficult to believe.

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