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Obama Campaign Buys Clinton Endorsement

From a confused New York Times:

Hardly a Close Ally, Clinton Teams With Obama to Raise Cash and Votes

Published: April 29, 2012

WASHINGTON — Four years ago, Barack Obama wrested control of the Democratic Party after portraying Bill Clinton as a symbol of small-ball ambition and outdated politics. Now, as president, Mr. Obama is turning to his Democratic predecessor for help as Republicans breathe down his neck.

The 44th president is enlisting the 42nd president, both as a historical validator of his own leadership and as a PIN to one of the richest A.T.M.’s in American politics.

Ain’t it the truth. Though The Times is probably not talking about Mr. Clinton’s personal hand laundry for money, the Clinton Foundation.

Rather than viewing him as a relic of the past, Mr. Obama is embracing Mr. Clinton as a party wise man who can reassure both the general public and the well-heeled benefactors needed to win re-election.

The last three days have seen a remarkable confluence of the two presidents, despite a fraught relationship. On Friday, Mr. Obama’s campaign released a video narrated by Mr. Clinton testifying to the boldness of last year’s decision to send helicopters deep into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden. On Sunday night, Mr. Clinton joined Mr. Obama for a fund-raiser intended to tap the former president’s formidable donor network and marry two wings of the party that have coexisted uneasily since their 2008 showdown

David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s longtime strategist, said the joint efforts show that the two men have forged a strong relationship over the last four years. “When you’re president, there are very few people to whom you can turn who really ‘get’ what the job demands,” Mr. Axelrod said. “President Clinton has been the source of very good advice, and very meaningful support.”

Privately, Democrats portray the evolving alliance as more utilitarian. “Once Obama’s out of office, I doubt they’ll take family vacations together,” said a former Clinton aide who has also worked for Mr. Obama and asked not to be named to avoid offending either man. “But Clinton thinks it’s critical for the country that he gets re-elected, and will do whatever he can to see that that happens.”

This New York Times reporter seems to be at a loss to explain this sudden and "remarkable confluence" between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama over the last three days.

Which just goes to show that even the employees of The Times don’t read it. Since the cause of this new relationship was reported two days before.

From the self-same New York Times:

Obama Campaign Raises Money for Hillary Clinton

April 27, 2012

Four years ago, the Obama fund-raising machine worked to bury Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now his contributors are opening their wallets for her.

Obama campaign officials have asked the president’s elite donors and fund-raisers to donate to Mrs. Clinton’s defunct presidential campaign committee, with the goal of retiring $245,000 in debt left over from her 2008 White House bid. As secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton is barred from engaging in political activity or actively fund-raising for herself.

Remember how Hillary campaigned as ‘the most fiscally responsible’ candidate at the time?

People familiar with the effort said the campaign’s outreach grew out of discussions with Mrs. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, who has agreed to headline a series of major fund-raisers for Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign, including one this Sunday at the Virginia home of Terry McAuliffe, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Clinton has also been approached to help raise money for Priorities USA Action, a “super PAC” founded by former Obama aides that has had difficulty attracting donors

In recent days, Mr. Barzun and Jane W. Stetson, the national finance chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, have both approached Obama donors seeking checks of $2,300 — the maximum allowable contribution in 2008 — to clear Mrs. Clinton’s debt. Ms. Stetson recently e-mailed members of the Democrats’ 400-person National Finance Committee seeking their help; they are the campaign’s elite “bundlers,” each committed to raising $350,000 for Mr. Obama.

But it is probably just a co-incidence.

By the way, given that "as secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton is barred from engaging in political activity or actively fund-raising for herself," isn’t all of this actually against the sprit of the law, if not the red letter of the law itself? Isn’t this quid pro quo fundraising?

For the record, according to the UK’s Telegraph, back on July 28, 2008, Mr. Clinton had a very different outlook on the vital urgency of electing Obama:

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must ‘kiss my ass’ for his support

By Tim Shipman in Washington and Philip Sherwell in New York

Bill Clinton is so bitter about Barack Obama’s victory over his wife Hillary that he has told friends the Democratic nominee will have to beg for his wholehearted support… The Telegraph has learned that the former president’s rage is still so great that even loyal allies are shocked by his patronising attitude to Mr Obama, and believe that he risks damaging his own reputation by his intransigence.

A senior Democrat who worked for Mr Clinton has revealed that he recently told friends Mr Obama could "kiss my ass" in return for his support

It has long been known that Mr Clinton is angry at the way his own reputation was tarnished during the primary battle when several of his comments were interpreted as racist.

But his lingering fury has shocked his friends. The Democrat told the Telegraph: "He’s been angry for a while. But everyone thought he would get over it. He hasn’t. I’ve spoken to a couple of people who he’s been in contact with and he is mad as hell.

"He’s saying he’s not going to reach out, that Obama has to come to him. One person told me that Bill said Obama would have to quote kiss my ass close quote, if he wants his support

So, apparently, paying off one’s campaign debt is the functional equivalent of kissing ones ass.

Who knew?

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3 Responses to “Obama Campaign Buys Clinton Endorsement”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    This is weird being a sane man of honor and good sense in a nation full of flamers and crazies who eat their own poo and call it gourmet

  2. P. Aaron says:

    OBAMA: Eating dogs, kissing ass, all for the use of names.

  3. canary says:

    Selfish for the rich Hillary Clinton not to pay her own debt, aside that her incompetency from medication and spirits for some ailment or another has left her bewildered for months now. I do not believe she can go another 4 years on the team. 2nd man Bill Clinton will be the one doing everything while his wife is propped up and moved around while she is hidden from public view as much as possible.

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