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Obama Campaign Deputy Spreads The Smears

From an Obama “Truth Team” email:

Dear Xxxxxxx,

The more everyone finds out about Mitt Romney’s finances, the more questions they have. Perhaps that’s why he’s hiding as much as he thinks he can get away with.

This is pretty ironic, given that, from college transcripts to ‘Fast & Furious,’ the Obama administration is the most duplicitous administration since Richard Nixon.

Today, The Boston Globe reported that Romney was still running Bain Capital two years after he claims he left the firm, directly contradicting his campaign’s denial that he was involved in deals that led to layoffs, bankruptcies, and American jobs getting shipped overseas.

This Boston Globe story is not new. And it has been thoroughly debunked by places like the fact checker at the Washington Post.

Mitt Romney left Bain to run the Olympics in February 1999. As Bain has declared, he had nothing to do with the company after his departure. These so-called new revelations are nothing but paperwork that reflects how long it takes for such a sudden departure to filter through the preposterously complex paperwork in financial institutions.

It’s a pattern of secrecy, and this is just the latest example of him trying to hide the truth from voters. There are a number of issues in play right now — and voters deserve answers:

1) Mitt Romney refuses to release multiple years of taxes, ignoring decades of precedent.

Mr. Romney has released the same amount of tax records as Barack Obama and all of the other recent candidates. The only person to release more was his father, back when doing this was a new demand, and before there was any established tradition.

2) He won’t disclose his "bundlers," the people raising millions for his campaign.

The FEC requires every a record of every donation of $250 dollars or more to a campaign. The Obama camp wants the names of people who are supporting Romney so they can attack them and punish them. As they have already been doing, as chronicled by the Wall Street Journal and others.

3) He is the sole owner of a questionable shell corporation in Bermuda.

All of the Romney finances have been in a blind trust over which he has no control since 2003.

4) Until recently, Romney kept cash in a Swiss bank account.

All of the Romney finances have been in a blind trust over which he has no control since 2003.

5) According to the Globe, he hasn’t been honest about when he was running Bain Capital, even though legal documents refute his claims.

Again, this is a blatant lie. There is not one shred of evidence to suggest that Romney had anything to do with running Bain after 1999.

Please forward this email and share this with everyone you know who cares about the outcome of this election.

In other words, make these lies ‘go viral.’ — And this is from Obama’s ‘Truth Team.’

Everyone deserves the right to judge for themselves whether Romney’s motivations, experience, and perspective are what they want in a president. But Mitt Romney doesn’t want people to have the information they need to make those judgments.

More to come,

Just as soon as we can find another ‘newspaper’ to regurgitate our lies.


Stephanie Cutter
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

From the ‘fact checker’ at the Washington Post, back in May:

Does Mitt Romney love outsourcing?

Posted by Josh Hicks | 05/04/2012

The Facts

The Obama campaign pointed us to a series of SEC filings and news accounts showing that three companies within Bain Capital’s portfolio sent jobs overseas…

The outsourcing occurred in 2000 and 2001. Romney left Bain in early 1999.

We’ve gone over this problem with the Obama campaign before, awarding three Pinocchios to a January memo the team released blaming Romney for job losses and bad deals that took place after the former executive had stopped working for Bain.

We discovered that Romney’s name appeared on Bain SEC filings between 1999 and 2002. But a 2002 statement the former executive filed with the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission said he was a “passive, limited partner [with] no management capacity” in the Bain entities in which he held ownership.

We also learned that the creditors who sued some of Bain’s companies and executives over dividend payments around the time in question did not name Romney in their lawsuit. Plaintiffs generally try to list as many people as possible as defendants to encourage settlement, so it’s highly unlikely that Romney had any involvement with Bain’s businesses during this period.

These facts essentially exonerate Romney from allegations that he was responsible for any outsourcing, bad deals and layoffs that occurred with Bain’s companies in the early 2000s

But the Obama campaign and the lickspittle minions in the news media keep trotting out this story as if it is news.

For the record, here is a copy of the email that the Romney campaign sent to the author of the hit piece in the Boston Globe:

Dear Mr. Baron,

Today’s news report in the Boston Globe regarding Mitt Romney’s departure from Bain was a re-hash of old allegations that first appeared in other publications and which have been found to be false by independent fact checking organizations. They also conflict with the reporting of the Globe own staff in the book published last year by the Boston Globe, The Real Romney.

Mitt Romney left Bain Capital to run the Olympics in February of 1999. Your article on Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain asserts that Mitt Romney remained “at the helm” of Bain Capital beyond his retirement from the firm in February of 1999. This is inaccurate. Bain Capital after this time was managed by the other partners in the firm, as was detailed in The Real Romney.

As we provided to the Globe, while Mitt Romney continued to be listed on filings as the ownership of the firm changed hands, he was involved in no management or investment decisions during this period. This has been detailed in disclosure forms which said: “Mr. Romney retired from Bain Capital on February 11, 1999 to head the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. Since February 11, 1999, Mr. Romney has not had any active role with any Bain Capital entity and has not been involved in the operations of any Bain Capital entity in any way.”

This has also been confirmed by Bain Capital which has stated: "Mitt Romney left Bain Capital in February 1999 to run the Olympics and has had absolutely no involvement with the management or investment activities of the firm or with any of its portfolio companies since the day of his departure. Due to the sudden nature of Mr. Romney’s departure, he remained the sole stockholder for a time while formal ownership was being documented and transferred to the group of partners who took over management of the firm in 1999. Accordingly, Mr. Romney was reported in various capacities on SEC filings during this period."

This has also been confirmed today by Fortune Magazine, which reported on contemporaneous Bain documents of this period that ”list 18 managers of the private equity fund. Mitt Romney is not among them.”

Despite all of the facts provided and previous reporting on this, your article led readers to believe that Mitt Romney was managing Bain Capital at this time when he in fact was not, and for that reason, we are asking that you issue a correction.


Gail Gitcho
Romney for President
Communications Director

The Boston Globe is not going to issue a correction. Any more than they are going to suddenly take up journalism. They have long since sold their soul to their Democrat masters.

Still, let’s hope this will finally convince Mitt Romney that Obama is not a nice guy who is just in over his head. Obama is a hardcore follower of Saul Alinsky. Before 2008, he attained every one of his offices through smears and lies and dirty tricks.

That is what radical leftists do. They cannot be treated like normal politicians.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, July 13th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Obama Campaign Deputy Spreads The Smears”

  1. ilzito guacamolito says:

    The propaganda of the fascosocialists on parade.

    ~ A lie told often enough becomes truth. ~
    – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    ~ If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. ~
    – Adolf Hitler

  2. P. Aaron says:

    Another “Look! Squirrel!” moment from the democrats.

  3. dpaxker says:

    That a campaign would try to spin or lie about anything is nothing new but what this really shows is the total lack of an understanding of how the private sector is structured or operates by the Occupant as well as his minions.

  4. Petronius says:

    SG :

    “Obama is not a nice guy who is just in over his head. Obama is a hardcore follower of Saul Alinsky. Before 2008, he attained every one of his offices through smears and lies and dirty tricks.”

    “That is what radical leftists do. They cannot be treated like normal politicians.”

    Bears repeating.

  5. GetBackJack says:

    It’s never about facts. It’s about emotions. No Republican in my memory has EVER GOTTEN THAT THROUGH THEIR THICK EFFING HEADS

  6. untrainable says:

    That is what radical leftists do. They cannot be treated like normal politicians. What’s a normal politician?

    But seriously, between the reaction Mittens got at the NAACP, and the extended obfuscation-fest 2012, Obama is just shoring up the “in-the-bag” voters. I mean of course, the uneducated, the sleeping, the terminally stoopid, and the race-worshipers. At the same time he is keeping Romney on his heels defending things which need no defense. It’s more of a time wasting tactic than anything else. The Oblameless team has decided to bury Romney in lies and keep him from talking about issues, like oh I don’t know, our tanking economy, our 14% actual unemployment, Iran having a nuke and Obama saying “Oh well…”, 15+ going on 26+ trillion in debt if we continue at current spending rates for another 4 years, Fast, (F’d up) and Furious, usurpation of congressional power, the crushing regulatory environment, the plethora of government giveaways, the record numbers on food stamps, the refusal to enforce immigration law, the money thrown down the green energy hole, and dare I even mention the giant purple monstrosity in the room… the job killing, care killing, old people killing, Medicare crushing legislation that is the O-DUMBASS-CARE-Tax. What are they thinking… that if Mittens doesn’t have the opportunity to talk about Obie’s record… we won’t remember it? Desperation is the word I’d use. You can almost hear Obama crying into his pillow. “Why don’ they love me anymore? What did I ever do to them?”. The cluelessness is astounding.

  7. Tater Salad says:


    Colonel/Congressman West is spot on and 100% correct. The left does not like this correlation and will attack anyone who exposes them to communism:


  8. Chinnubie says:

    Dinesh D’Souza, the maker of the new documentary about Obama, said it best, “Obama wants to bring America down, in the process, allowing everyone else the ability to come up.” This will make everyone stand on equal footing. We just want everyone to be equal, right? Better stated would be dragging us down to their level allowing everyone to wallow in mediocrity & misery. This way no one will ever get out of their lower middle class misery and just learn to accept the new world order. Remember, we’ll all have health care, so it won’t REALLY be that bad!!

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