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Obama Campaign Shunned Kardashian In 2012

From Radar Online:

Obama Shuns Kim! Kardashian Is ‘Political Poison,’ Campaign Insider Says

By Alexis Tereszcuk | Apr 10, 2014

President Obama thinks Kanye West is a “jackass,” and RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned, he’s no fan of the rapper’s fiancée either! Though Kim Kardashian has reached out multiple times to stump for the President, a political insider reveals that the Obamas “wanted nothing to do with her” and turned her down flat!

Kardashian was outspoken in her support of Obama during his 2012 presidential run, and even “wanted to be a ‘surrogate’ for the campaign,” the source explains, but “they wanted nothing to do with her.

She was not the young, cool, image they wanted to portray at all. Even though she kept asking, the campaign would never let her do anything in an official capacity.”

Maybe they thought it would confuse the low information voters to have two Kardashians on the campaign trail at the same time. (Both Kim and President Kardashian.)

“Kim is political poison,” the source continues. “Having her involved in a political event or with a candidate is the last thing people who are serious about getting elected want.”

Is she any worse than having Obama around in 2014?

Two years later, that’s still true. Kardashian made an appearance at Independent congressional candidate Marianne Williamson’s fundraiser in L.A. on Tuesday night, but RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that the 33-year-old sex tape star — and her plunging neckline — failed to impress the politicos present.

To be fair, politicians are pretty jaded when it comes to skanky-ness.

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  1. heykev says:

    Finally, something I can agree with Obama about…Kanye West is a “jackass,” and “Kim is political poison,”

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