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Obama Campaigning For Total Democrat Control

From The Hill:

Obama waging an ‘endless campaign’

By Niall Stanage and Amie Parnes | February 15, 2013

President Obama will never again be an election candidate but, for now at least, he has the look — and the rhetorical sound — of a man on the campaign trail.

For now? He has had this ‘look’ for his entire Presidency.

Thursday brought the latest example, with a rally-style event in Decatur, Ga., intended to build support for the administration’s proposals on pre-K education…

Which, of course, is just another way to funnel more money to the teachers unions and the SEIU who run the cafeterias and clean the toilets.

[T]here is a more general sense that Obama, sleeves rolled up and taking his case to the people, wants to avoid letting Republicans up off the mat…

Which the news media cheer. That is, when they aren’t demanding that the Republicans learn to compromise.

Even Obama’s press secretary on Wednesday sought to undercut Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) by comparing him to the GOP’s vanquished presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

“While the messenger may have changed the message we heard last night from the Republican speaker was entirely consistent with the policy ideas that Mitt Romney campaigned on last year and the American people did not support,” Jay Carney told reporters on Air Force One…

Naturally. The Obama campaign and their minions in the news media have spent billions demonizing Mitt Romney. They are not going to let all of their hard work go to waste. Any and every Republican candidate is going to be ‘smeared’ as the next Mitt Romney.

What are they supposed to do? Refute their ideas? Democrats don’t work that way.

Obama’s supporters say he is relishing every moment.

Of course he is. He is a community organizer. A street agitator. A revolutionary. He is not a statesman. He’s not even a real politician.

Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons said that stump-style appearances are “what he’s best at. It’s why he got elected twice. It is his core strength. People voted for him because they wanted him to shake things up and go in a different direction and that’s exactly what he’s doing.” …

Obama’s constituents want to see him ‘stick it to the man.’ And as long as they think he is doing that, they will forgive him everything. Even an unemployment rate that is twice what it should be.

Obama faces the dilemma that confronts all second-term presidents. He needs to accomplish as much as possible before lame-duck status kicks in — and postpone that day for as long as possible…

Even at full speed, however, there is a lot of ground for Obama to cover. For the moment, two of his major priorities are immigration reform and gun control. Neither will be an easy lift…

Obama is not trying to accomplish anything at this point. Otherwise, he would try to come up with reasonable compromises. — He is only concerned about appearing to be trying to accomplish things, over the objections of the evil Republicans. In that way he can demonize the GOP at every turn.

And that is all that matters. He is only concerned about the ‘optics.’

Obama’s current strategy might not only help him advance toward those goals; it could also assist Democrats in their battles to hold onto their Senate majority and even seize control of the House of Representatives in the 2014 midterm elections.

Obama recently predicted that Nancy Pelosi will return as Speaker in the wake of those elections, and he is also expected to undertake significant fundraising efforts on behalf of his party’s candidates…

Obama clearly believes he can regain majorities in both houses of Congress. And this is his real goal. So that in his final two years he can ram through all of his wildly unpopular radical agenda without any resistance whatsoever from the Republicans, and finish his promised transformation of the United States.

And it is that total transformation of our country the he what he wants to be his legacy.

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2 Responses to “Obama Campaigning For Total Democrat Control”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    This is his way to “win” consistent power…by never shutting up and bitching and whining incessantly, which, historically, has a curious way of backfiring.

    Even the rock can see that no matter how much you bellow and claim that it is is raining, it is still dry.

  2. captstubby says:

    on March 23, in the Kroll Opera
    House in Berlin, where the Reichstag convened. Before the house was the socalled
    Enabling Act – the ”Law for Removing the Distress of People and Reich
    (Gesetz zur Behebung der Not von Volk und Reich) ” as it was officially called.
    Its five brief paragraphs took the power of legislation, including control of the
    Reich budget, approval of treaties with foreign states and the initiating of constitutional
    amendments, away from Parliament and handed it over to the Reich
    cabinet for a period of four years. Moreover, the act stipulated that the laws
    enacted by the cabinet were to be drafted by the Chancellor and ”might deviate
    from the constitution.” No laws were to ”affect the position of the Reichstag”
    – surely the cruelest joke of all – and the powers of the President remained

    The states, which had stubbornly maintained their separate powers throughout
    German history, were the first to fall. On the evening of March 9, two weeks
    before the passage of the Enabling Act, General von Epp, on orders from Hitler
    and Frick and with the help of a few storm troopers, turned out the government
    of Bavaria and set up a Nazi regime. Within a week Reich Commissars were
    appointed to take over in the other states, with the exception of Prussia, where
    Goering was already firmly in the saddle. On March 31, Hitler and Frick, using
    the Enabling Act for the first time, promulgated a law dissolving the diets of
    all states except Prussia and ordering them reconstituted on the basis of the
    votes cast in the last Reichstag election. Communist seats were not to be filled.
    But this solution lasted only a week. The Chancellor, working at feverish haste,
    issued a new law on April 7, appointing Reich Governors (Reichsstaathaelter) in
    all the states and empowering them to appoint and remove local governments,
    dissolve the diets, and appoint and dismiss state officials and judges. Each of
    the new governors was a Nazi and they were ”required” to carry out ”the general
    policy laid down by the Reich Chancellor.”

    William L. Shirer
    A History

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