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Obama-Care Ads Tout Two Success Stories (Shills)

From the Washington Free Beacon:

HHS Finds Two Enrollees for Pro-Obamacare Ads

Ad claims website is ‘very easy to use’

By Elizabeth Harrington | October 22, 2013

New advertisements promoting Obamacare by Health and Human Services (HHS) claim Healthcare.gov is “very easy to use” despite a flood of reports about glitches and a dearth of users being able to actually access the site and purchase insurance…

However, HHS is out with new ads touting its success, which feature two individuals who have received media attention for beating the odds to sign up in their states.

For some reason we are reminded of the bad old days of the Soviet Union, and the way they lied to their enslaved citizens. Or, modern day Cuba or Venezuela.

“I couldn’t wait for the Health Insurance Marketplace to open,” said Deborah, from Portsmouth, N.H. “The site was very easy to use, and the customer service representatives were patient and helpful,” she said.

The woman was identified online as Deborah Lielasus, 54, a self-employed grant writer, who has written grants for HHS and other government agencies.

What a coincidence. Naturally, there is no conflict of interest there.

Her process for enrolling was not as smooth as the ad suggests. According to the Associated Press, Lielasus was only able to create an account before the website crashed on Oct. 2.

“As a grant writer who does a lot of research on federal Web sites, Deborah Lielasus was impressed by how easy it was to use the new online insurance market that launched Tuesday—until it stopped working,” the report said. “They’re telling me the system is down at the moment,” Lielasus said.

Lielasus told the Washington Free Beacon that enrolling took several days. “On the first day, I was only able to register for an account but two or three days later, I was able to submit an application and enroll,” she said in an email…

Lielasus appears to be one of the few who have successfully enrolled in New Hampshire. An Obamacare Navigator tried to sign up 45 people during the first week, “but she wasn’t able to enroll anyone online because of the glitches,” according to the Concord Monitor…

Lielasus said that she does not recall who contacted her to be in the video for HHS, only that, “I believe I was approached for the video to share my personal story.”

A second HHS video features Daniel McNaughton, who was the only person able to sign up for health insurance during Obamacare’s first week, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

So both of these people just happen to be practically the only people in their states who enrolled. What are the odds?

McNaughton said in his ad that with Healthcare.gov it was “pretty easy” to shop for insurance… “Once I was on the site, it was pretty easy for me to compare plans. I was able to pick a much higher quality plan, and because of my income as a student, I only pay about 70 bucks a month for it.” “Getting coverage this good, at this price, I’m thrilled,” McNaughton said.

On Facebook, McNaughton posted a link to the plan he signed up for, which includes a $3,000 deductible, which doubles to $6,000 out-of-network. McNaughton, a 22-year-old male, will have maternity care covered, an “essential benefit” mandated by the health care law.

And never mind that he could have stayed on his parents’ insurance for another five years.

According to his Facebook page, McNaughton is a member of “Lee County Florida for Obama,” and he “likes” the Department of Health and Human Services, and Healthcare.gov. He also worked as a Legislative Intern to Democratic State Senator Dave Aronberg in Florida, according to his Linkedin page.

So the first woman writes grants for HHS. And Mr. McNaughton is an Obama supporter who works for a Democrat State Senator. What are the odds?

Because he only makes $15,000 a year, McNaughton is eligible for a subsidy and will pay about $70 per month, according to the Sentinel…

So this Democrat state Senator pays less than minimum wage and doesn’t provide healthcare coverage? Where is the outrage?

Alas, this piece, from National Review, is more typical of what it is like for those who are not so well connected:

Iowan Finally Buys Health Care Through Obamacare Site After 100+ Tries

By Andrew Johnson | October 22, 2013

An Iowa City man may have the distinction as the Hawkeye State’s first Obamacare enrollee, but it didn’t come easy. Edward Voss, a computer programmer, told the Des Moines Register he had to try more than 100 times before he was ultimately able to sign into HealthCare.gov.

Voss said he didn’t know whether or not he had actually enrolled in a plan until CoOportunity Health, one of Iowa’s two carriers in the exchange, called him on Friday to congratulate him for being its first enrolled customer.

Even though he was eventually successful, Voss criticized the website for resembling one from the 1990s, saying it was one of the worst he’s seen. He recommended that the administration consider shutting the site down for at least a week in order to address the problems. “It’s “hard to fix things while you’re up and running,” he said.

Where is news media beating a path to this man’s door? Where are the GOP’s ads featuring him and his story?

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