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Obama-Care Contractors Got Over $1 Billion Dollars

From The Hill:

Study: ObamaCare spending to top contractors tops $1B

By Jonathan Easley | October 24, 2013

A surge in government spending in the six months before the ObamaCare exchanges went live pushed federal spending to top government contractors over the $1 billion mark, a new study finds.

According to the report released Thursday by Bloomberg Government analyst Peter Gosselin, federal spending ramped up in the months leading up to Oct. 1, with $352 million of the $1 billion in federal contracts to the top 10 ObamaCare contractors awarded during this time.

So Obama-Care spending has been nearly three times what has been reported as the worst case scenario. What a shock.

“In a typical IT project, spending ramps up to a peak, then trails off during the final phase,” Gosselin wrote.

The price tag usually associated the Affordable Care Act rollout is $394 million, based on a Government Accountability Office report. Gosselin argued that study was too narrowly focused, so he expanded his search of a federal contractor databases to include all awards where the acronym “ACA” or other related words and phrases appeared.

“In looking at the full range of ACA-related contracts for just 10 firms, the BGOV analysis found more than $1 billion worth of contract awards,” he wrote.

So the government has spent over $1 billion dollars, and all we got for it was a lousy t-shirt broken website.

By the way, note that this $1 billion dollar figure is just from 10 firms. There are undoubtedly even more Obama-Care contracts out there. But as usual, the government hides its spending in a thousand ways.

Gosselin also concluded that the “tech surge” the administration has coordinated to fix the myriad problems that plague the ObamaCare website will result in subsequent rounds of spending…


CGI Federal, the company that was primarily responsible for developing the HealthCare.Gov website, are among those giving testimony. The Gosselin analysis found that $149.9 million, or 35 percent, of the $421.8 million in federal contracts the company received came in the final six months of the project.

And whose fault is that but the government’s?

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