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Obama-Care Could Force 1 Million Onto Welfare

From the Daily Caller:

Study: Obamacare may cause low-income workers to seek welfare

By Sarah Hurtubise | July 16, 2013

A new study suggests that nearly 1 million people could be moved from work to welfare by Obamacare.

The study by professors from Columbia University, Northwestern University and the University of Chicago has found that the Affordable Care Act may cause a significant number of people to quit the jobs they use to get employer-sponsored health insurance in favor of federal subsidies and welfare…

[T]he availability of taxpayer-funded insurance will likely lead to lower-income consumers opting out of work and into welfare and Obamacare exchanges, the study concludes.

The Daily Caller act like this is bad thing, when it is exactly what Obama wants. More people will be dependent on the government.

Researchers studied a case when Tennessee discontinued an expansion of its Medicaid system and 170,000 lost publicly-funded health insurance from the program — and went back to work.

Under the ACA, the study projects that between 530,000 and 940,000 individuals would simply stop working to receive employer-based insurance in order to receive federally-funded health insurance…

Meanwhile, we have this from Reuters:

Many healthcare groups drop U.S. Medicare cost pilot program

By David Morgan and Susan Kelly | July 16, 2013

(Reuters) – About 20 percent of healthcare systems in a Medicare pilot program aimed at holding the line on costs by shifting incentives away from costly procedures have decided to withdraw from the program after failing to produce savings, the government said on Tuesday.

The withdrawals involve seven of 32 provider groups that signed up for the Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) program sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under President Barack Obama’s healthcare law…

Another day, another Obama-Care failure.

Lastly, we have this via the Weekly Standard:

University Faces $2.8 Million Obamacare Bill

By DANIEL HALPER | July 16, 2013

Purdue University in Indiana faces a $2.8 million Obamacare bill due to Obamacare:

About 27,000 Purdue employees and their families will have new healthcare plans and rates next year…"We are making some pretty radical changes because of ‘health care reform,’" says Purdue’s Eva Nodine. "So we wanted to make sure we had enough time to educate our employees because education is key."

"$2.8 million dollars in added fees and claims are included in the recommendations for next year. Now that’s due to the ‘Affordable Care Act.’" [Ms. Nodine said].

We’re sure the employees and families at Perdue University are glad to $2.8 million more for their ‘free’ healthcare.

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4 Responses to “Obama-Care Could Force 1 Million Onto Welfare”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I wrote about this two years ago, right here on S&L

    To really get the flavor you have to understand Workflow Management Software, a computer program that decides when hourly rate employees should be at their jobs, not a manager or other human management making work schedules. A computer making work schedules. .

    Resulting in the screwiest work schedules you can imagine. Sold as a Productivity Tool, having the right person in the right place at the right time to drive sales, what it accomplishes is ..

    … driving people out of the workforce because employees never know when they’re going to be working. They have no idea what their Schedule is. They cannot plan around or for the other parts of their lives. Workflow Management Software (WMS) does not care about that. Doctor’s appt? Blow it out yer keister. That ain’t in the schedule. Jury Duty? Bite me. Car breakdown? Tell it to someone who cares.

    And WMS insures no employee qualifies for more than 20 hours of paid time, thereby dodging the ACA bullet.

    So … and here’s the kicker … an employee who needs a wage equal to his/her expenses has to work two, three jobs to make up for the one job ObamaCare has forced employers to vacate.

    But the employee never knows when he/she will be called in to work … on any of those two, three jobs and pisses off every employer by sometimes being available and often not available according to the work schedule a computer program has chosen at any of those three jobs.

    People are already running in circles, shouting they can’t do this.

    The employee will eventually give up, throw in the towel and resign themselves to a life of a dullard on the dole.

    I said it.
    It’s coming true.
    Gird thy loins.
    When Momma can’t get diapers, and Daddy can’t feed the kids there will be bloody bloody revolution.

    • beautyofreason says:

      Right on.

      Last week I worked almost until midnight; this week I start at eight in the morning.

      It is difficult to get a second part – time job when the first requires variable hours set by the system. Your hours can rapidly change from week to week. You never know what to expect. They’ve varied from 11 to 40.

      And if you are scheduled unreasonably late by the system – after the store closes – and you finish all of the duties before then (as most people will), you leave early and lose an hour. The department ends up with more unfilled hours than they originally planned. Yet they are known to take issue with employees for minor scruples, such as arriving 15 minutes early to start a shift.

      Full time employment is discouraged. When the part – timers start averaging at least 30 hours a week, they bring in someone new. They did something unusual recently and brought a new employee to full – time employment upon hire, leaping over the part – timers who have been here from six months to a year. Typically they fill the roster with part – timers and schedule someone as little as a day a month, so they can maintain the off the wall system in perpetuity.

      I like my employer and my job, but like am in survival mode and do not personally give a rip about additional health care benefits or other such perks of full time employment. I would work more hours in a heart beat, if only to make larger student loan repayments. I miss the days when a person could simply walk into a place get an honest start and learn on the job. Now we’re expected to get terribly expensive degrees for tasks that do not require a four – year education. And employers are strongly discouraged from hiring people full – time.

  2. canary says:

    Steve/ “when it is exactly what Obama wants”

    Yes, and then they will put strings attached that they do volunteer work for the govt.

    Not only are doctors quitting over ObamaCare, but the federal govt has placed so many extra hurdles on med graduates that will discourage Americans from becoming doctors.

    Not just the risen costs, but approx 3 years of internship before they can become licensed, but
    hospitals the federal govt orders them to work at for low pay until they can get a medical license
    and practice on their own.

    Yet, they will bring foreign so called doctors who can’t even speak English well, and credit them for their own countries schooling and convert them into doctors in America.

    When you hear a doctor with poor English or an RN who can’t speak English, there is no way
    they can give adequate medical care. And so much is not understanding the difference between “normal” and “common” that can toss a wrench in side someone.

  3. AcornsRNutz says:

    Boy, that daily caller did a hell of a job uncovering this unexpected development (sarcasm)

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