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Obama-Care ‘Enrollment’ Slowed In February

From an unfazed Washington Post:

Pace of health exchange enrollment slows in February, figures show

By Sandhya Somashekhar and Amy Goldstein | March 11, 2014

The pace at which Americans signed up for health plans slowed last month in the fledgling federal and state insurance marketplaces, according to new government figures showing that slightly fewer than 1 million people enrolled in February.

The Obama administration said 943,000 Americans selected health plans, compared to 1.2 million in January. Overall, enrollment stood at 4.2 million as of the end of last month.

"Selected" is not purchased.

In fact, we are still trying to figure out how they can tell us exactly how many referrals they got from Obama’s appearance on an internet comedy show, but they can’t tell us how many people have actually bought an Obama-Care policy.)

Contrary to the Obama administration’s expectations, fewer people chose health plans last month than in either January or December. And the proportion of young adults — a critical demographic if the marketplaces are to function well — did not increase compared with January….

Again, it wasn’t just the administration telling us this would happen. Our news media swore it would.

In a conference call with reporters, administration officials said the smaller number of enrollments reflects the fact that February is a short month. They predicted a surge of sign-ups in the remaining few weeks that Americans have to choose coverage for 2014…

They also told reporters that ‘prosperity is just around the corner.’

Congressional budget analysts last month projected that 6 million people would sign up by the end of March — but the new report raises doubts about whether that will be achieved…

And never mind that we were also told that Obama-Care needed at least 7 million sign-ups to be financially viable.

The report comes as President Obama steps up his promotion of the health-care law. He made a targeted pitch to young adults Tuesday with an appearance on the online series “Between Two Ferns,” hosted by Zach Galifianakis, who starred in the “Hangover” films…

It is a pretty ironic that Obama went on an online comedy show to talk about his online comedy show — Obama-Care. Besides, isn’t that bad form when you are in head to head competition like that?

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4 Responses to “Obama-Care ‘Enrollment’ Slowed In February”

  1. dasher says:

    I must say this Administration is superior at parsing words. “Selected” indeed! Jonah Goldberg had a great line about the “created or saved” metric as applied to jobs; he said he did or saved 500 sit ups every morning.


  2. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    “the smaller number of enrollments reflects the fact that February is a short month”

    February is clearly racist. Like all those economic headwinds Obama is always facing. Still I can see why the Democrats need to control education to keep people as dumb as possible, especially in math.

    2 less day out of a normal of 30 = 6.67%
    250,000 less enrollments out of 1.2 million = 21%

    It doesn’t take much to convince an uneducated population.

    • heykev says:

      I believe Team Obama should utilize the services of the economists who are surprised every month that the economy is in a death spiral.

      I believe all are Harvard Grads

  3. Astravogel says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem that a peak has been reached in sign-ups
    and, instead of a plateau, the number is declining? Who will pay for this?

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