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Obama-Care Had Only Six Enrollees On First Day

From Sharyl Attkisson at CBS News:

Obamacare enrollments got off to very slow start, documents show

By Sharyl Attkisson | October 31, 2013

(CBS News) WASHINGTON – For 31 days now, the Obama administration has been telling us that Americans by the millions are visiting the new health insurance website, despite all its problems. But no one in the administration has been willing to tell us how many policies have been purchased, and this may be the reason: CBS News has learned enrollments got off to an incredibly slow start.

And this is also why the White House has been warning insurance companies not to give out any numbers. Even to the point of threatening them.

Early enrollment figures are contained in notes from twice-a-day "war room" meetings convened within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services after the website failed on Oct. 1. They were turned over in response to a document request from the House Oversight Committee.

This report is from the great Sharyl Attkisson, but notice that this information was not uncovered by our watchdog news media. It came from one of those House investigations that our media love to mock. In fact, none of the other bad news about Obama-Care has been dug up by our watchdog news media. Why is that?

The website launched on a Tuesday. Publicly, the government said there were 4.7 million unique visits in the first 24 hours. But at a meeting Wednesday morning, the war room notes say "six enrollments have occurred so far." They were with BlueCross BlueShield North Carolina and Kansas City, CareSource and Healthcare Service Corporation.

To be fair, there were probably thousands of Medicaid applicants.

By Wednesday afternoon, enrollments were up to "approximately 100." By the end of Wednesday, the notes reflect "248 enrollments" nationwide.

And yet we were told the ‘glitches’ were caused by the overwhelming demand for health insurance. Which is sort of like blaming the terrorist attack in Benghazi on a YouTube video clip.

The health care exchanges need to average 39,000 enrollees a day to meet the goal of seven million by March 1…

A goal which the HHS has already admitted to itself they would never meet, since in their own memos they have said they will only reach 3.3 million sign ups by the end of enrollment. Even without the ‘glitches.’

"Statistics coming in," said notes from the very first meeting the morning of Oct. 2. Contractor "QSSI has a daily dashboard created every night."

In other words, they have known from the gitgo how many people have signed up. (Just like any website could easily know what its visitors are doing.)

But head of CMS Marilyn Tavenner would not disclose any figures when Rep. Dave Camp, chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, asked earlier this week. "Chairman Camp, we will have those numbers available in mid-November," she said…

Because they thought that by mid-November they would have enough enrollees that it wouldn’t be so embarrassing. And, besides, by then most of the public will have lost interest.

Health and Human Services told CBS News Thursday it’s in no position to confirm or discuss enrollment figures because it doesn’t have any. A spokesman suggested the numbers obtained by CBS News may not include all the different ways to enroll, such as paper applications.

The spokesman also said that enrollment figures in Massachusetts’ health care plan started off negligible but then skyrocketed as a deadline neared.

That is a lie, as even the Washington Post’s (laughable) ‘fact checker’ has had to admit. But that doesn’t stop the White House from promulgating the lie.

From National Review:

Carney Lowers Expectations on Enrollee Numbers: ‘Always the Case’ They Would Be Low

By Andrew Johnson | October 31, 2013

The first round of Obamacare enrollment numbers won’t be released until mid-November, but the White House is already preparing for unspectacular numbers.

“If you’re asking me will enrollment be low? The answer is yes because that was always going to be the case,” he told reporters during Thursday afternoon’s briefing. How low? “Better than 123,” which is what Massachusetts saw in its first month of enrollment.

Carney also echoed Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s statement that the Healthcare.gov website never crashed when he said the website “has been functional — it’s just been poorly functional.”

That, of course, is another blatant lie. But that’s what we have come to expect from this shameless hack.

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2 Responses to “Obama-Care Had Only Six Enrollees On First Day”

  1. mr_bill says:

    How many millions are losing (or have already lost) coverage because of obamacare?
    How many dozens have bought a policy through the exchanges? (I would point out that prior to obamacare, there was nothing preventing these people from obtaining a policy, and for the vast majority, at a better price).

  2. canary says:

    700 Billion divided by 6 lucky individuals the feds are questioning as to how they accomplished such a feat.

    The world foreign countries dream of visits from Obie to give them advice so they can roll on the floor laughing til they cry.

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