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Obama-Care ‘Navigators’ Still Not Hired, Trained

From the Associated Press:

Groups race to hire, train ‘Obamacare’ guides

CARLA K. JOHNSON | September 9, 2013

CHICAGO (AP) — With the program known as "Obamacare" only weeks away from its key launch date, hectic preparations are in motion in communities across the country to deal with one of its major practical challenges: hiring and training a small army of instant experts who can explain the intricacies of health insurance to people who’ve never had it.

More than 100 nonprofits and related organizations, which specialize in everything from running soup kitchens to organizing farm workers, have been recruited by the federal government to sign up "navigators" to help the 30 million uninsured people who can now gain coverage.

And all of these groups have one thing in common. They are all reliably hard left.

Many of the groups have little expertise in health insurance. And the timeline for training the workers is tight. According to the new health law, people can begin shopping among the new policies on Oct. 1. The enrollment period lasts six months. Coverage begins in January…

There is plenty of time, given that these people are only going to get one day of online training and two two days of ‘in person’ instruction. Still, how hard is it to get people to sign a form to register Democrat?

The guides will be sent to community events with laptops to help people sign up for insurance online. They will work at food banks, shelters, churches and free clinics where the uninsured are likely to be.

And by "uninsured" they mean ‘sure to be reliable Democrat voters.’

Community groups received the course materials for the 20-hour training only days ago. Many have just begun to post the openings on job boards.

A small scream came from Tara McCollum Plese when she was asked whether her group, Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers, has hired any of the 45 workers authorized in its federal grant. "Ack! No," she said Thursday. Her group has posted a job description, she said, and is now flooded with inquiries for the positions, which pay about $15 an hour. She’s since heard one worker has been hired…

And never mind that Obama-Care was signed into law in March 2010 and these people have had three and a half years to get ready for it.

The work will be more difficult than what most other temporary employees, such as census workers, do. The navigators must listen to a family’s real-world story, assess its income, and figure out eligibility for the Medicaid program, which provides health care for the poor, or for new tax credits, each with its own complicated rules…

Bear in mind that since income won’t be verified, what these ‘navigators’ decide will be crucial. They will be the gatekeepers to the Obama-Care subsidies. So if they like you, you’re in. If you are a redneck Republican, ‘no subsidies for you.’

If the system works as federal officials hope, more than half of the nation’s uninsured, which amount to 15 percent of the population, will get coverage…

Half. After all this nonsense.

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4 Responses to “Obama-Care ‘Navigators’ Still Not Hired, Trained”

  1. untrainable says:

    half of the nation’s uninsured, which amount to 15 percent of the population
    So 30% of Americans (and alien residents who may be illegal but we don’t talk about it because it’s racist) were uninsured? So we have gutted the healthcare of 70% of Americans so that 30% can get substandard coverage offered by the government.

    Can’t we just write them a check and call it a day? It would be a lot easier, and it wouldn’t screw up everyone else in the process.

  2. Noyzmakr says:

    Isn’t the term ‘instant experts’ an oxymoron? Especially when, in the very next paragraph, you make this statement; “Many of the groups have little expertise in health insurance.”

    Also, this talk of healthcare and what to do about it started because the dems kept telling us that there were 30, 40, or 50 million uninsured and we had to do this to cover those people, and the republicans excepted the premise and made their own proposal. All of that lead to Ocare and now we learn there are still 31 million uninsured. Of course, this is all by design to bring about single payer universal healthcare.

  3. Right of the People says:

    Navigator = Fellow Traveler

  4. GetBackJack says:

    Navigator – Fat Black Women

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