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Obama-Care Site Premiums Can Be Half Real Price

From CBS News (of all places):

HealthCare.gov pricing feature can be off the mark

October 23, 2013

(CBS News) CBS News has uncovered a serious pricing problem with HealthCare.gov. It stems from the Obama administration’s efforts to improve its health care website. A new online feature can dramatically underestimate the cost of insurance.

But the Obama administration isn’t purposefully underestimating the cost of premiums to hoodwink more people into enrolling into Obama-Care. They are just trying to improve the website.

The administration announced it would provide a new "shop and browse" feature Sunday, but it’s not giving consumers the real picture. In some cases, people could end up paying double of what they see on the website, CBS News’ Jan Crawford reported Wednesday on "CBS This Morning." …

So in some cases people are going to end up having to pay twice as much in premiums as the Obama-Care website said they would? Where is the outrage? What if banks did this with mortgages?

As Joe Biden might say, this is a ‘big effin’ deal.’ But it will be passed off as just another innocent ‘glitch.’

As President Obama promises to fix HealthCare.gov, his administration is touting what it calls "improvements" in design, specifically a feature that allows you to "See Plans Now." White House press secretary Jay Carney has said, "Americans across the country can type in their zip code and shop and browse."

But CBS News has learned the new "shop and browse" feature often comes with the wrong price tags. Industry analysts point to how the website lumps people only into two broad categories: "49 or under" and "50 or older." …

Prices for everyone in the 49-or-under group are based on what a 27-year-old would pay. In the 50-or-older group, prices are based on what a 50-year-old would pay.

CBS News ran the numbers for a 48-year-old in Charlotte, N.C., ineligible for subsidies. According to HealthCare.gov, she would pay $231 a month, but the actual plan on Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s website costs $360, more than 50 percent higher. The difference: Blue Cross and Blue Shield requests your birthday before providing more accurate estimates.

The numbers for older Americans are even more striking. A 62-year-old in Charlotte looking for the same basic plan would get a price estimate on the government website of $394. The actual price is $634.

How many people will suffer cardiac arrest because of this new feature? Obama-Care could end up killing more people than it cures.

A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services spokeswoman said the government added the "shop and browse" feature to provide "estimates of premiums without tax credits." …

Huh? Then there is no excuse for them being off by so much.

Industry executives CBS News spoke with could not believe the government is providing these estimates, which they said were useless and could easily mislead consumers. They also said that the website repeatedly states the actual prices could be lower, but it makes no mention that they could be higher.

Has the Syrian Electronic Army hacked CBS’s website? Why are they starting to report the truth about Obama-Care now? Are they really that sure it can’t be stopped?

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, October 24th, 2013. Comments are currently closed.

4 Responses to “Obama-Care Site Premiums Can Be Half Real Price”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    It’ll be more than you Contract for? You mean like every other Federal program? Every air craft carrier? Submarine? Landing craft? Space program, Welfare estimate, hammer, toilet seat … (stop Jack, you’re going pul something) …

  2. untrainable says:

    Does this really surprise anyone? The entire endeavor was supposed to cost less than a trillion dollars. They spend half a billion on a website that doesn’t work. All this talk of glitches blah blah blah is just words. The question is simple. Does the website work? The answer is simple too. No, it doesn’t. So half a billion dollars wasted. The hearings today are supposed to ask how much it will cost to “FIX” the website. I say it shouldn’t cost a dime. We contracted these Canadian programmers to provide a product. They haven’t provided it. They should be required to fix it for the contracted price, or just give back the money.

    • captstubby says:

      there you go again,

      asking the questions the Watch Dog Media should be doing.

      ” fix it …or just give back …”


      “The answer is simple ,”
      yes it is,
      but not going to happen.
      ” So half a billion dollars wasted. ”
      don’t worry, theres more where that came from.
      just force the Public to pay with some new Tax.

  3. Noyzmakr says:

    Steve Asks…

    “Has the Syrian Electronic Army hacked CBS’s website? Why are they starting to report the truth about Obama-Care now? Are they really that sure it can’t be stopped?”

    No, they are that sure of what the answer to problem will be. Single payer will be the answer to all this mess. Just watch and see.

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