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Obama-Care Waivers Number Over 1,000

From The Hill:

Number of healthcare reform law waivers climbs above 1,000

By Jason Millman – 03/06/11

The number of temporary healthcare reform waivers granted by the Obama administration to organizations climbed to more than 1,000, according to new numbers disclosed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

HHS posted 126 new waivers on Friday, bringing the total to 1,040 organizations that have been granted a one-year exemption from a new coverage requirement included in the healthcare reform law enacted almost a year ago

Isn’t it funny that the HHS would put out this news late on a Friday?

Waivers have become a hot-button issue for Republicans, eager to expose any vulnerabilities in the reform law

"Vulnerabilities"? How about the rank hypocrisy? Especially since so many of these waivers are going to unions and other groups that agitated for Obama-care in the first place.

About 2.6 million people are covered by the waivers, representing less than 2 percent of privately insured individuals, according to HHS

And what percent of these are Democrat constituents?

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4 Responses to “Obama-Care Waivers Number Over 1,000”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    To be funded with the $105 billion that has been mandated to be added to the 2012 budget – you know a slush fund for DNC re-election – In case they are forced to actually spend the porkulus slush fund.


  2. proreason says:


    – Waivers for thee but not for thou
    – Chrysler Bond Holders
    – Black Panthers
    – Ignores drilling moritorium ruling
    – Ignores Obamycare ruling
    – Unaccountable czars
    – EPA implements Crap and Tax without congressional approval
    – Challenges Arizona law in court
    – Wisconsin flee-baggers
    – Obamycare passes in the dead of the night
    – We have to pass it so you can learn what’s in it
    – Obamycare cabinet appointment in the dead of the night
    – a million more


  3. tranquil.night says:

    So between this, the hidden automatic spending, Msr. Sebellius admitting accounting gimmickry to Congress, and the Justice Dept. all but ignoring federal rulings, the reason the Republican leadership has put ObamaCare back on the “to do” list is..?

    Oh that’s right, “The American people want Congress to work together and a government that gets things done. They don’t want gridlock.”

    Cause like we totally don’t have the Senate or Presidency guys.

  4. P. Aaron says:

    Let’s put Obama on waivers.

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