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Sebelius Changes The Law Of The Land Again

From CNN:

Sebelius takes new steps to ensure Obamacare coverage January 1

By Adam Aigner-Treworgy [sic] | December 12, 2013

(CNN) — Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced new steps on Thursday to ensure that people purchasing health plans on a new insurance exchange will have coverage starting on January 1…

Isn’t she wonderful!

Originally consumers had to enroll in a plan by December 15 if they wanted coverage beginning January 1, but the new rule allows individuals eight more days, pushing that deadline back to December 23.

Which means that insurance companies will have exactly zero days to process the (usually botched) Obama-Care applications before giving people coverage.

On a conference call with reporters, Director of the HHS Office of Health Reform Michael Hash also said insurers were now required to begin coverage on January 1 for all consumers who pay by December 31.

Government officials are urging insurers to set both their enrollment and payment deadlines even later, allowing coverage beginning January 1 for consumers who enroll after December 23 or pay all or part of their premiums after December 31…

In other words, the Obama administration wants insurance companies to pay for medical care for people who might get sick starting on January 1, who may not have even paid a dime on their premiums. you ever pay a dime.

HHS is also "strongly urging" insurers to make certain coverage allowances during January to help consumers make the transition to new insurance policies.

While not mandating these changes, the agency is urging insurers to cover out-of-network doctors or doctors who have left a provider network since open-enrollment began as if they were in-network, and encouraging insurers to refill prescriptions even if they may not be covered under a new plan…

In other words, the Obama administration wants insurance companies to pay for out of network doctors and prescriptions that were covered under the bad old plans. 

Which means evil insurance companies are being asked to take it on the chin so the huge flaws in Obama-Care can be hidden a little while longer. And Democrats can get re-elected in 2014.

In an effort to help some consumers with severe health problems, the government is also extending the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan for one month. According to Brooks-Lasure, the PCIP currently insures more than 85,000 people.

Using what for money? Lest we forget, the program closed enrollment back in February because to make sure it had enough money to make sure it would have enough money to cover the existing approximately one hundred thousand (100,000) members it has taken on.

But now they can afford to go another month?

"The steps we’re taking today will help ensure that Americans seeking quality affordable health coverage can do so with even more peace of mind and with even more confidence that it will be there when they want and need it," Sebelius said on Thursday’s call.

Well, she hopes this gives Democrats who are up for re-election in 2014 some "peace of mind," anyway.

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