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Obama Says He Never Worked For Acorn

From Obama campaign’s disinformation website, Fight The Smears:

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Barack Obama Never Organized with ACORN

Discredited Republican voter-suppression guru Ken Blackwell is attacking Barack Obama with naked lies about his supposed connection to ACORN.

• Fact: Barack was never an ACORN community organizer.
• Fact: Barack was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity.
• Fact: ACORN was not part of Project Vote, the successful voter registration drive Barack ran in 1992.

In his capacity as an attorney, Barack represented ACORN in a successful lawsuit alongside the U.S. Department of Justice against the state of Illinois to force state compliance with a federal voting access law. For his work helping enforce the law, called “Motor Voter,” Barack received the IVI-IPO Legal Eagle Award in 1995…

Never mind this bit of information (we previously posted) from a thirteen year old article from the Chicago Reader:

What Makes Obama Run?

Lawyer, teacher, philanthropist, and author Barack Obama doesn’t need another career. But he’s entering politics to get back to his true passion–community organization.

By Hank De Zutter
December 8, 1995

… Another strong supporter of Obama’s work–as an organizer, as a lawyer, and now as a candidate–is Madeline Talbott, lead organizer of the feisty ACORN community organization, a group that’s a thorn in the side of most elected officials. “I can’t repeat what most ACORN members think and say about politicians. But Barack has proven himself among our members. He is committed to organizing, to building a democracy. Above all else, he is a good listener, and we accept and respect him as a kindred spirit, a fellow organizer.”

Obama continues his organizing work largely through classes for future leaders identified by ACORN and the Centers for New Horizons on the south side. Conducting a session in a New Horizons classroom, Obama, tall and thin, looks very much like an Ivy League graduate student. Dressed casually prep, his tie loosened and his top shirt button unfastened, he leads eight black women from the Grand Boulevard community through a discussion of “what folks should know” about who in Chicago has power and why they have it. It’s one of his favorite topics, and the class bubbles with suggestions about how “they” got to be high and mighty…

And never mind that Project Vote is simply a front for ACORN.

From Discover The Networks:


Project Vote is the voter-mobilization arm of ACORN. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose professed purpose is to carry out “non-partisan” voter registration drives; to counsel voters on their rights; and to litigate on behalf of voting rights — focusing on the rights of the poor and the “disenfranchised.” …

And even our one party media admit this is so.

First, in a September 26, 2004 article in the New York Times:

“I get about 30 new voters or changes of address in six hours,” said Ms. Green, who was hired by Project Vote, the nonpartisan arm of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or Acorn. “I used to get 16 in 45 minutes, but now everyone’s registered.”

And in this October 20, 2004 article, also from the New York Times:

Project Vote, the charitable arm of Acorn, will spend at least $16 million in crucial states this year; it spent $1 million in 2000.

As does Time Magazine, in this October 18, 2004 article:

“We don’t bring 300 kids from Ohio State University into the inner city of Columbus,” says David Leland, national director of Project Vote, a nonpartisan arm of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which claims it has registered more than 50,000 voters in the Columbus area.

As does this article — from today’s Palm Beach Post:

Project Vote, which is a political arm of ACORN, a nationwide group of community organizations, estimates their workers have signed up 145,000 Floridians this year.

And someone should alert the grant givers, such as the Beldon Fund (a pdf file):

Indeed, check out the office addresses of ACORN in Arkansas (where they began) and Washington DC:

Compare with the Project Votes offices:

Indeed, they don’t just share offices, but also their job advertising:

And ACORN has been the top “independent contractor” by far for Project Vote for the years we have public records, via Guidestar:

Which adds up to $9,612,115 in “payments” in just three years.

(By the way, “Citizens Services/Consulting” is Project Vote’s accountants. Coincidentally, they also keep the books for ACORN. Lest we forget, it was recently uncovered that the Obama campaign paid $832,598 to Citizens Services, Inc.)

And again, note that according to their Forms 990 ACORN and Project Vote (and Citizens Services) once again share the same address:

(Click all images to enlarge)

ACORN and Project Vote even use the same phone number.

But, no, they are clearly two completely different entities.

Just ask Obama.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, October 4th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “Obama Says He Never Worked For Acorn”

  1. MrPurple says:

    I am disappointed in S&L.

    You are taking all of those facts and comments ‘out of context’.

    Don’t you realize it was ‘Bush policies’ that led to these claims and evidence of Obama working for ACORN?


  2. artboyusa says:

    Their address is “1024 Elysian Fields”? That sounds like…paradise indeed.

  3. Enthalpy says:

    Just a few more weeks and Barack can lie with impunity as President of the United States. Oh, happy day.

  4. BigOil says:

    So it’s no big deal that Barry – at a minimum – represented ACORN in court. An organization up to its eyeballs in criminal activity.

    Yet the once Perky One Katie Couric jumps all over Sarah Palin because the McCain campaign director worked for a firm that lobbied for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Last time I checked lobbying was legal.

    MSM objectivity on display.

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    From an acorn a might nut has grown.

  6. GuppyNblue says:

    Now more than ever truth is essential to our survival and this is a great job exposing the lies from the Obama campaign. ACORN’s association with Project Vote not only looks, walks, and talks like a duck but they live at the same address and share the same phone number. If the lies are not exposed they will deliver an illegitimate government and foster even more distrust between government and citizens. Unfortunately, even when armed with overwhelming evidence this is still an uphill battle.
    BTW Michelle Malkin has been doing a great job exposing ACORN too.
    Check it out if you haven’t already.

  7. wardmama4 says:

    It (sadly) will work because he will tout to his masses – that yes up on my fightthesmears website I have posted that I never worked for ACORN to prove that the claim is false – and his minions will 1) never bother to go look it up and read the whole thing, 2) never bother to come to a conservative website to read ‘the other side’s take on the issue’ and finally 3) believe their godboy – hook, line and sinker.

    And with his support of Vote Early, Vote Often absentee voting, registering the ‘residence is a state of mind’ homeless voters, allowing felons to vote, and of course the dead and illegal voters – he just might get elected.

    We all need to dig up the one thing that is why he hides all his papers, Senate records etc. Stop concentrating on his ‘friends’ and ‘associates’ – he can and will throw them under the bus if needed – What he has said and done in real life is what will hang him –

    His ‘come from nowhere’ personna and his secretive public life behavior is indicative of someone hiding something – that he knows can and will destroy him – We have a mere 30 days to find it out and expose it.

  8. wirenut says:

    Ward ,Berries life HAS been exposed ,HERE. His life is all plucked-up,and we know it . Not our fault if stupid has a right to vote . Someone is knocking at the door just now . Sorry I must go . Truth squad just made a breach into the neighborhood .

  9. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    Oh No, is Obama throwing Community Organizing under the Bus!?! Damn is NOTHING sacred?!? ROFLMAO

  10. clyde_m says:

    Let me add another small piece to the Project Vote! and ACORN connection … the earliest archived Project Vote webpage is December 6, 2000 – http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.projectvote.org/. Click there, then Headquarters, and you get this:

    88 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11217
    Phone:(718) 246-7929
    Fax:(718) 246-7939

    URLs don’t lie …

  11. Winghunter says:

    EXCELLENT JOB!! Nicely done, truly.

    Planting Seeds of Disaster by Stanley Kurtz
    ACORN, Barack Obama, and the Democratic party.

    “Obama, ACORN, and the Financial Meltdown (Stanley Kurtz on Fox-video embed)”

    Plausible deniability? by Dr. John Lott 9/22/08

    The Real Culprits In This Meltdown IBD: http://www.rrpec.org/documents/Meltdown.pdf

    Barney Frank Cried Racism And Look What Happened

    Fannnie Mae’s Patron Saint http://www.wsj.com/article/SB122091796187012529.html?mod=most_emailed_day

  12. Winghunter says:

    NOW, when are we going to start talking about this;

    Obama Signed a Contract with the Chicago Socialist Party
    “The fact is that as recently as 1996 Senator Obama was an active member of the Chicago Democratic Socialist Party”

    Why Obama’s Communist Connections Are Not Headlines by Paul Kengor

    Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis by James Simpson

    The Obama File – Barack Hussein Obama

    Investigators Release Reports on Obama’s Communist Connections: http://www.usasurvival.org/ck05.22.08.html

    How Obama Applies Alinsky’s Rules http://ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=306977141583041

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