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Obama Claims Perry Support, Then Bashes Republicans

From an amused Politico:

Barack Obama goes after Republicans on immigration


President Barack Obama on Wednesday called on Congress to swiftly approve nearly $4 billion meant to address the influx of child migrants crossing the southwestern border, using this as a new opportunity to hit House Republicans for failing to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

That’s Obama’s famously bi-partisan approach to problems that we all know and love. He never tries to fix a problem. He only tried to fix the blame. And always on someone else.

“There’s a very simple question here. Congress needs to just pass the supplemental,” Obama said in Dallas after meeting with Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry to discuss the humanitarian crisis.

This is not a humanitarian crisis. This is an invasion. Obama’s request for nearly $4 billion dollars pretends it is a humanitarian crisis.

Which is why all of the money is dedicated towards making life better for the invaders. And not one red cent is dedicated to stopping the invasion at the border.

What he offered was, essentially, the Obama-Perry border crisis plan — at least according to Obama. And now, Obama said, it’s up to Perry to convince Texas Republicans, whom he said should then bring along the rest of Congressional Republicans.

Huh? How did Obama’s previously announced $4 billion dollar boondoggle suddenly become the "Obama-Perry border crisis plan"? Nothing in Obama’s request has been changed.

Saying that “nothing that the governor indicated he’d like to see that I have a philosophical objection to,” [Obama said] —

So when is he going to call out the National Guard to protect the border, as Perry requested? (Hint: never.)

Obama held up Perry’s claimed support to repeatedly bash Republicans for not moving more quickly to pass the supplemental funding request the White House submitted Tuesday —

Yes, as always, we must immediately give Obama whatever he wants before thinking. Which is exactly the way he has tried to ram through all of his boondoggles. Including his stimulus and Obama-Care.

For some odd reason he never wants people to think about what they are doing.

[A]and for not agreeing to comprehensive immigration reform, which he said could have prevented the crisis from ever happening in the first place…

Once again, there is not one thing in any of the proposed ‘immigration reform’ bills (aka amnesty) that would stop what is happening on the border. In fact, amnesty will just increase the flood of illegal aliens a hundred-fold or more.

This is just like the lies Obama and the Democrats always trot out after every shooting incident. Nothing in amnesty would stop this surge. Just like nothing in their new gun control laws would have stopped the latest shootings.

“They’ve said they want to see a solution, the supplemental offers them the way,” Obama added…

BS. This solves nothing. It will just be another $4 billion dollars down the rat hole. The money will go to lining the pockets of pro-amnesty lawyers and judges. None of whom are even remotely necessary, since none of these illegal aliens will ever show up for their deportation hearings.

Most of Obama’s remarks were a direct hammering of Republicans, using this as an opportunity to emphasize again and again the message that he’s been trying to push all year: he’s interested in finding solutions to problems, but the Republicans are only interested in politics, saying no to him and attacking him for whatever he is doing.

Obama called this a “test case” for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who has focused criticism on Obama’s use of executive powers of late to the point of threatening a lawsuit.

“This is something you say is important — as I do. This is something that you have prioritized — as I have. Don’t wait for me to take executive actions,” Obama said…

This crisis at the border is a ‘man-caused disaster.’ And the man’s name is Barack Hussein Obama.

Lest we forget, ‘man-caused disaster’ is what the Obama administration prefers to call terrorist attacks. But the shoe fits here, as well. In fact, a little too well. Obama is practically using terrorist tactics to try to get his way on amnesty.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, July 10th, 2014. Comments are currently closed.

6 Responses to “Obama Claims Perry Support, Then Bashes Republicans”

  1. Petronius says:

    Outstanding comments, Steve.

    Funny how –– during the fuss over the sequester (his sequester) –– Nerobama was able to close down the monuments, restrooms on the Mall, the veterans’ cemeteries, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and even the Grand Canyon … but he can’t close the border.

    He can keep Congressmen and reporters out of the detention centers and military bases, but he can’t keep hundreds of thousands of children from crossing the Rio Grande.

    Yes, there does seem to be a pattern here. Like an angry spoiled child, when he doesn’t get his way, he throws a tantrum and makes things worse. Then blames the damage he caused on Bush or the Republicans:

    “See what you made me do!!”

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The tactics used, by doing things out in the open yet lying vociferously about it, is a tried and true strategy.

    Josef Goebbels was the previous master but nothing even comes close to this rabble of sycophantic media that carries president Angrychild’s water. Probably because they, in the media are angry themselves.

    I think what happened (what’s in the water) starting years ago is that the “Life’s not fair” meme slowly got left out of “Important Lessons To Learn” for those post WW-II to today’s kids. In the 1960’s, roughly half of the teenagers didn’t want to upset their youth with having to go to Vietnam while the other half acknowledged a calling to duty and responsibility to their peers.

    But here we are with lying liars who lie — in our faces. Then they smugly smirk and joke at us after having “put one over on us” but, see, that’s the thing. It’s no act of cleverness if everyone knows what you’re doing. You’re just a bunch of boobs, thinking your making off with the goods while making faces in the cameras that record your every move.

    History will not treat them politely. In a very short period of time, the gold foil peels away and what’s left is the pot-metal core. These people are not clever, funny, witty or even likeable.

    They are traitors.

  3. canary says:

    Steve: “The money will go to lining the pockets of pro-amnesty lawyers and judges.”

    Excellent point. And wait til the young adults sue for being trafficked by plane to Arizona instead of allowing them to
    go back home.

  4. canary says:

    Update: Texas Governor and Republicans tell Obama off.

    From the pathetic liberal CNN who call themselves the news.

    CNN: Texas governor lashes out at Obama over immigration crisis

    By Tom Cohen, Ed Payne and Dana Ford – July 10, 2014

    (CNN) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry and others are lashing out at President Barack Obama’s decision not to tour border facilities overwhelmed by a flood of undocumented children, saying the U.S. leader needs to see with his own eyes what both sides agree is a humanitarian crisis.

    Both Republicans and the White House have described the crush of Central American children as a humanitarian crisis, but Obama said Wednesday that visiting facilities where the children are processed and detained would be little more than a photo opportunity.

    “There’s nothing that is taking place down there that I am not intimately aware of and briefed on. This isn’t theater. This is a problem,” Obama said Wednesday.

    ‘Go down there and see what we’re facing’

    Even some Democrats were critical of the decision. U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, said on CNN’s “New Day” that it’s important for Obama to see what the children are going through.

    Boehner: Obama to blame for border crisis Obama: I had a ‘good meeting’ with Perry Immigration in 75 seconds 5

    “The last young kid was an 11-year-old little boy from Guatemala that died of dehydration. That is the face that I want him to see.

    Don’t take any cameras, Mr. President, but go down there and see what we’re facing.”

    “The children are a symptom of policies that have enticed them to come,” Perry said. “The first thing you have to do is stop the flow, because if we don’t, then the problem’s not going to be the size we have today.”

    Republicans have called for the repeal of a 2008 law signed by President George W. Bush that requires deportation hearings before sending back children from countries that do not border the United States.

    “I don’t think we can solve the problem unless we revisit” the law, Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn said.
    “What’s happened is these children are placed with family members in the United States and given a notice to appear for a later court hearing. Some have called this a notice to disappear, not a notice to appear,” as most don’t show up, he said.

    Another Republican, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, said the United States should immediately fly the children back to their home countries.

    It would cost less and signal U.S. intolerance for those who enter the country illegally, he said.

    Coburn: Obama immigration plan ‘wrong approach’ Perry to Obama: visit the border Gov. Perry: Immigrants told what to say

    He told Obama in a meeting that he wants 1,000 National Guard troops deployed to help secure the border, an option Obama seemed less than enthusiastic about.

    “What I told him was we’re happy to consider how we could deploy National Guard down there, but that’s a temporary solution,” Obama said of his discussion with Perry. “That’s not a permanent solution. And so why wouldn’t we go ahead and pass the permanent solution, or at least a longer-term solution?”

    Watch: One night in Denver: The President and governor walk into a bar

    CNN’s Greg Clary, Deirdre Walsh, Ted Barrett and Mariano Castillo contributed to this report, which was written by Tom Cohen in Washington.

    Also CNN watch: One night in Denver, the President and governor walk into a bar

    Obama Puts on Skit and Cracks Jokes about his being Sued in front of Crowd in Texas

    Politico: Obama on Impeachment: ‘Really?’

    July 10 2014

    “You hear some of them: ‘Sue him! Impeach him!’” Obama said in a relaxed, sniping campaign-style speech in Austin, Texas,
    recounting the resistance he’s run into for signing executive actions. “Really? For what, doing my job?”

    So punchy that he was leaning arms hanging off the front of his podium,
    telling a few hecklers to “sit down,”
    and instructing the Secret Service not to bother removing them, Obama said he was feeling liberated.

    I don’t have to run for office anymore, so I can just let it rip,” he said.

    And then he launched into an extended mocking of them

    for the lawsuit House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is threatening to bring against him for using executive action. He also offered stats that show George W. Bush signed many more executive orders and

    pulled in a quote from Mark Wahlberg’s character in Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed.”

    “I’m the guy doing my job,”

    Obama said, getting the line almost right.

    “You must be the other guy.”

    “Think about that,”

    he told the crowd.

    “You’re going to use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job while you don’t do your job.”

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/07/obama-impeachment-react-oh-really-108771.html#ixzz376u3t6SN

    More Pictures of Obama’s Continuing Monkey Performance in Austin TX.

    CHRON: Free Lunch in Austin after Obama Cuts in Line

    By Mike Ward | July 10, 2014

    July 10, 2014

    AUSTIN –
    On Thursday, after President Obama finished a 40-minute speech at the historic Paramount Theater in downtown Austin, his motorcade

    sped a few blocks away for a quick lunch at Franklin’s, a noted barbeque spot that was packed as always with a lunch crowd.

    As presidents tend to do, Obama cut to the front of the line so he could order takeout for his official travel party – offering to pay for the two people he jumped ahead of.

    Their order: three pounds of beef, two pounds of ribs, a half-pound of sausage and a half-pound of turkey for themselves and two other family members already seated.

    When Obama heard their order, he cracked: “Hold on now. How many folks are you guys feeding? Just kidding.”

    Priceless photos

    I do not think any law stopped Obama from smoking Denver’s highest grade Marijuana while he bar hopped in Denver with their Governor.
    I don’t think his security would search Obama if he took some with him.

    Seriously, he looks like a monkey on crack in the photos.

    • canary says:

      Video of Obama’s Speech in Austin


      It is great to play at the Paramount. I think I finally made it. I finally arrived. (Applause.) I’ve enjoyed the last couple of days, just getting out of Washington.

      I just had some coffee, as Kinsey may have mentioned, at the Magnolia Café, which is very nice. (Applause.)

      Sometimes people say thank you for something I’ve done or a position I’ve taken, and some people say, “You’re an idiot.” (Laughter.) And that’s how I know that I’m getting a good representative sampling because — (laughter) — half the letters are less than impressed with me.

      So Kinsey wrote me to tell me about her family.

      And she told me that she’s always been passionate about politics and the issues of the day, but after last year’s government shutdown, all this stuff that’s happened with her family, it doesn’t seem like anybody in Washington is thinking about them.

      She wrote, “I became a disgruntled citizen. I felt as if my government, my beloved government that’s supposed to look out for the needs of all Americans had failed me.

      So I wanted to meet with Kinsey to let her know that I had heard her, that I listened to what was happening with her family, and I was thinking about her parents and I was thinking about her and her sisters. And I’m here today because of Kinsey.

      And let me be clear about why Washington is broken, because sometimes everybody says, well, you know what, all politicians are the same, he parties — the Democrats, Republicans, it doesn’t matter. Look, Democrats are not perfect, I promise you. I know a lot of them. (Laughter.) And, yes, every member of Congress, they’re thinking about,

      I’d like to be reelected and I’d like to keep my job.

      That’s human nature.

      And that may work just fine for folks at the top. It worked fine for me.

      I don’t need government. (Laughter.)

      Michelle and I now are in a position where we can pretty much finance Malia and Sasha’s college education. But I remember when Michelle’s parents couldn’t, they needed help.

      Just yesterday, before I came down to Texas, when I was in Denver, I met with Carolyn Reed. She owns six Silver Mine sub shops. She started her own business. She was working at UPS and decided she wanted to be a business owner, got her first franchise. Her and her husband mortgaged their house. Eventually, they got an SBA loan. Now, she’s got six stores. A wonderful woman.

      And today, she decided to raise her hourly employees’ wages to a minimum of $10.10 an hour. (Applause.)

      She just went ahead and did it on her own, because she realized that she’ll have less turnover and she’s going to have more productive workers.

      Now, here’s where it gets interesting. There are a number of Republicans, including a number in the Texas delegation, who are mad at me for taking these actions.

      They actually plan to sue me. (Laughter.)

      Maybe it’s just me they don’t like. I don’t know. Maybe there’s some principle out there that I haven’t discerned, that I haven’t figure out. (Laughter.)

      You hear some of them — “sue him,” “impeach him.” Really? (Laughter.) Really? For what? (Applause.) You’re going to sue me for doing my job? Okay. (Applause.)

      I mean, think about that. You’re going to use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job — (laughter) — while you don’t do your job. (Applause.)

      There’s a great movie called “The Departed” — a little violent for kids. But there’s a scene in the movie where Mark Wahlberg — they’re on a stakeout and somehow the guy loses the guy that they’re tracking. And Wahlberg is all upset and yelling at the guy. And the guy looks up and he says, “Well, who are you?” And Wahlberg says, “I’m the guy doing my job. You must be the other guy.” (Laughter and applause.)

      Sometimes, I feel like saying to these guys, I’m the guy doing my job, you must be the other guy. (Applause.)

      So rather than wage another political stunt that wastes time, wastes taxpayers’ money, I’ve got a better idea: Do something. (Applause.)

      If you’re mad at me for helping people on my own, let’s team up.

      It is lonely, me just doing stuff.

      I’d love if the Republicans did stuff, too. (Laughter.)

      On immigration issues, we’ve got — and to their credit, there are some Republicans in the Senate who actually worked with Democrats, passed a bill, would strengthen the borders, would help make the system more fair and more just.

      AUDIENCE MEMBER: (Inaudible.)

      THE PRESIDENT: I’m sorry, what are you yelling about now?

      Sit down, guys. I’m almost done.
      Come on, sit down. I’ll talk to you afterwards, I promise.
      I’ll bring you back.
      I’m wrapping things up here.

      AUDIENCE MEMBER: (Inaudible.)

      THE PRESIDENT: I understand. See, everybody is going to start — I’m on your side, man.

      Sit down, guys, we’ll talk about it later, I promise.

      So, look, here’s what we could do. We could do so much more — you don’t have to escort them out.

      They’ll sit down. I promise, I’ll talk to you afterwards.

      There are plenty of people who count on you getting cynical and count on you not getting involved so that you don’t vote, so you give up.

      Cynicism is popular. Cynicism is popular these days. It’s what passes off as wisdom.
      But cynics didn’t put a man on the moon.

      Cynics never won a war.

      Hope is a better choice. Hope is what gave young soldiers the courage to storm a beach

      Do not get cynical. Hope is the better choice.

      – See more at: http://www.shallownation.com/2014/07/08/video-president-obama-speech-austin-texas-paramount-theatre-july-10-2014/#sthash.QxUjTCyE.dpuf

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Hope never put a man on the moon, either, dumba**. As we used to say in the miltary, “s*** in one hand and hope in the other…see which one fills up first.”

      Cynicism is the stepchild of anger. Cynicism is suspicious and distrustful of liars and fools. And president Angrychild, you are both.

      Hope does spring eternal, sure. But neither cynicism nor hope accomplished a bloody thing. However, cynicism is related to hope in that it can motivate to take action, or inaction when faced with ridiculous objectives or unreasonable demands. My cynicism causes me to shut down when my opponents continue to berate and chide me when I know I’m right.

      Later, after the dust clears and I am proven right based on the end result, I never get apologized to; Never get told I was right. No. I just get more derision and berating. Such is the life of a cynic.

      But an even more accurate term would be “realist”. Realism is the result of HOPING for something, only to find that it doesn’t just materialize out of thin air (see my first statement above) and that HARD WORK and EFFORT are REQUIRED to get anything out of life.

      That is, unless you’re a section 8, SNAP or illegal alien recipient of my government’s largesse then I guess HOPE works just great.

      But the government that gives you everything you need can take away everything you have. So chew on that. Of course, it will mean nothing to you who feed at the public trough. But when the trough is empty and you are hungry and still want it all for free, then your anger will first be against those who have anything at all, then to the people who gave you bread and circuses.

      In other words, it never ends pretty.

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