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Obama Co-Sponsored Stronger ‘Stand Your Ground’

From the Illinois Review (a blog):

Obama co-sponsored legislation strengthening Illinois’ "stand your ground" law

CHICAGO – This past week President Obama publicly urged the reexamination of state self-defense laws. However, nine years ago [in 2004] then-State Sen. Barack Obama actually co-sponsored a bill that strengthened Illinois’ 1961 "stand your ground" law.

For the record, Illinois, like other states, tends to refer to this kind of law as the ‘Castle Doctrine,’ rather than ‘Stand Your Ground.’ But this 1961 law said the victim of an attack does not have a duty to retreat. Which is a truly new and misguided concept that the Left has tried to force upon us.

The Obama-sponsored bill (SB 2386) enlarged the state’s 1961 law by shielding the person who was attacked from being sued in civil court by perpetrators or their estates when a "stand your ground" defense is used in protecting his or her person, dwelling or other property.

The bill unanimously passed the Democrat-controlled Illinois Senate on March 25, 2004 with only one comment, and passed the Democrat-controlled Illinois House in May 2004 with only two votes in opposition. Then-Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) signed it into law.

Record of Obama co-sponsoring SB 2386 | Source: Illinois General Assembly

Roll call of SB 2386 | Source: Illinois General Assembly

As U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) prepares to hold Senate hearings in September to scrutinize states’ self-defense laws, he may wish to consider his home state’s public policy, which his former colleague and fellow Illinoisan – President Obama -  helped craft.

Isn’t irony ironic?

It looks like every time Obama went on the record, such as in his push for late term abortion, he put his foot in it. No wonder he usually stuck to voting ‘present.’

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One Response to “Obama Co-Sponsored Stronger ‘Stand Your Ground’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    There’s a record of Obama doing something? You’re pulling my leg. I was told my the MSM all records related to Obama are sealed, protected, sequestered and/or disappeared.

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