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‘Obama Coins’ Turn Out To Be Stickers

From the Portland (OR) local TV affiliate KATU:

Folks irked by Obama coins that are simply stickers placed on 50-cent pieces

Somehow it seems all too symbolic, doesn’t it?

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This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, February 14th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

41 Responses to “‘Obama Coins’ Turn Out To Be Stickers”

  1. U NO HOO

    Try to hear G Gordon Liddy, “Oh you suuuccckkkerrs!”

  2. proreason

    This is the poster child for the con The Moron is playing on America.

  3. jobeth

    That is just too, too, cool! ha! Don’t you just love it!

    This isn’t the last fake with Obama’s face on it that the libs will have to endure. (Problem is we will have to endure it as well)

  4. curvyred

    Seems very appropo to me!

  5. 1sttofight

    Yes, but they are beautifully FINISHED stickers according to Montel Williams. Snark.

    • Gila Monster

      “America’s first African-American President, … with kind eyes and confident smile ….”

      Bwaahaahaahahahaha..!! There’s a sucker born every minute.

  6. yellarcan

    Is this the Kennedy half dollar? If so, I will scrape every coin I can find clean of the “biggest mistake America has ever made”. The problem with this stupid idea is that now the half dollar is worth a quarter.

  7. Barbie

    I’d say the coin and stickers are still probably worth more than the real Obama.

  8. Yes, fitting that since B HO is a phony, coins glorifying him should also be phony.

    What a waste of a good 50 cent piece, too.

  9. VMAN

    Phony coin, Phony president. Works for me.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    You mean to tell me the dupes who were duped into voting for this shyster got swindled? Say it isn’t so!

  11. AuntieAM

    Gosh, if only we could scrape off the phony election as easily as those coins can be scraped….

  12. 1republicanscientist

    as my dad used to say, it’s like putting curb feelers on a vega. That saying goes not only for the o-hole coins, but for this entire mess we’re in now. SUCKAS.

  13. GuppyNblue

    Well now a paid celebrity did say they were real. It’s not my fault I missed the wooden nickels lesson when I was 12.

    This is why we have warning labels on plastic bags.

  14. Why am I not surprised? I’m with AuntieAM … if only the phony media-driven election of 2008 could be as easily scraped away from history!

    What took people so long to figure out these things were fake? Didn’t they go on sale the day after that “historic election?”

    You get what you pay/vote for, people. I am proud to say I didn’t vote for it … and the fact the video featured outraged! African Americans is priceless!

  15. Weasel

    They had HOPE, but were only left with CHANGE…

    If the Obamatrons are disappointed by this, all I can say is “Get used to it!!!”

  16. The Knight In Shining Armor come to rescue America, I mean, er, the World, Sir BHO, doesn’t really have a suit of armor, but instead is wrapped in tin foil. The coin is Obama.

    “Look Mommy! The Emperor wears no clothes!”

    • Weasel

      Good one – “Look Mommy! The Emperor wears no clothes!”

      And he’s more that willing to take the shirts off our backs!

  17. gipper

    The Obama Quarter…a reminder of Obama’s two-bit act.

  18. wardmama4

    Is this the change The One ™ has been talking about – fake and worthless?

  19. B17Engr

    You know what they say?

    “Don’t take any wooden nickels”. HA! Ha! Ha!

  20. DoctorRock

    I for one never got the whole Montel Williams thing. He’s no Arsenio Hall if you ask me.
    Or the guy who was Anthony on “Designing Women”. or Garrett Morris.

  21. Liberals Demise

    I love the fact that people (you know who) payed good money for a worthless slug with a sticker of the Purveyer Barry on it. Like …. what did ya’ll really think you was gonna get for $19.95? Hope and Change?
    What they really got was Taken and Took!!

    • gipper

      I really hope there’s a parallel with this coin and the election of Obama. That one day, those that voted for Obama are going to realize that they got short-changed and the sticker peels off, revealing the empty fraudulence of Obama.

  22. gipper

    The Obama Coin: Dope and Change

    • Weasel

      Nice! I think that could be the start of an add for 2012, “The Obama Administration: Dopes that left us with Change”

  23. catie

    Well this is poetic justice. These dopes deserve everything they get. Unfortunately, the entire country has to suffer for these fools.

  24. bill

    Well, you did vote for Obama, didn’t you? You like the shuck and jive road shows?

    The 2008 election just proved once again, what Marxists have known for over a 100 years, it’s easy to make idiot voters out of ignorant people by promising them lots of free stuff, and never delivering.

    Meanwhile, the Marxists seem to always remember to build plenty of gulags for the ones who get testy about the whole affair.

  25. grits

    Oh, my sides!

  26. thetimeisright

    This is so damn funny. Change we can believe in.Oh my oh my sides are hurting. This is just what he is a cover for the real thing. pelosi hell designed by harry the hellion reid. He is just a sticker i wonder who licked him to stick him he is a true asshat in every word..

    We get stuck with a trillion dollar bill an he is just the sticker on 50 cents.. Wooo Hoo change to believe in…

    Impeach this clown before he kills America.

    • canary

      More Change in the future. Limited amount in circulation referred to the stickers being burned. Next rare collection will be Lincoln Pennies.

  27. canary

    Well, I noticed commercials said “historic” instead of “historical” society. Then Montel Williams spoke his sales pitch a mile a minute, so you couldn’t understand a word he said, cause he knew darn well he was actioning off garbage. No way any coin could be that accurate in detail. I figure laminated flat washer discs or something. Dang. It should have been on an “all profits go to pay the stimulous package”. Hope ollah Obama didn’t get anything from his likeness being used.

  28. Cincinnatus

    ROFL!! Pocket change we can believe in!

  29. Confucius

    It’s almost like voting for a President and getting a shill instead. Hmm.

  30. Their website is registered by these folks:


    Let’s shut’m down folks. Maybe we should thank them first. LOL!

    Indiana Office

    8001 Broadway
    Suite 302
    Merrillville, Indiana 46410
    Phone: 219.576.6223
    Fax: 954.374.7248

  31. Right of Reagan

    This is perfect. Whats next the Bill Clinton $300.00 for paying for lap dances or maybe the $4000.00 Elliot Spitzer for paying hookers

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