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Obama Costume Sends 750 To ‘Diversity Training’

From the Nashville, TN Fox affiliate, WZTV:

Obama Costume at Kentucky Medical Center Event Spurs Debate, Diversity Training

October 30 2013

HOPKINSVILLE, KY.–A picture of a Jennie Stuart Medical Center employee wearing a President Barack Obama mask and straitjacket at the hospital’s annual costume party has stirred debate.

Along with the costume, a skit called "VIP Special Delivery" was performed, winning the group third place in the costume contest.

What do doctors and nurses have against Obama? — Oh, wait.

As a result, all 750 employees have now been required to take diversity training.

They weren’t fired? Or will that come later, when the Obama-Care cuts kick in? Anyway, something tells us they won’t be taught the important of diversity of thought.

The VP of Human Resources at the medical center issued a statement to staff apologizing for anyone who was offended and personally took responsibility since the incident occurred on his watch.

Did he quit? Is he at least going to re-education camp, too?

He asked that employees refrain from political, religious, ethic and gender based costumes at other functions.

Let’s hope they don’t hold rodeos.

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7 Responses to “Obama Costume Sends 750 To ‘Diversity Training’”

  1. Astravogel says:

    Wish I’d said this. “You can tell who your
    rulers are, by whom you cannot make fun of.”

  2. GetBackJack says:

    The appropriate response is for every employee the next day to show up wearing a Barack Obama costume and keep wearing them until this Nanny shuts the hell up.

    Or .. I didn’t understand the lesson of Unions and push-back tactics.

    (PS – you try and run a hospital without the employees you fire in a snit)

  3. Petronius says:

    “all 750 employees have now been required to take diversity training.”

    But wait…. What about their due process rights?

    What about their right to timely written notice and opportunity for a full and fair evidentiary hearing, including the right to counsel and the right to present defense witnesses and cross-examination?

    Oh. I forgot. They’re from Hopkinsville, KY. Even worse, Hopkinsville lies in Christian County, KY. Worse still, they are medical personnel. And even worse, their skit won third place.

    So by definition they have no rights; they are deemed guilty just for existing. They are his “enemies” who deserve to be “punished.”

    Better get used to it folks. (He likes to call us “folks”––especially just before the knife goes in).

    By the way. What ever happened to those folks who made the movie about killing President Bush?

  4. captstubby says:

    third place ?
    somebody must have liked it.
    and i wonder if there were any” Tea party outfits”?

  5. canary says:

    Petronius/ I have relatives in that town and it is an extremely diverse friendly town, and I believe it’s because of so many Christians that live there. Never heard a complaint.

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