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Obama Could Easily Stop The Flood Of Illegal ‘Children’

From the Daily Caller:

Obama Blocks Officers From Stopping ‘Dreamers’

By Neil Munro | June 23, 2014

President Barack Obama is blocking several simple actions that would quickly stop the rising flood of migrant youths and adults crossing the Texas border, according to border officials and immigration reformers.

If officials wanted to block the “Dream Deluge” of Central Americans youths, for example, “they would stop releasing them to family members [in the U.S., and] make sure they’re in long-term detention until they could either verify an asylum claim or a claim for persecution,” said Shawn Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council.

Immigration officials could make sure the youths’ parents are legal residents before they transfer the children and youths, and then deport the parents if they’re here illegally, said Moran, whose council serves as a union for border patrol officers.

But Obama’s appointees say “the whole goal of the process is family unification, so we’re not allowed to even ask the legal status of whosoever is picking them up,” he said…

Notice how the story has changed. Originally, we were told that these families were dropping their kids off on the border for a better life. Which is the opposite of family reunification.

But this is exactly why the administration refuses to admit how many of these illegal aliens they are freeing. It is probably the vast majority, if not all of them. And the news is traveling fast back to Guatemala. In reality, Obama has purposefully turned on the Mother Of All Illegal Alien Magnets. He has simply erased our southern border. And yet he pretends he can’t do a thing about it.

The agencies’ treatment of “unaccompanied minors,” is very different from the larger flow of adults with their kids. That’s because federal law requires “unaccompanied minors” be turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services until they can be sent to caregivers.

Youths and men aged up to 20 can also also seek a Green Card on the grounds that they’ve been abused or abandoned by parents. But the administration has plenty of leeway in how it applies the various laws.

For example, the law says that youths are to be released to parents or other guardians, except if a “determination is made that the detention of such juvenile is required to secure his or her timely appearance before the Service or the Immigration Court,” according to section 236.3(b)(1)(iii) of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008.

So Obama is out to exploit this loophole in our immigration laws as much as possible. In order to once again bypass Congress.

Moran and other agents have complained about the many new rules the administration has imposed on their mission. “We’re very restricted in how we’re allowed to operate,” Moran said. “We’re not allowed do immigration checks at transportation hubs, unless we have specific actionable intelligence,” he said.

“We’re not allowed to do farm and ranch checks [and] we’re not allowed to do interior patrols,” he said. “We’re not allowed to touch” smugglers and migrants while they’re crossing the Rio Grande, supposedly because of “safety issues,” he said.

“We’re still being controlled in how many hours we can work… [and are] now limited to nine-hour shifts,” he said. “We don’t have the full manpower out in the field,” he said.

“We have gaps in coverage that are a direct result of managerial decisions,” because managers are rewarded for minimizing operational costs, and for having low numbers of illegals in their zone, he said. “Managers aren’t getting cash bonuses for arresting people — they’re getting cash bonuses for reducing operational costs or reducing the amount of gasoline they use,” he said…

And on and on. Meanwhile, Obama pretends that his right hand doesn’t know what his left hand is doing.

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