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Obama Creates/Saves Cong. Districts

As we all know, the Obama administration has created an untold number of new websites. Most of them seem to be geared to promoting his agenda and getting him and his Democrat colleagues re-elected.

But one of the plethora of websites, Recovery.Gov, was supposed to give ordinary Americans like you and me the ability to track where the money from the Obama stimulus package is going, congressional district by congressional district.

However several citizen journalists – and now even some ‘real journalists’ – have noticed that many of the congressional districts where stimulus money is reported to have been sent simply do not exist.

This is the case for Minnesota, where four non-existent congressional districts were discovered by the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota:


Minnesota’s 57th congressional district reports 35 jobs with $600,000 in spending

You’d never know it without going on line to the new and improved federal government stimulus tracking website, but the economy and jobs picture is really picking up in Minnesota’s 57th congressional district. There in plain sight, it states that 35 jobs have been saved or created as a result of $404,340 in stimulus spending, according to the figures found by the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota on the federal government’s stimulus tracking website on the summary page for Minnesota at recovery.gov.

Over in Minnesota’s 27th congressional district, however, it appears to be a bleaker picture for those hoping for a turnaround. The federal government’s statistics indicate only 2.5 jobs have been created or saved despite the listed expenditure of $3,159,657 of taxpayer dollars.

Then there’s the 13th congressional district which outperformed them all. Hard to believe, but the hard working folks in the 13th congressional district generated five jobs from just $42,109 in stimulus spending.

That would certainly come as news to most Minnesotans, since the 14th, 27th and 57th congressional districts in Minnesota do not exist, except on the Obama Administration’s website. Nor does the 00 congressional district listed as spending $404,340 and creating zero jobs.

Similarly, the New Mexico Watchdog has uncovered nine newly created congressional districts:

Obama Stimulus Creates New Congressional Districts and Promotes New Mexico from Banana Republic to Coconut Republic

By Jim Scarantino on November 16, 2009

According to the Obama Administration, the expenditure of $61,000 in federal stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 created or saved 25 jobs in New Mexico’s 22nd Congressional District. You read that right: New Mexico’s Twenty-Second Congressional District. (We only have enough population for three congressional districts).

Federal stimulus dollars, according to the Obama Administration, as reported at www.recovery.gov, also created or saved 15.8 jobs in the 35th Congressional District (where $8.96 million in stimulus dollars were spent) and 2.7 jobs in NM 00 (which received $731.370).

Other fictional New Mexico Congressional Districts receiving stimulus money were NM 40 (no jobs for $7.96 million), NM 4 (10 jobs created/saved for $4.72 million), NM 13 (5 jobs created for $3.3 million), NM 16 (no jobs for $517,980), NM 9 (no jobs for $100,000), NM 6 (1 job created/saved for $63,199) and the 25th Congressional District that received a mere $6,819…

Their colleagues at the New Hampshire Watchdog website found that has discovered that the Obama Administration has generously granted the Granite State three new congressional districts:

Obama Administration gives New Hampshire three new Congressional Districts

By Grant Bosse on November 16, 2009

Good news for all those Congressional candidates facing tough primaries next fall. The Obama Administration’s stimulus package has created three or four more Congressional Districts in New Hampshire.

According to the summary of stimulus jobs “created or saved” in New Hampshire, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has created 3.2 jobs in the 6th District, zero jobs in the 4th District, and two jobs in the 27th District. New Hampshire, of course, only has two Congressional Districts.

The site also lists a whopping 2,873.9 jobs in the 00 Congressional District, which is presumably where former Celtic Hall of Famer Robert Parish lives

And this phenomenon is happening in other states as well, including California, which also got nine new congressional districts, as reported by the Big Lizards website:

California, the 54th State, Creating or Saving Lots of Jobs!

Hatched by Dafydd

November 16, 2009

According to the Recovery.gov website, California — with its 101 congressional districts — has created or saved a total of 110,185 jobs since the Obamic stimulus bill passed.

Oddly, other, less reliable sources report that "the state has lost 732,700 jobs over the last year."

And those same other sources also seem to be under the impression that California has only 53 congressional districts; we certainly have only 53 U.S. representatives! But if that’s true, how could the federal incompetocracy of Barack H. Obama report the specific number of jobs "created or saved" — along with the total stimulus spending required to create or save them — in California congressional districts 57, 64, 67, 76, 80, 91, and 99? Not to mention district 00, and the inexplicable district labeled simply "congressional district?" …

Indeed these discrepancies are so outrageous that even real ‘newspapers’ like the Los Angeles Times have taken notice. Well, their ‘blogger’ Andrew Malcolm has, anyway.

He found a newly created Congressional District in Arizona:

Good news: Obama creates 30 new jobs in one congressional district. Bad news: No such district

By Andrew Malcom

… This afternoon comes the most encouraging economic news, courtesy of our keen-eyed buddy Rick Klein over at ABC, that the Obama administration’s $787-billion economic stimulus has, for example, thankfully created 30 new jobs in a little-known rural corner of Arizona at a cost to American taxpayers of only $761,420.

That works out to only $25,380.67 spent to create each individual job.

Seems like a lot per slot, but those 30 folks must be happy to be employed again and paying taxes.

This will be a real feather in the cap of Vice President Joe Biden, who’s been left behind and assigned by the ever-campaigning president to monitor the stimulus plan, its spending and effectiveness moving into the crucial midterm elections of 2010. Might the Democrats snatch that House seat?

So the people of that 15th Congressional District in staunchly Republican Arizona should be pretty happy about this.

Trouble is, there is no 15th Congressional District in Arizona. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Doesn’t exist. Not in Arizona. Not even on paper at the Democratic National Committee. There are only eight. Period

As several of these sites have noted, blatant errors like this makes one kind of wonder about the reliability of the figures coming from Mr. Obama’s Recovery.Gov website.

You know, the site that we are supposed to use to track stimulus spending.

The site they just spent $18 million dollars of stimulus money to revamp, back in July.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Obama Creates/Saves Cong. Districts”

  1. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Those non-existent districts will soon be filled with very real democratic politicians.

  2. sheehanjihad says:

    No wonder this administration feels it has everything under control! I certainly wish that my tax returns could be filled with the same type of information…..I would be very wealthy in short order!

    But, I cant, because unlike the Obama administration, I have to follow the law or expect consequences.

    If it wasnt for the lapdog media’s stoic inattention to this incomprehensible fraud, well, we all know the answer to that.

    I am in the process of creating a spanking brand new Congressional district right here…nothing to brag about…but I need my share of stimulus funds for creating the one job of being my district’s community organizer.

    Judging by the amounts spent on the other phantom districts..which remind me a lot of the phantom votes for democrats last November…I will submit my district’s need for a mere $750, 000 dollars for my creating and saving jobs.

    Then, of course, my district will be on top of the list as having 100% employment due to Obama’s job creation efforts…and hopefully I will qualify for immediate bailout money when my new Bugatti Veyron arrives…

  3. proreason says:

    Bureaucracies are incompetant by nature.

    That isn’t to say they don’t contain many well-meaning, hard-working individuals. They do. But it’s irrelevant to the greater issue of competance or incompetance.

    – as government entities, they have no competition, and hence no incentive to be better than anything else
    – they set their own rules
    – it’s almost impossible to fire incompetant people in a bureaucracies .
    – Breaucracies cater to the lowest common denominator for their employees. Bureaucracies must “reflect” society as a whole. (Consider this when deciding whether you want your doctor to be controlled by the government.). Run a little experiment. Call the IRS for tax advice.
    – the only way for highly motivated people to grow in a bureaucracy is to grow the “business”. The business of government.
    – but highly motivated people rarely become bureaucrats. Highly motivated people don’t want rigid limits on what they can earn.
    – the “law” dictates the business. Whether or not “the law” makes sense, or is useful or not, is irrelevant.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Actually, when it comes to bureaucracies, I firmly believe they created the original “dead-end job”.

      Not being fired also means (often) not being advanced.

      For years I lived in Arizona and I went to the DMV often enough. The one nearest my house for 20 some years had the same clerks most of the time I lived there. A few I remembered by name. Now, you can say a lot of things about why they stayed there but promotion wasn’t one of the reasons, I’m sure.

  4. MinnesotaRush says:

    No wonder o-blah-blah thrives so well with the hollywood scene .. they all live in the world of make believe.

    A bunch of kids makin’ sh_t up as they go and playing office.

  5. TwilightZoned says:

    Imaginary votes from imaginary districts.
    Think of the chaos this will create. More
    Al Frankens…

  6. Chuckk says:

    Maybe GM can open a new plant in the 15th Arizona district. They can produce iminaginary green cars that run on water and sell for $3000.00 each.

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