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Obama Declares That Putin Will Lose – Some Day

From the Politico:

Obama: Putin will lose — eventually


BRUSSELS — President Barack Obama said Wednesday that Vladimir Putin is just the latest in a series of history’s losers, comparing the Russian leader to those who came up short in World War I, World War II, the Cold War, the U.S. civil rights movement, apartheid and other major 20th-century struggles.

Notice how Obama sees everything, even this invasion, through the prism of the civil rights struggle. Also notice that Obama seems to be saying that the civil rights struggle is over. (That would be news.)

Anyway, the Soviet Union lasted over 75 years, which is quite a long run. And, in fact, one could argue that it is being re-built right before our eyes, thanks in part to Obama.

Time’s on his side, Obama argued. People always struggle to be free and eventually succeed — and they will in Russia too, even if, for now, it’s ruled by a flouter of international law and obstinate believer in “that recycled maxim that might, somehow, makes right.”

So we can sit back and do nothing to help people get free. They will get there eventually. (Did he feel that way about the civil rights movement, too?)

Putin — who waited six years between the last time he grabbed land from another country and marching into Crimea — seems to feel the clock’s in his corner. His grand ambitions to reunite all ethnic Russians under one flag and reassert Russian dominance in the world are clear — but as a man who’s 61 and been in power for 14 years already, he has time to wait for Western passions to fade, and the next opportunity to arrive…

Putin not only has time on his side, he has Obama.

“Russia’s leadership is challenging truths that only a few weeks ago seemed self-evident: that in the 21st century, the borders of Europe cannot be redrawn with force, that international law matters; and that people and nations can make their own decisions about their future,” Obama said.

Since Putin just redrew the borders of Europe, this isn’t such a self-evident truth.

Putin might have hoped that the world wouldn’t care or will eventually stop paying attention, Obama said, but “that kind of casual indifference would ignore the lessons that are written in the cemeteries of this continent…"

Is Obama threatening military force? Don’t make us laugh.

[Obama added] “no amount of propaganda can make right something that the world knows is wrong.”

And we thought getting the right optics, telling a better story could fix anything. (Oh, and never mind Obama-Care.)

And in a direct smack at Putin’s ego, Obama dismissed the idea of a new Cold War because, “unlike the Soviet Union, Russia leads no bloc of nations, no global ideology.” “Russia,” Obama said at a press conference with the presidents of the E.U. Council and European Commission, “stands alone.” …

Except for China and India and much of Central and South America and all of the other countries that have voiced their support for Putin’s actions.

Obama spoke of Crimea’s annexation as an established fact, making clear that the end to the crisis he now seeks isn’t about re-establishing Ukrainian territory but is a more constrained effort to make sure Putin doesn’t move troops farther into the eastern part of the country…

In other words, this was a concession speech.

Obama’s audience Wednesday was mostly students…

As always. Obama is afraid to trot out his nonsense before informed adults.

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One Response to “Obama Declares That Putin Will Lose – Some Day”

  1. BillK says:

    Waiting for Putin to remind Obama that (at least theoretically) one of them will be out of office in 2017.

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