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Obama Defends Bypassing Congress And The Constitution

From The Hill:

Obama defends executive action

By Justin Sink | August 6, 2014

President Obama defended his use of executive action on Wednesday, signaling he’s willing to take steps on immigration and tax policy if Congress fails to act. Obama vowed to “scour our authorities” seeking opportunities to act “wherever I have the legal authorities to make progress.”

“The American people don’t want me standing around twiddling my thumbs waiting for Congress to do something,” Obama said at a press conference that closed the African Leaders Summit. At the same time, the president said the administration was “going to make sure every time we take one of these steps we are working within the confines of my executive power.”

Why start worrying about the Constitution at this late date? It’s never bothered him before.

“I never have a green light. I’m bound by the Constitution. I’m bound by the separation of powers,” Obama said…

Did someone slip an old (pre-reelection) speech into his teleprompter?

The president also said that his administration was examining how he could use prosecutorial discretion to tackle the issue of immigration control in lieu of congressional action. “We have a broken system, it’s under-resourced and we’ve got to make decisions in how we allocate personnel and resources,” Obama said.

So the best way to fix that, according to Obama, is to stop enforcing our laws.

By the way, didn’t Obama used to say the border is more secure than ever before in our nation’s history, and that we were spending unprecedented amounts on it? He needs to pick a story and stick to it.

Immigration experts say Obama could issue a prioritization memo on deportations that directs prosecutors to focus deportation efforts on individuals convicted of serious crimes, rather than those guilty of immigration violations.

In other words, Obama could give amnesty to anyone who isn’t a convicted murderer or rapist. And given the fact they don’t have records on most of these illegal aliens, and the ease at which they can steal identities, that means everybody will get amnesty.

The president could also expand his deferred action program which grants temporary legal status and work permits to children brought to the country illegally.

In other words, Obama could just declare: ‘All children who are over the age of 16 are now under the age of 16.’ Like the dictator in Woody Allen’s ‘Bananas.’

“We’re going to have to prioritize — that’s well within our authorities and prosecutorial discretion,” Obama said. “My preference would be an actual comprehensive immigration law.” …

There you go. Obama is going to blame the Republicans for forcing him to grant blanket amnesty. He really wanted to do comprehensive immigration reform. But no, the House Republicans wouldn’t cooperate. So he is being forced to do amnesty via executive order. (Since comprehensive immigration reform is too complicated to do via executive order.)

So don’t blame Obama for amnesty. Blame the House Republicans. The racist Tea Party has been hoisted on their own petard.

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