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Obama Demands DOJ Stop ACORN Probe

Gee, what a surprise. The Obama campaign is once again running to the Department Of Justice to try to get their way.

Which is, in this case, to be allowed to steal the election.

From the DNC’s CNN:

Obama camp requests special prosecutor for fraud investigation

October 17, 2008

From CNN Associate Producer Martina Stewart

Sen. Obama’s campaign requested Friday that an independent special prosecutor handle any federal investigations into voter irregularities during the upcoming election.

(CNN) – The Obama campaign announced Friday that it is asking Attorney General Michael Mukasey to turn over any investigations of voter fraud or voter suppression to Special Prosecutor Nora Dannehy, the same special prosecutor recently appointed to investigate the U.S. attorney firing scandal.

It’s the latest salvo in an escalating war over allegations of possible voter irregularities during the upcoming presidential election.

“What they’re actually about is the unprecedented effort to essentially sap the American people of confidence in the voting process,” Bob Bauer, the Obama campaign’s general counsel, said Friday on a conference call.

You can download the Obama campaign’s letter to Mukasey (a pdf file) here.

Here is the McCain campaign’s response, from their website:

Statement On Obama Campaign’s Letter To Justice Department On Voter Fraud

October 17, 2008

ARLINGTON, VA — Today, McCain-Palin 2008 Spokesman Ben Porritt issued the following statement in response to the Obama campaign’s letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey:

“After a week of shifting stories and clumsy corrections regarding Barack Obama’s connections to ACORN, the Obama campaign resorted to their now-customary heavy handed tactic of attempting to criminalize political discourse. Today’s outrageous letter to Attorney General Mukasey and Special Prosecutor Dannehy at the Justice Department asking for a special prosecutor to investigate Senator McCain and Governor Palin’s public statements about ACORN’s record of fraudulent voter registrations (including in this week’s Presidential debate) is absurd. It is a typical time-worn Washington attempt to criminalize political differences. For someone who promises ‘change,’ it is certainly only more of the same.

“The letter’s request that the Department of Justice investigate ‘recent partisan Republican activities throughout the country’ is almost a parody of the Obama campaign’s attempt to intimidate their political opponents. In case Sen. Obama’s lawyer did not notice, we are in the midst of a political campaign, not a coronation, and the alleged criminal activity he calls ‘recent partisan Republican activities’ are what the rest of us call campaign speeches and debates. All of this is unfortunately reminiscent of the Obama campaign’s recent creation of a ‘truth squad’ of Missouri prosecutors and sheriffs to ‘target’ people who criticize Sen. Obama. Rest assured that, despite these threats, the McCain-Palin campaign will continue to address the serious issue of voter registration fraud by ACORN and other partisan groups, and compliance by states with the Help America Vote Act’s requirement of matching new voter registrations with state data bases to prevent voter fraud.”

If the Obama people win, 2004 may turn out to have been the last election we will ever have that even approximated an honest polling of the citizenry.

God help us all.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, October 18th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “Obama Demands DOJ Stop ACORN Probe”

  1. U NO HOO says:

    I thought Democrats didn’t like special independent prosecutors.

  2. GuppyNblue says:

    He wants all investigations of voter fraud turned over to a special prosecutor already heading a politically driven one. If they comply just get used to voter fraud and all the other corruption his kind bring.

    By allowing the Chicago brand of politics into our cities it was only a matter of time before it would spread to the national level. By allowing intolerant and radical ideologies to spread in our culture we now have voters that don’t care about truth and what’s good for the country.

  3. marinetbryant says:

    Read the pdf file. Guess who is mentioned, David Iglesias, the US Attorney fired with 7 others. He claimed he was fired for not pursuing voter fraud aggressively. He also claims that there was no voter fraud. Now it comes out that there was fraudulent registration AND voting in New Mexico. Crap like this doesn’t happen overnight. This is a long range game plan by the Left.

    “Accuse others of what you do.”
    – Attributed to Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx


  4. Liberals Demise says:

    Little child : Mommy, why is that blackman so angry?
    Mother : Because they won’t let him steal the Presidency out right!!
    Yeah…OK….Maybe I could believe that ACORN screwed up in a state or 2 but the count of states keeps climbing with voter registration fraud. What is the total now,14? This ain’t no fluke kiddies and if His Holiness don’t have a finger in it……why doesnt he say so? Why doesnt he join in with the masses and find out why this is happening now? His silence only means one thing….and one thing only!! It seems to me that our demands aren’t being met either!!

  5. VMAN says:

    what can I say? Anything you say can and will be used against you. Anything you have ever said at any time in your life can and will be used against you. February 2nd 2009 a knock on the door in the middle of the night. Two men confront you with a piece of paper. “On October 16th 2008 you heard saying that our Dear Leader needed to be stopped and should not be President. Is that True?” The next day your neighbors wonder where you went. God help us!!!

  6. mdjames says:

    typical Chicago politics. Yea for McCain-Palin. Keep bringing up ACORN……… their type of fraud goes back 10 yrs!!! Obama is all hat and no substance.

  7. B-b-b-b-but I thought Obama had nothing to do with ACORN! Just a legal defense many years ago…isn’t that what the MSM tells us?

  8. wardmama4 says:

    Clever bunch these Dems – accuse the other Party of doing – precisely what you are doing to the 1000th degree and thereby increase the chances/probablity that the voters (you know, those you think are the stupid masses waiting patiently for their checks) to 1) vote for you because the other Party is in power and the ’cause’ of all the current mess – like anything in DC could get sooooooo mucked up in a mere 7 years, 2) get so confused and unsure as to vote for you because the other Party in in power and the ’cause’ of all the current mess – uhm, now exactly how old is ACORN (1970), Fannie (1968) & Freddie (1970) – and oh yeah – evil bushitlerburtonco has been in office how long – that’s right children 7 years – hmmmm those numbers aren’t the same (not even close) and of course 3) the ever popular just keep commenting on what you want believed so that the lap dog msm will keep printing it so that the masses will believe it.

    Here’s the scoop – if the Dems are screaming that the Repubs are doing it – check closely – the candidate or someone of high value in the Dem is actually the one doing it.

    Check behind the curtain – to see who is corrupt in reality. Most especially before you vote.

  9. Phil Byler says:

    The Obama campaign protest is all the mere reason to press forward with the DOJ investigation. Obama is typed up in ACORN fraud. Obama is a communist who is aiding and abettting the federal felony of voter fraud in order to effect a commie revolution. This is very dangerous.

  10. GuppyNblue says:

    Just saw this at NewsBusters . ABC uses so-called experts to defend ACORN but they both turn out to be Obama supporters and one, David Becker, “is a former director at People for the American Way, a liberal activist group that monitors “right wing organizations” and is currently launching a campaign aimed at Fighting Back Against Right-Wing Smears of ACORN”. They also mention that he worked in the Justice Department under Bush but don’t mention that he did under Clinton as well.

    Putting these shameless misrepresentations and half-truths aside, I don’t think anyone familiar with ACORN (especially those that live where they’re most active) could possibly believe that they are a non-partisan political organization worthy of tax exemptions. They are a leftist revolutionary group with international (not American) interest.

  11. Gila Monster says:

    Hmmm, this is truly sad indeed. The Obamessiah Dhimmis want ONE US Attorney to investigate , what, …sixteen different states where ACORN is suspected of voter fraud..??

    Give me a friggin’ break..!! Can they really believe we are that brain dead stupid..??
    Well….. perhaps I answered my own question, ….sigh. ;o(

  12. curvyred says:

    For someone who “has no ties to ACORN” he sure is running a defensive move there.

    $832,598 to Citizens a subsidiary of ACORN, for “get out the vote” efforts in Ohio, where 200,000 mismatched registrations now sit because Brunner claims she doesn’t know what to do with them , but she is so willing to throw out McCain absentee ballots because of a simple check box being unchecked.

    things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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