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Obama Didn’t Approve The Deportation Of 38 Hondurans

From a seething Reuters:

U.S. says deportation of Honduran children a warning to illegal migrants

By Steve Holland and Gabriel Stargardter | July 14, 2014

WASHINGTON/TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) – The White House said on Tuesday that Central Americans trying to cross the U.S. border should know "they will not be welcome to this country," a day after the United States deported a planeload of women and children to Honduras…

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the return of the [38] Hondurans should be a clear signal to those thinking about crossing the border illegally that "they’re entitled to due process but they will not be welcome to this country with open arms."

What a strong signal! We have returned .0126% of the 300,000 illegal aliens who have invaded our country just since April. That will show them!

The return of the Hondurans was the most high-profile example of President Barack Obama’s struggle to gain control of an influx of child migrants from Central America that is overwhelming immigration resources and leading to scattered protests from people angry at the government for housing some border-crossers in communities around the country.

12 paragraphs into this article we will learn that Obama did not personally approve this return.

Also, the protests are not particularly ‘scattered’ anymore. But any conservative protests must always be described few and far between.

Organizations working with illegal migrants and Honduran youths said the U.S. flight was largely symbolic and would have little impact on Honduran children trying to escape a country racked by gang violence and the world’s highest murder rate…

They are not leaving the country because of violence. They are leaving the country because their parents are in the US. Besides, aren’t we supposed to believe that they are all the victims of sex trafficking? The left needs to pick a story and stick with it.

The White House’s Earnest said Obama did not personally approve the return of the Hondurans on Monday. It was a decision made by the Homeland Security Department, implementing a policy the president had set out, he said…

Wow. Just imagine how furious Mr. Obama must have been when he saw the news of this deportation on TV.

The flood of unaccompanied migrants have added a toxic mix to a raging debate over whether to approve comprehensive immigration reform to cover some 11 million undocumented people in the United States…

Waving U.S. flags and playing patriotic music, dozens of protesters demonstrated in southern Arizona on Tuesday against the arrival of undocumented immigrants for processing at a center near the border before being returned to their homelands…

So Reuters practically calls these protests of this government aided invasion of illegal aliens ‘a toxic mix.’

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