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Obama Didn’t Bring Food Taster To GOP Lunch

From the Daily Caller:

Obama couldn’t eat at Hill meeting without food ‘taster’

Nicholas Ballasy | March 14, 2013

WASHINGTON — Following President Obama’s lunch meeting with Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill, Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins described the food served and said the president was not able to eat since his “taster” was not present.

“University of Maine recipe for healthy lobster salad — I pointed that out to the president in keeping with the first lady’s initiatives and Fox Family Potato Chips made in Aroostook County where I’m from and wild blueberry pie full of anti-oxidants, see this was a healthy lunch as well. We did have a little ice cream on the pie too, also made in Maine, Gifford’s Ice Cream. So in all seriousness this was well received,” Collins told reporters on Thursday after the meeting at the Capitol.

“Unfortunately, you know, the president can’t,” said Collins when asked if Obama ate at the lunch meeting.

“He looked longingly at it,” Collins continued. “He honestly did look longingly at it, but apparently he has to have essentially a taster, and I pointed out to him that we were all tasters for him, that if the food had been poisoned all of us would have keeled over so, but he did look longingly at it and he remarked that we have far better food than the Democrats do, and I said that was because I was hosting.”

According to a 2009 AFP report, the U.S. Secret Service has “always refused to confirm that US presidents travel with a food ‘taster’, in line with their policy of discretion on all security related issues.”

So why didn’t Obama think to bring along his taster to this "lunch meeting"? Is his food taster another victim of sequester furloughs?

By the way, does Obama take a a food taster along when he sneaks out for junk food? Is that why he eats out so often with Joe Biden? Is this where his nickname, ‘Bite Me,’ comes from?

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11 Responses to “Obama Didn’t Bring Food Taster To GOP Lunch”

  1. Petronius says:

    It’s “pudding day” here at the Shady Grove Rehab Clinic.

    All the guys are really looking forward to lunch.

    I sure hope it’s chocolate, but the strawberry is pretty good, too.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I seem to recall that every despot in the history of the world has had a food taster, someone who would lose their life willingly should the food be poisoned.

    Indeed, the one notable characteristic of a narcissist is acute paranoia when they come to power. He’s probably already a germophobe like Hitler was, and does weird things like measure his silverware before he sits down to eat.

    In short, I think he’s a nut-job. Flying around in the rain with the windows open. Not playing with a full deck. Ready to take the pretty white van to happy-town. You-name-it. A freak. A stupid, manipulative freak, to be sure. But a freak nonetheless.

    • captstubby says:

      its just a excuse,
      ” Thank the general and tell him I have no desire to drink with him or any other Republican son of a bitch. “

  3. untrainable says:

    Old Klingon proverb : Drink not with thine enemy

  4. canary says:

    Michelle Obama’s 2nd Vogue magazine cover issue is full of more photo shopped airbrushed photos showing a tiny waist. Not sure if she did the full length prostitute pose laying sprawled on a couch pretending to read a book, or the standing in from of the fake lighted window where they showed a see through thin black skirt, doctored with a fake silhouette of skinny waist, butt, and thigh.

    She did lose weight for the last inauguration, and pigged out once it was over stuffing her face.
    Note she is the only one eating, stuffing that food in her chipmunks cheeks and gulping it down.

    3 times in this short one minute scene Obama tends to his nose, pinching it and rubbing it.
    Guess that white powder JayZ turned him on to had after effects. Bill Clinton aka elephant trunk vacuum snorter needs to share home remedies.


    • canary says:

      correction. Video is repetitive.

      Meanwhile, the Huffing post says Michelle has changed her eyebrows. I think there was some penciling in, but the new Vogue photos are over the top. Personally, I think her new bangs make her look older and harsher.

    • canary says:

      Maybe the real reason behind Michelle’s changed eyebrows is connected to the new bangs that may be hiding brow lift and forehead cosmetic surgery. Michelle did say she cut her bangs because she is suffering mid-life crisis. Some photos her bangs are thicker than others. Bang weaves?

  5. GetBackJack says:

    The Ten Suggestions according to GetBackJack

    1. Be thou well stocked with Lawyers, Guns and Money
    2. Never hire Union labor
    3. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it
    4. All Bills paid by the end of the day. Debt is for suckers
    5. Thou shalt be charitable to Citizens; government employees and elected officials are to be considered Guilty until proven otherwise
    6. Thou shalt not steal.
    7. Thou shalt never vote progressive, liberal or left. See Commandment No. 6
    8. If thy handgun caliber does not begin with .4, thou shalt rearm and try again.
    9 Thou shalt not sup nor lie down with aliens. They have cooties and are at all times to be treated as vermin.
    10. Thou shalt watch thy mouth around me. The 1st Amendment may protect you from the government, but not from me

    The Eleventh Commandment is – hastily added in light of recent developments – If thy dinner guest did not bring his own ‘taster’ he may have other unacceptable habits and must undergo a thorough physical and mental exam, available at a steep discount through Bubba Ho’tep’s Tire, Roofing and Bait Specialities. Call ahead. They’re often booked.

  6. canary says:

    Criticism on Obama to dine with racist first black Ms Israel during his 48 hour on first visit to Israel as president.

    Ms Israel makes racial remarks as to why her meeting with Obama as both are black and first at something should meet instead of high ranking officials having priority during his 48 hour visit.

    Entire article, interview, and photo (in her baring bathing suit) at link below.

    NBC: Obama to dine with first black Miss Israel, but not without criticism

    Mar 15 2013 By Lisa Flam and Rina Raphael

    The young woman who became the first Ethiopian-born Israeli to be crowned Miss Israel last month has a very special dinner engagement next week.

    Yityish Aynaw, who arrived in Israel about a decade ago as an orphan, was invited to meet President Obama at a gala dinner hosted by Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem on Thursday, according to media reports.

    It will be Obama’s first visit to Israel while serving as president.

    “I have butterflies in my stomach,” the beauty queen said Wednesday, according to ynetnews.com.

    The meeting is not without controversy, with some critics saying she skipped ahead of important politicians and influential Israelis. “She’s the highest-ranking Israeli to grace Obama with her presence,” wrote one sarcastic commenter on ynetnews.com.

    “Just what America needs, wisdom and advice from a 21-year-old beauty queen,” chimed in another on YouTube.

    Aynaw said she believes she received the exclusive invite to meet Obama because of their shared African heritage.

    She was “the first black Miss Israel to be chosen and [Obama] is the first black American president,” she told The Jerusalem Post: “These go together.”


    I guess there are citizen born rules in beauty pageants anymore. With all the plastic surgery I think it’s time to scrap them. I don’t even think they test these women for hormones like they do athletes.

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