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Poor Obama: No Trust Fund, No Garage

More on the hardscrabble life of David Copperfield Barack Obama, from those evil capitalists at the Wall Street Journal:

Obama Stresses His Roots To Deflect ‘Elitist’ Tag

A Single Mother And Food Stamps Brought Into Focus

April 16, 2008; Page A4

WASHINGTON, Pa. — Barack Obama is talking up the fact that his single mother was once on food stamps and that he only recently paid off student loans — part of a full-court press to avoid being painted by Hillary Clinton and Republicans as an elite liberal…

The adjustments in campaign personas come in the wake of Sen. Obama’s comments about small-town America that he now says he “mangled.” …

Sen. Obama has stressed his humble upbringing as part of his argument that the uproar is nothing more than politics. “This is what we do politically when we start getting behind in races,” he said at a town hall forum Tuesday…

On the stump, Sen. Obama has begun reminding audiences that his single mother was on food stamps, that he attended a private high school on a scholarship and that he paid off law-school student loans with his wife, Michelle, just six years ago. “I know what it’s like to see a mother get sick and worry that maybe she can’t pay the bills,” he said at a building-trade conference in Washington on Tuesday.

I didn’t have a trust fund,” he told newspaper executives on Monday.

Sen. Obama also noted that the three-bedroom condominium he and his wife lived in for the first 13 years of their marriage didn’t have a garage. “If you live in Chicago, that means you’re scraping ice every morning,” he said…

Imagine the hardship of having to attend Hawaii’s top private school on a scholarship. Imagine having to pay off student loans for Occidental, Columbia, Princeton and Harvard Law.

Just try to imagine life without a trust fund. Imagine living in a three bedroom condominium without a garage.

To paraphrase Mr. Oscar Wilde, “one must have a heart of stone to read of Mr. Obama’s struggles without laughing.”

But it is funny how none of these personal travails were ever mentioned in either of Mr. Obama’s autobiographies.

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