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Obama Disapproval Hits Record High In AP Poll

From the Whirling Dervishes at the Associated Press:

Poll: Ukraine crisis hurts Obama approval ratings


WASHINGTON (AP) — Foreign policy used to stand out as a not-so-bleak spot in the public’s waning assessment of Barack Obama. Not anymore. He’s getting low marks for handling Russia’s swoop into Ukraine, and more Americans than ever disapprove of the way Obama is doing his job, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

Despite our media guardians tireless efforts to distract us from the Ukraine story with their relentless coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner.

Despite the poor performance reviews, Obama’s primary tactic so far – imposing economic sanctions on key Russians – has strong backing.

So, being the administration’s ‘first responders,’ the AP immediately tries to convince us that Obama is doing exactly the right thing in Ukraine, after all. And never mind that Obama has yet to impose any meaningful sanctions whatsoever.

Close to 9 out of 10 Americans support sanctions as a response to Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, the poll indicates. About half of that group says the U.S. sanctions so far are about right, while the other half wants to see them strengthened, the AP-GfK poll found. Most Democrats say the sanctions were OK, while a majority of Republicans find them too weak…

So just like Alan Grayson, the majority of Democrats are glad that Putin has annexed Crimea.

Overall disapproval of the job Obama is doing ticked up to 59 percent – a record high for his presidency – in the poll released Wednesday.

Which would be the headline, if Obama were a Republican.

That’s still well below the 72 percent disapproval rate that former President George W. Bush recorded in the AP-GfK poll in October 2008…

Once again, the AP tries to help out as best they can. How about telling us what Jimmy Carter’s approval rating was, after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan?

Republicans have long criticized the president as too weak in asserting American power abroad. Yet until now, foreign policy hasn’t been a drag on Obama’s second term: Americans were about as likely to endorse his actions as to disapprove.

Thanks largely to Obama’s media bodyguard, who covered up Obama’s numerous foreign policy disasters.

Now he’s hit a new low on international relations – just 40 percent approval. Majorities say they dislike Obama’s handling of the Ukraine situation (57 percent) and his interactions with Russia (54 percent)…

Sheesh. Those are still incredibly pathetic numbers. What will it take to wake up this country?

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One Response to “Obama Disapproval Hits Record High In AP Poll”

  1. captstubby says:

    “disapproval of the job Obama is doing ticked up to 59 percent ”
    (seasonally adjusted.)

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