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Obama: Don’t Worry, I Won’t Compromise

From a reassured Associated Press:

Obama to supporters: I understand your frustration

By Julie Pace, Associated Press
April 21, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO – Easing into his 2012 campaign, President Barack Obama is telling his supporters he understands their frustration over the compromises he’s made with Republicans, while preparing them for more to come.

What “compromises”? Besides, we thought compromise was a beautiful thing, and that we all need to do more of it? What happened to that?

It’s a timely warning given the upcoming vote on raising the debt ceiling and the ongoing debate over long-term deficit reduction, both issues Obama says can only be solved if Republicans and Democrats work together. But further compromises could prove a tough pill to swallow for many of Obama’s liberal backers, who have grown tired of watching the president cede ground to the GOP on spending cuts and tax breaks for the wealthy.

What “spending cuts”? What “tax breaks”? (What liars they employ at the AP.)

During a raucous fundraiser focused on young people in San Francisco Wednesday night, Obama said his supporters are not alone in their frustration.

“There are times when I’ve felt the same way you do. It’s a big, complicated, messy democracy,” he said. “We knew this wouldn’t be easy.” …

It’s complicated for Mr. Obama because when his media minions lie to the American public about his “compromises” they inadvertently confuse and anger his base.

Which is why Obama has to regularly assure his constituents that they don’t have anything to worry about. All of the media’s talk about his compromises is just for show.

Obama’s three-day West Coast swing — his most extensive travel since announcing his re-election bid — offered a glimpse of how Obama will seek to reenergize the independents and first-time voters who carried him to victory in 2008.

“The independents and first-time voters” also known as the ‘stupid vote.’

Obama’s rallying cry is that more work needs to be done in order to make the vision of America he promised a reality, and he is the only one who can see those hopes through.

“It is going to take more than a couple of years,” Obama said. “It’s going to take us more than one term to finish everything that we need to do.”

In other words, he isn’t done destroying the country yet. Capitalism is still breathing, despite all of his ceaseless efforts.

After a third fundraiser here Thursday morning, Obama was to make stops in Reno, Nev., and Los Angeles. The president was scheduled to return to Washington Friday afternoon.

Obama was coupling his fundraising efforts with a series of town hall meetings aimed at selling his plan for cutting deficit spending directly to a wary public.

What “plan”? Mr. Obama has not offered any plan to cut the deficit. He has pretended to. And our watchdog media has let him get away with it. But there is no there there.

“The deficit is real, our debt is real. We’ve got to do something about it. But how we do it is going to make a huge difference,” Obama said during a smaller, high-dollar fundraiser Wednesday night

If only he was as concerned about the government’s coffers as he is about his re-election campaign’s. The country would be in the black in no time.

The president and Republicans have accused each other of pitching “radical” plans.

A typical AP lie. The Republicans have said no such thing. How could they? Mr. Obama does not have a plan.

“I think it’s fair to say that their vision is radical,” Obama told a town hall gathering Wednesday at the headquarters of Facebook, the huge social network company…

Obama’s mixing of politics and policy on this West Coast swing is a harbinger of things to come as he balances campaigning with the duties of the presidency.

Oh, our sides. Mr. Obama will ‘balance’ his campaigning with his duties in much the same way he has balanced the budget.

White House aides insist the president is only involved in the reelection campaign from a distance at this point. But with fundraisers and campaign-style town hall meetings quickly becoming staples in his schedule, it’s clear Obama is already in re-election mode.

Can the AP point to any point in time when Mr. Obama wasn’t “in re-election mode”?

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4 Responses to “Obama: Don’t Worry, I Won’t Compromise”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Rush has been having fun tweaking this all week. Barry the O-ster had stated the obvious. “We can’t spend more than we take in” which to me, simply meant he was going to do what was necessary to “take in” (pronounced “steal”) more. No logical attempt by any form of the Make Believe Media was made to connect the dots as to why the government was currently upside-down in its debt management; That being ridiculous and reckless spending on the order of trillions of dollars with the first goal being to satisfy the appetites of large unions in order to set up the re-election funding.

    No, this administration and now the RINO’s who don’t call them out on it, are responsible for outrageous, unmanageable debt that is undermining the US’s credit rating and our ability to function. As Rush also said, “whether it’s by design or simple incompetence is a mystery” and he said he’s siding with incompetence for now. I say they are not mutually exclusive as one can be a dedicated marxist as well as incompetent. One needn’t be all that smart to manipulate money so that it goes in the direction you desire. The old expressions “Even a fool can be rich” or “Money knows not the size of the man’s shoes” come to mind. But by the same token, having such a vast expanse of ignorance, chairman O can enact things and do things to make people poorer without much effort. That he is intentionally approaching it with some degree of sophistication is immaterial. He is not sophisticated in any of his thinking so therefore, it’s likely that his actions simply fit a much simpler template, based on anger and hatred of this nation. His handlers probably explain things to him in parochial terms, letting him think he is some sort of financial genius, all with the goal of taking money from things that work or have worked and causing them sufficient imbalance in order to upset the mechanism, which, as a community agitator, he sees as some sort of success.

    • proreason says:

      “We can’t spend more than we take in”

      The most fascinating thing of all is the utter shamelessness of the Criminal. He is willing to say or do anything. There really are no limits.

      It’s what got him elected, and what makes him the most dangerous person on the planet.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “It’s what got him elected, and what makes him the most dangerous person on the planet.”

      It’s also the reason why we can’t fall into this trap of believing he’s beatable by just sending a nice guy candidate up there to debate policy margins. Whoever it is has to be ready to get Palinized, because he is going to lie to win at all cost. That doesn’t just mean being ready to refute his narrative but those of the MBM as well.

      This is a big reason why I think what other’s think is Palin’s biggest weakness is her greatest strength, and Trump is proving this by his example. Many Republican voters are responding to Trump’s visibility, politically incorrect style, and poise in the face of critics, not necessarily the policies he’s articulating or has advocated in the past. Judging by the callers I’ve listened to from talk radio, outside of the amusement Trump’s getting from the Tea Party, who he’s really picking up are low information retirees and evangelicals who probably are still more plugged into cable than the modern era grassroots. The Huckabee crowd.

      That’s why I say the Conservative Literati needs to watch who else they’re criticizing when they’re slamming Trump, with which I otherwise have no problem. There are large portions of voting demographics even in our own party who do not understand how dire the situation is because of the purposeful efforts of Little Lenin. And they do think that Paul Ryan’s plan really is going to leave them without HealthCare – all because the MBM still has the wool over their eyes. I think Rush understands this and, bless him, is trying to use Trump’s odd understanding of Conservatism as a teachable moment, rather than savaging the man out of politics and lecturing his ‘supporters’ for needing to know better. The true ‘Big Tent’ approach.

      Sarah’s already walked through the valley of the shadow of death, and at least from my field of vision has emerged a much more confident and competent candidate than the 2008 caricature she was turned into. The media focusses more on avoiding her now because she’s so coherent, and not giving them anything off which to manufacture some libel.

      I’m not an naive idealist. In a sane world, she is the right candidate by far IMHO. But this isn’t a sane world; her name-brand may have indeed just been crippled beyond political viability for a presidential win and it would be a testament to the effectiveness of the MBM at the politics of personal destruction. It remains to be seen, Rush submits they haven’t destroyed her and I cannot understand what would be the downside in trying. Even if she didn’t grab the final nomination, I have a feeling she would bring so many facts to the debate that people don’t know because they don’t read blogs everyday that it would still end up aiding the final candidate.

      Ah, and I support the ‘Obama Says We Can’t Spend More than We Take In Bill’ because the Ruling Class RINOs are now telling us a Balanced Budget Amendment is a bad idea after making a huge stink of how they were unilaterally uniting behind it last month before the ‘compromise.’ God help us.

    • proreason says:

      “a nice guy candidate up there to debate policy margins.”

      They simply do not accept, in any way, history, morality, truth, shame, justice or ANY of the millennia-old behaviors, rules, traditions and guidelines that are the basis of not just civilization, but humanity itself.

      Why we debate them is beyond me. There is no common ground for discussion with, no less to debate people who reject our most basic assumptions about life.

      We are on the cusp of one of the most significant turning points in history. While we angrily revile the apostate Donald Trump for daring to volunteer his services for our righteous team, they methodically dismantle our civilization by ignoring every one of the rules we foolishly imagine protect it.

      If obama wins, whether or not Donald Trump was a “true” conservative won’t matter. Whether or not Sarah Palin can recite four Supreme Court decisions won’t matter. Whether or not Newt Gingrich was immoral to divorce two women won’t matter. We will all be serfs.

      The only criteria, other than reaching a threshold of traditional American values and knowledge, is the ability to win. If that person is Sarah, Trump or someone else isn’t clear yet…but there is no question those two very different people are setting the bar. If the others don’t jump, they are toast.

      For 230 years, the policy debate has been paramount. But Mark Levin can litmus test his chemicals for purity until the cows come in and it won’t matter. We’re in a war for the survival of a way of life, not a college debate club.

      Policy positions won’t defeat the greatest liar in human history. He has to be personally attacked and the candidates have to illustrate in the starkest possible terms what he has done and will do to this country.

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