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Obama Doubles Spending For ‘Caulking’

From a memory deficient Reuters:

Obama to pitch "cash for caulkers" in Georgia

By Patricia Zengerle Tue Mar 2

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will announce details of an estimated $6 billion program on Tuesday to generate jobs by providing incentives for Americans to make their homes more energy efficient, the latest step in his bid to convince Americans he can ease their economic woes.

The plan, which must be passed by Congress, is intended to prompt Americans to invest in everything from insulation or new windows to overarching energy upgrades of their homes, creating construction and manufacturing jobs, and boosting energy efficiency

Obama will spell out details of the plan during a trip to Savannah, Georgia, the latest stop on his "White House to Main Street" tour, during which he discusses ideas for rebuilding the economy…

The program involves a range of incentives for consumers, including rebates from stores that sell building materials, companies that install the equipment and utility energy efficiency programs. Consumers could also get rebates for a range of home energy upgrades.

Dubbed "cash for caulkers" after last year’s successful "cash for clunkers" automobile trade-in program, the program was first announced in early December. Obama called on Congress to support it in his State of the Union address in January…

None of this is new.

Rebates for both weatherization and appliance upgrades were part of Mr. Obama’s original stimulus package, which was passed more than a year ago.

Mr. Obama is just throwing more money at programs that have failed miserably.

By the way, what is the environmental impact of this ‘Cash For Refrigerators’ program? Like ‘Cash For Clunkers’ won’t this mean a lot of appliances are going to be thrown in landfills long before their time?

Doesn’t it mean a lot of the Earth’s precious resources are going to be wasted making new appliances to replace ones that do not need to be replaced?

As the for the ‘Cash For Caulking’ program, it seems like only yesterday (actually almost two weeks ago) that ABC News reported that the weatherization program had been an expensive flop:

Report: Stimulus Weatherization Program Bogged Down by Red Tape

Only 9,100 Homes Weatherized in 2009, Out of a Planned 593,000, According to GAO


Feb. 17, 2010

A $5 billion federal weatherization program intended to save energy and create jobs has done little of either, according to a new report obtained by ABC News on the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

Only 9,100 homes had been weatherized nationwide as of Dec. 31, according to the new report by the Government Accountability Office, to be released Thursday

About $522 million Recovery Act dollars have been spent so far on weatherization, or about 10 percent of the $5 billion set aside for the program, the Department of Energy said

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have repeatedly touted the weatherization program as an example of a stimulus project that will create jobs and move the country toward a new energy future…

A year ago, the administration said the money would put 87,000 Americans to work through partnerships with the Department of Energy and state and local governments

If only 10% of the $5 billion for weatherization of houses has been spent so far, why is it necessary to add another $6 billion taxpayer dollars to the effort?

By the way, as the article points out, so far this program has only weatherized 9,100 houses. If you divide the number of houses into the cost, it comes out to $57,362 per house — which is some pretty expensive caulking.

So by all means we must more than double the spending on such a practical program! After all, we have money to burn.

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4 Responses to “Obama Doubles Spending For ‘Caulking’”

  1. bousquem says:

    It must be eco-friendly organic union installed caulk with a 50% surcharge to be donated to liberal causes via unions or lining the pockets of thugs who scam the system.

  2. proreason says:

    He doesn’t care what the money is spent for.

    All he cares is that enough is spent to bring the country to its knees.

    Only then will everyone be equal (except his cronies of course) and only then will the white captitalists get what they have deserved for so long.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    There was the day I was in the hardware store when the lady walked in. She said she needed “some good caulk”. The guy behind the counter was obviously stifling a chuckle but could no longer keep from busting out laughing when she continued, “The thick, black kind”.

    (I’m so grateful for my juvenile mind.)

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