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Obama Draws Yet Another ‘Red Line’ In Europe

From Reuters:

West, Russia signal line drawn in Ukraine crisis

By Jeff Mason and Katya Golubkova | March 25, 2014

THE HAGUE/MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia and the West drew a tentative line under the Ukraine crisis on Tuesday after U.S. President Barack Obama and his allies agreed to hold off on more damaging economic sanctions unless Moscow goes beyond the seizure of Crimea…

So whatever little they have done so far — that’s it. That’s all anyone is going to do to punish Russia. And they certainly aren’t "damaging."

After scoffing at a decision by Obama and his Western allies to boycott a planned Group of Eight summit in Sochi in June and hold a G7 summit without Russia instead, the Kremlin said it was keen to maintain contact with G8 partners…

Putin doesn’t want to miss the chance to play video games with them.

Asked what was to stop a further Russian "land grab", the U.S. president drew a distinction between an attack on members of NATO, covered by its Article V mutual defense clause, and on non-members where the West could apply international pressure, shine a spotlight on those states and provide economic support…

So the Budapest memorandum, wherein we guaranteed Ukraine’s sovereignty was just a pledge to "shine a spotlight" on them if they get invaded.

A senior administration official told reporters traveling with Obama on Air Force One to Brussels that "there’s no question that NATO is prepared to defend any ally against any aggression." …

It seems to me there are plenty of questions. And that is the problem.

The ruble firmed and Russian assets climbed on Tuesday after Obama and fellow G7 leaders held back from new sanctions and investors took the view that the crisis had been contained for now…

And by "contained," they mean Putin has gotten everything he wanted — for now.

But what a pathetic joke Obama’s response to all this has been. But don’t worry, Putin and China and Syria and Iran and North Korea and the countries surrounding Israel have all gotten the message, loud and clear. There are no more ‘Red Lines’ — anywhere.

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One Response to “Obama Draws Yet Another ‘Red Line’ In Europe”

  1. Petronius says:

    There may not be any more red lines but Nerobama’s still got a big yellow stripe.

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